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Mexican Supreme Court votes to legalize marijuana

In Mexico, supporters of drug reform have been celebrating a decision from the Supreme Court of Mexico that could lead to the legalization of marijuana. This highly controversial rule would allow people to grow the plant for private consumption. A panel of five judges ruled in favor of a nonprofit marijuana club in Mexico, even though drugs and dealing with drugs has claimed thousands of lives in Mexico. Nonetheless, this ruling changes the country’s course on drug policy.

John Walsh, a senior associate at the Washington Office on Latin America, said, “Every country in the world signed up to a treaty that prescribed a prohibitionist and criminalized approach to dealing with drugs that was one-sided, That basic response doesn’t work anymore.”


Tree of knowledge is a global CBD opportunity to watch

Although many companies are focused on the production of marijuana that is high in THC, demand for CBD derived products continues to grow.

The surge in demand is not surprising as many people have started to recognize the benefits of CBD, which is a non-psychoactive chemical compound found in cannabis. This means that CBD does not get you high.

We have been focused on companies levered to this burgeoning market and came across Tree of Knowledge (CSE: TOKI), which is focused on the production and sale of CBD products via its subsidiary, EVR Brands.


Mexico's president-elect says he's open to drug legalization

On Sunday, political leftist Andrés Manuel López Obrador won a landslide victory to become Mexico's next president, effective December 1st. Having proclaimed a desire to transition away from pursuing criminal charges for people who consume drugs and toward treatment-based programs, his government could be the one to finally repeal cannabis prohibition in Mexico.


Double-digit $ billions puts North America in the worldwide cannabis market lead

According to one of the top-5 financial firms Forbes has identified in the cannabis sector, Arcview Market Research, and its research partner BDS Analytics, over the next 10 years, the legal cannabis industry will see much progress around the globe. 


Marijuana is less harmful than sugar, new survey finds

Marijuana is among the fastest growing industries in North America, which is a big reason investors have pushed pot stock valuations considerably higher in recent years. A majority of marijuana stocks have gained 100%, 200%, or even more on a trailing-year basis.

One reason behind that excitement is the sales growth of legal weed. In the U.S., Marijuana Business Daily's newest report, "Marijuana Factbook 2017," calls for sales growth of 45% this year, and 300% as an aggregate between 2016 and 2021. If these figures prove accurate, the U.S. market could be generating around $17 billion in annual sales by 2021. That's certainly a convincing enough number to attract investors.


Mexico minister backs Marijuana legalization in major beach resorts

Marijuana should be legalized in two of Mexico’s main tourist hot spots, Cancun and Los Cabos, in order to reduce criminal violence, Mexico’s minister for tourism said on Thursday.

Minister Enrique de la Madrid said Mexico could follow the example of the United States and legalize marijuana in areas with support, urging Quintana Roo, where Cancun lies, and Baja California Sur, the home of Los Cabos, to move ahead with it.

“It’s absurd that we’re not taking this step as a country,” de la Madrid told reporters at a conference in Mexico City.

“Even if there’s work to do on the whole of the country, I’d like to see that it might be done in Baja California and Quintana Roo,” he added, describing the states as victims of a poor drug law.


The facts about ganja in Jamaica

When the Dangerous Drugs (Amendment) Act 2015 came into effect on April 15, 2015, new provisions were put in place regarding the possession and smoking of ganja, use of ganja by persons of the Rastafarian faith, and use of ganja for medical, therapeutic and scientific purposes.


Growing Legalization of Cannabis Use in Many Regions Drives the Global Cannabis Testing Market Scrutinized in New Research

Cannabis Testing Market is driven by government initiatives, growing awareness about drug testing, growing legalization of cannabis use in many regions.

Cannabis testing defines various drug test methods for the usage of cannabis in medical prescription, sports medicine, and law. The rapidly increasing applications of cannabis (marijuana) in mainstream medicine such as pain management is poised to increase demand for cannabis testing measures.

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) has categorized cannabis under the Schedule 1 classification as “a dangerous narcotic”. However, the great number of research articles on various portals such as PubMed suggest the rapidly growing manufacture and application of cannabis in various medical conditions.


Bad News for Canadian Marijuana Stocks: Say Hello to Your New Competition

Health Canada may be about to open the floodgates for licensed cannabis growers.

When it comes to North America's fastest-growing industries, chances are you'd struggle to find any with a higher, more consistent growth rate than legal marijuana. And investors know it, which is a big reason some of the largest marijuana stocks have risen by 100%, 200%, or even more, over the trailing one-year period.


Forget the US marijuana market - There are big opportunities in the rest of the world

Marijuana stocks have soared as state after state in the U.S. has legalized marijuana for medical or recreational use. The market potential is huge, with some estimating that the marijuana industry in the U.S. could generate sales of more than $18 billion by 2020.

But focusing only on the U.S. is nearsighted -- literally. There are significant opportunities for investors looking to profit from the expanding marijuana industry in other countries. Here are several important areas across the world with growing marijuana markets along with some of the marijuana stocks that could benefit from that growth.  


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