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N.Y. lawmakers call for cannabis reform to boost post-pandemic economy

The coronavirus pandemic halted any chance New York had at passing cannabis reform earlier this year, but lawmakers have reintroduced the idea as a way to kick-start the economy once a semblance of normalcy returns.

In May, New York state Sens. Jessica Ramos, Jamaal Bailey and Brad Hoylman, in conjunction with the Legal Aid Society, urged Governor Andrew Cuomo and lawmakers to legalize recreational marijuana.


How COVID-19 is Affecting Marijuana Legalization

The year 2020 was destined to be a banner year for marijuana producers and dispensaries. That is, until COVID-19 reared its ugly head. 

If you’re wondering how COVID-19 is affecting marijuana legislation, you’re not the only one. The reality is that the coronavirus pandemic has, unfortunately, hampered some marijuana legalization efforts in the short term, but it shouldn’t have any long-lasting effects. 


NYC ban on pre-employment marijuana testing takes effect

A ban on employers requiring candidates to undergo marijuana testing as part of the hiring process took effect this week in New York City.  


NYS Now Has Time to Get Cannabis Legalization Right

As our state and country face an unprecedented crisis, Governor Cuomo and New York State legislators rightfully decided to streamline the budget, leaving the legalization and regulation of recreational cannabis to be fought for another day.


Why States Need To ‘Flick The Legal Switch’ On Cannabis Amid COVID-19

Despite the varying policies and confusing rules, cannabis businesses continue to generate significant tax revenue in various states during the pandemic.

The coronavirus outbreak has prevented most businesses from remaining open for the foreseeable future, slamming local economies and devastating state tax revenue.

This grim scenario should be enough to convince states that were previously anti-cannabis to change their tune, according to David Hess, the co-founder of investment firm Tress Capital.


NY Governor: Cannabis Legalization 'Not Likely' In New York Budget

Marijuana legalization is “not likely” to be included in the final budget in New York, Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) said on Tuesday, explaining that the issue proved too complicated as the state grapples with the coronavirus.

Another sign that the policy change isn't happening as Cuomo and advocates had planned comes from a pair of newly revised budget bills that exclude the proposal, making it all but certain that legalization won't make the final cut.

“Too much, too little time,” the governor said of the proposal during a press conference.


Marijuana sales up 50% in New York City amid coronavirus pandemic, dealer says

The city has gone to pot. Marijuana, that is.

Since the coronavirus hit, sales of marijuana have gone through the roof in both the United States and Canada. Between March 16 and 22, sales of recreational cannabis rose by 50 percent across states including California, Colorado and Oregon, while medical marijuana sales jumped 41 percent from the same period a year ago.

Despite recreational pot still being illegal here, New Yorkers are helping fuel the trend.


How The Coronaviurs Has Negatively Impacted Marijuana Legalization

Without the ability to gather in person, marijuana reform efforts have stalled in multiple states across the country.


COVID-19 Will Now Derail New York Marijuana Legalization

New York lawmakers will prioritize response to the novel coronavirus pandemic and likely delay marijuana legalization.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo intended to legalize adult-use marijuana through the state budget this session, but the novel coronavirus outbreak may force the issue on the back burner. The state budget is due in two weeks and key lawmakers now believe issues around legalization, including how the state will spend tax revenue created by marijuana sales, will not be negotiated in time.


New York Expediting Marijuana Legalization Amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Gov. Andrew Cuomo believes New York will still legalize recreational marijuana this year, though others aren’t so sure.

Governor Andrew Cuomo announced the coronavirus outbreak has not stopped his intention to legalize recreational marijuana in New York. Because the government doesn’t know how the coronavirus will affect their ability to convene and pass legislation, Cuomo talked of an “accelerated” budget process in the coming days to push through bills.

“I want to see as much as we can get done,” Cuomo said during a press conference this week. ”I want to see as much as we can get done. Only caveat, I want to do things right.”


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