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NZ Medical Cannabis Imports “Out Of Control”

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The New Zealand Medical Cannabis Council claims the country’s government scheme is being undermined by unregulated medical cannabis imports.

The NZMCC says some medical practitioners are importing products and selling directly to patients, taking advantage of a loophole in Section 25 of NZ’s Medicines Act.

That section provides an exemption allowing all authorised prescribers to “procure the supply of any medicine”; including approved and unapproved medicines. Among other things, it allows an authorised prescriber to obtain a medicine by direct importation.

The Council claims currently there is less regulatory oversight of Section 25 imports than vitamins sold in supermarkets.


NZ medicinal cannabis is facing a looming crisis

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New Zealand is facing a collapse of legal medicinal cannabis supply after March 31, when a deadline to meet stiff new government rules is expected to keep the products of three of the country’s five main importers out of the market, reports NZ Herald’s Kate MacNamara in this Herald Premium article.

Last April, the government unveiled a new regulatory system to create more safe, widespread and affordable access to medicinal cannabis. It has not yet approved a single product.


New Zealand police ground annual aerial cannabis hunt

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New Zealand police are putting an end to the annual practice of searching for cannabis grows using helicopters and planes, reportsStuff

The operation has reportedly been taking place for more than 20 years and costs upwards of $700,000 annually.

“With the increased harm in many communities arising from other drugs, particularly methamphetamine, a one-size-fits-all annual aerial national cannabis operation no longer represents the most appropriate deployment of police resources,” a police spokesperson told Stuff.


Was New Zealand's ‘no’ vote on cannabis legalization a result of misinformation?

Dr. Fiona Hutton, an associate professor in the Institute of Criminology at New Zealand’s Victoria University, says the ‘no’ vote on the country’s cannabis referendum is a victory for those who traffic in fear-mongering and misinformation.

Writing in The Guardian, Hutton says she been reduced to tears in the aftermath of the close vote, where 50.7 per cent of voters said ‘no’ to legal weed.

“I have been receiving heartbreaking emails from people thanking me for my work to try and get the evidence out there, to try and stem the tide of fear-mongering and misinformation about cannabis and those who use it,” she writes.


New Zealand: Concerns that cannabis referendum result will affect medicinal options

The outcome of the cannabis referendum has raised concerns about the availability of medicinal options.

Just over 53 percent of people voted no to legalisation, while 46 percent voted yes.

Medicinal cannabis company Cannasouth's chief executive Mark Lucas told Francesca Rudkin a yes vote would have helped more people gain better and cheaper access to medical cannabis.

"There's no denying that some patients will access medicinal cannabis currently from the black market,  and if there was a white market, if you like, they would have been accessing very basic formulations of cannabis from that market."

The official result of the referendum, including special votes, will be announced on Friday. 


New Zealand votes to legalise euthanasia – but not cannabis

In a legally binding referendumNew Zealand has voted to approve euthanasia as an option for people with a terminal illness to seek medical assistance to end their lives.

The preliminary results come from two referendum questions posed to the public while New Zealanders were casting votes in the 17 October general election, which witnessed the return of prime minister Jacinda Ardern for a second term.


If Reducing Harm To Society Is The Goal, A Cost-Benefit Analysis Shows Cannabis Prohibition Has Failed

The case for a referendum on New Zealand's cannabis law was already urgent in 2015 when the supposedly more pressing issue was whether we should change the flag.


NZ Cannabis referendum: More than 100 doctors back legalising recreational use

More than 100 doctors have come forward to put their names behind cannabis legalisation, in response to the New Zealand Medical Association's backtracking from opposing the bill to neutrality.

They say they fear the Medical Association's decision to oppose the cannabis referendum and legalisation, without having consulted its members, could lead to the referendum failing.

The NZMA only changed its stance to a neutral one after several doctors came forward to RNZ complaining about its stance, and NZMA chair Dr Kate Baddock admitted that it did not consider the proposed legislation before opposing the referendum.


New Zealand To Vote On Cannabis Legalization Saturday

Voters in New Zealand will vote on Saturday on a nationwide referendum that would legalize the use and possession of cannabis by those 20 years of age and older.


New Zealanders Finally Vote On Cannabis Legalization

As it stands right now there are only two countries on earth that have passed an adult-use cannabis legalization measure.

The first to ever do it was Uruguay in 2013.

Uruguay’s legalization model is somewhat limited in that only residents can legally purchase adult-use cannabis.

Canada became the first G-7 nation to legalize cannabis for adult-use when it passed a nationwide legalization measure in 2018. 


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