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Views Of 40 Year Old Kiwis On Legalising Recreational Cannabis

While support for medical cannabis still remains very strong in New Zealand, the issue of legalising recreational cannabis is a different story – particularly among 40 year-olds.

Researchers at the University of Otago carried out a survey of 899 40-year-old participants in the Christchurch Health and Development Study*. Their findings  indicated 82.8% of the cohort expressed support for medicinal cannabis; while 47.8% supported decriminalisation and only 26.8% expressed support for legalisation for recreational use.

In terms of medical cannabis, just 6.2% disagreed or strongly disagreed doctors should be able to prescribe cannabis based products for medicinal purposes such as to relieve chronic pain without restriction. 10.1% were neutral on the issue.


New Zealanders reluctant to talk to their doctor about medicinal cannabis, study finds

Half of New Zealanders using medicinal cannabis have never discussed it with their doctor out of fear of being judged, and very few use prescribed products.

That was just one of the findings from new research published in the New Zealand Medical Journal (NZMJ) today.

It comes before New Zealanders will have their final say on September 19 on whether cannabis should be legalised to use or grow for recreational purposes.

Data was collected via an anonymous online survey promoted on Facebook between May to August 2019, which questioned 3,634 last-year Kiwi medicinal users of cannabis.


New Zealand Cannabis legislation: Good, but room for improvement

OPINION: Even as most New Zealanders focus hopefully on coronavirus restrictions loosening, some are undoubtedly looking ahead to September's cannabis referendum.


As a Canadian business professor who has studied my country's legalisation efforts, I see many similarities in the plan the New Zealand Government proposed two weeks ago.

But I also see room for improvement.


Medical cannabis valuable to NZ’s economic recovery

New research shows medical cannabis valuable to NZ’s economic recovery

Record-breaking medical cannabis company, Puro, is calling on the government to fast track the establishment of a medical cannabis industry in New Zealand.

Puro, which smashed the Australasian record for crowdfunding after raising $4 million in start-up funding, has already grown a test crop of low-THC hemp in Kekerengu and has started the consenting process to build its Marlborough headquarters near Blenheim.

Managing Director Tim Aldridge says this will be a multi-million dollar facility, with a medical cannabis research centre, an indoor cultivation facility and a large farm.


New Zealand unveils final cannabis bill details for 2020 referendum

Kiwis got a glimpse of what a legal, regulated cannabis market might look like in their country late last week.


New Zealand: Government reveals cannabis referendum legalisation details

Proposed cannabis legalisation will ban items designed to appeal to young people, set a four-year prison term for selling to under 20-year-olds and allow cannabis 'coffee shops' to open.

On Friday, the Government released details of the Cannabis Legalisation and Control Bill, which will be voted on in one of two referendums at this year’s general election. 

It was released in draft form in December last year.


New Zealand Proceeds With Medical Cannabis Program

For those looking for relief from bad news in general, whether it is about the pandemic, the economic meltdown or the impact of both on the cannabis industry, there is a glimmer of hope from the Kiwis this month.

On April 1, New Zealand’s Medical Cannabis Agency opened its application process for cultivation and manufacturing. Beyond sounding the starting gun for the race to local production and imports, the new rules also create a licensing framework that is aligned with international GMP (pharmaceutical grade) quality standards now becoming the norm globally for medicinally bound product.

It is good news for the industry, but it is good for a lot of other people too.


New Medicinal Cannabis Rules Launch in New Zealand

Patients could face fewer barriers to access medicinal cannabis products in New Zealand as new rules launch today. The new rules should make it easier for doctors to prescribe products and for cultivator and manufacturer licenses to be granted.

The Ministry of Health’s Medicinal Cannabis Agency will open its new process for cultivators and manufacturers of medicinal cannabis. It is hoped that the new rules will provide some relief to medical cannabis patients, even amid the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.


What legal cannabis in California could mean for New Zealand

In September, we get to vote on whether to legalise personal possession of cannabis in New Zealand. For a glimpse into what that might look like, Harrison Christian reports from California, where the legal pot business is booming – bringing good times (and some bad) to the masses.

At a pot dispensary in San Francisco, customers wait in an area resembling a swanky hotel lobby until a cannabis consultant beckons them to a marble counter.

Here, there's an exchange about their needs and preferred method of consumption. The customer is shown a menu with a staggering range of options: there are transdermal patches, body balms and disposable vape pens; sparkling drinks, chocolate-covered goji berries and watermelon-flavoured gummies.


Teen use of cannabis has dropped in New Zealand, but legalisation could make access easier

As New Zealand prepares for a referendum on legalising recreational cannabis, the latest surveys show opposite trends for cannabis use by adults and adolescents.

Adult use of cannabis has risen sharply over the last few years, reflecting softening attitudes towards the drug. But our study, published today, shows cannabis use in adolescents has been decreasing since 2001.


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