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Reaching The End Of The Rope: N.Y. Farmers And Regulators At Odds Over Hemp

Agriculture officials in New York say federal rules for producing hemp are “unrealistic.” The state also said they won’t try to regulate the crop. Hemp farmers say they will have to be very careful without support from the state.

Legal hemp is a tricky crop to harvest. It’s cannabis — like marijuana, without the mind altering properties.

But hemp still contains some of the psychoactive chemical, THC. That’s where the bad news starts for hemp growers like David Falkowski.

“There could be criminal implications on the farmers," Falkowski said. "They could actually be brought up on charges. And some of the lesser degrees, they would have to burn or disk in their crop under the oversight of a DEA registered agency.”


Higher amount of Canadian marijuana being intercepting at border

The amount of Canadian marijuana intercepted at the U.S.-Canada border crossing in New York State is skyrocketing.

The Peace Bridge is no different. U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers have not seen anything like this before.

Exhibit A: On Monday, a tractor-trailer was discovered to be carrying almost two tons of pot. It was loaded onto 14 shipping pallets that were listed as lighting equipment.

With marijuana legal in Canada, but against federal law here, border crossing officers are finding more attempts to smuggle pot into the United States.

The Buffalo Field Office for customers and border security has jurisdiction from the Peace Bridge to the Port of Champlain.


Cannabis Doing It's Best To Make a Terrible Year Just A Little Better

One clear outcome of the coronavirus pandemic is explosive growth in cannabis sales in every major market around the country. Even in places like Illinois, which just started legal adult-use sales about two months before the coronavirus hit the United States, sales continue to make records.

If 2020 is one of the worst years in recent history, people apparently are turning to cannabis for a degree of comfort and solace - even NBA players


Albany’s Racial Disparity In Marijuana Enforcement Continues

An analysis of police arrest data in Albany, New York shows that racial disparity in the enforcement of marijuana laws in Albany continues, despite assurances from the city’s police chief that the issue would be investigated following a report from a civil rights group last year.


New York Senate Passes Bill Protecting Medical Marijuana Patients From Eviction

The New York State Senate approved a bill on Tuesday that would grant housing protections for registered medical marijuana patients. The measure, S.4117, “prohibits the eviction of tenants for using medical marijuana for a certified medical use,” according to a summary of the bill.


Why marijuana supply chain is key to NY legalization

An icy breeze blows off the shores of Seneca Lake, rattling the glass panes of the Cornell University greenhouse in Geneva, a small city in the northern Finger Lakes about an hour east of Rochester.


Will The Hemp Industry Revive New York's Economy?

Nestled near the confluence of the Susquehanna and Chenango rivers in Upstate New York, the city of Binghamton and the surrounding county, Broome, was always a hotbed of agriculture and manufacturing. From the rivers to railroads to highways, the area has been at the hub of transportation networks and grew steadily through the 20th century.


New York college students overwhelmingly support cannabis legalization

College students in New York have little doubt about whether or not cannabis should be legalized in the Empire State, with more than 90 per cent voicing support for such a move.

That preference was made clear as part of a new survey from Siena College Research Institute. The admittedly unscientific survey involving 250 undergraduate and graduate students reflected input from about a dozen of New York’s 13 state universities, according to Merry Jane.


4 States Where Legalizing Marijuana Will Have to Wait Until 2021 or 2022

Despite all that's gone on in 2020, it's important not to lose sight of the fact that we're now less than five months away from Election Day. We'll see voters choose who'll be president of the United States for the next four years, and could even witness the current political makeup of Congress shift.

But one of the more interesting stories for 2020 is going to be which states "go green."


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