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Mexico issues first permits for personal marijuana use

MEXICO CITY – The Mexican government on Friday granted the first permits allowing the cultivation and possession of marijuana for personal use.

The federal medical protection agency said the permits apply only to the four plaintiffs who won a favourable ruling from the Supreme Court last month. The court said growing and consuming marijuana is covered under the right of “free development of personality.”


he permits issued Friday won’t allow smoking marijuana in the presence of children or anyone who hasn’t given consent. The permits also don’t allow the sale or distribution of the drug.


Canada leads way in legalising marijuana

OTTAWA, Canada (AFP) – Justin Trudeau raised eyebrows when he admitted to having dabbled in marijuana while a member of parliament, but his pledge as prime minister to legalise pot has been broadly cheered.

He said in a policy speech on Friday that his Liberal government would introduce legislation as early as 2016 to legalise marijuana, making Canada the first in the G7 bloc of industrialised nations to do so, although precise details remain sketchy.

Two in three Canadians support decriminalising possession and use of the mind-altering weed, according to a recent Ipsos poll.

Support is widespread and at its highest level in three decades, it said, even though cannabis use has fallen off.


Ex-JTF2 soldier becomes medical marijuana advocate for veterans

A former member of Canada’s elite counter-terrorism unit has emerged from the shadows to promote medical marijuana for ailing veterans.

Kevin Whitenect hopes that his message promoting medical cannabis will bring hope to those former soldiers dealing with emotional or physical pain as well as reduce the stigma surrounding its use.

“I saw a value for veterans,” said Whitenect, who spent most of his 17 years in the Canadian Forces with the Ottawa-based Joint Task Force 2 counter-terrorism unit. “I started speaking with veterans who were using (medical cannabis) and started hearing the great stories about how it is getting them off the mind-numbing narcotics they are being issued.”


Mexico to Hold Regional Marijuana Reform Debates

Spurred by a landmark pro-marijuana decision by its Supreme Court, Mexico has decided to move ahead with a national dispute on reforming cannabis policy.

The country will hold a series of 5 arguments across the country, from January to March, that will concentrate on marijuana-related concerns consisting of health ramifications, possible regulations, the potential for reducing drug-related violence, and whether cannabis is a human right, according to AFP News.


Can UN Leadership Fix Broken Drug Policies? A Call for Ban Ki Moon in Advance of the 2016 UNGASS

Last month, close to 1000 advocates, service providers, community leaders, researchers and government representatives met in Kuala Lumpur for the 24th International Harm Reduction conference. This year, the conference took place in Asia to inspire the region to consider drug policies that offer alternatives to the failed goal of Drug Free Asia by 2015 set by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).


North America is heading toward marijuana legalization

When it comes to marijuana legalization, the United States is stuck between two immovable forces. Canada has recently elected a prime minister who favors the immediate legalization of marijuana. Additionally, Mexico’s Supreme Court has recently ruled that Mexican citizens can grow, possess and smoke marijuana for personal and recreational use.


Justice Minister gets award for 'Ganja Law' reform

KINGSTON, Jamaica – Justice Minister Mark Golding will receive the Kurt Schmoke Award for Achievement in the Field of Law at the International Drug Policy Reform Conference in the DC metro area on Friday, November 20.

The award, previously the Justice Gerald Le Dain, recognises those involved in law who have worked within official institutions when extremist pressures dominate government policies.

"Every once in a rare while, a government official steps up and out to provide much needed leadership on a controversial issue," said Ethan Nadelmann, executive director of the Drug Policy Alliance. "That's what Mark Golding did, with skill and courage, thereby enabling Jamaica to leap to the forefront of nations in embracing just and sensible reform of cannabis laws."


Jamaica is importing ganja seeds?

Some time ago there were news reports that, as part of the process of developing a regulatory framework for the Jamaican medical marijuana industry, the Government was planning to import 100 ganja seeds. As was expected, the usual responses to this announcement were observed. Namely shock, horror and outrage that the reputed "sensimilla capital" of the Caribbean is to import Cannabis sativa seeds.

For example one online response read: "This is total disrespect! We will have to import ganja seeds when we are said to have the best quality stuff!" These are typical knee-jerk reactions to headlines without considering the rationale behind the decision to import seeds. That assertion that Jamaica has the best quality "stuff" may be based more on feelings than on facts.


Trinidad: Jamaican QC joins team seeking cannabis reform

JAMAICA-BORN Queen’s Counsel Dr Courtenay Griffiths has been appointed to the legal team of Trinidad and Tobago’s first incorporated cannabis law reform non-governmental organisation.
Griffiths has been officially appointed as C420’s consultant on matters of law reform. 
“Dr Griffiths was born in Jamaica and received his training in the United Kingdom. He was called to the Bar of England and Wales in 1980 and was made Queen’s Counsel in 1998. Dr Griffiths also holds honorary Doctor of Laws degrees from both Coventry University and Leeds Metropolitan University. 


Ganja Exemption Key To Rootz Fest - Cannabis Cup A Collaboration With High Times


During the Negril launch of Rastafari Rootz Fest at Swept Away resort on Wednesday night, the organisers clarified what they say are misconceptions by the general public that the festival's main focus is the High Times Magazine's Cannabis Cup competition.

Rootz Fest co-organiser Eddie Wray said the Cannabis Cup could be held in Jamaica only because High Times had sought a collaboration to stage it during the festival, which runs from November 12-15 at Long Bay Beach Park, Negril.


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