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Communities devastated by Bloomberg's marijuana arrest crusade need action on legalization

At the last Democratic debates, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg got his money’s worth of much-deserved verbal lashings from fellow candidates for his policies. In an attempt to defend himself, he apologized for the broken legacy of his mayoral policies and lied about his administration’s role in its execution of stop-and-frisk. It’s not the first time he has expressed empty regret for targeting black and brown communities and the other democratic candidates were right to call him out. Community pleas to end this intensely damaging policy during his tenure as mayor consistently were ridiculed and went unheeded.


Outside Pressures Could Force NY To Legalize Recreational Marijuana This Year

A poor medical marijuana program and recreational markets outside New York could force the state’s hands this year.

Last year, Gov. Andrew Cuomo promised voters New York would legalize adult-use marijuana in the state. He announced the intention like it was a foregone conclusion. Those following closely know New York didn’t legalize last year, but Cuomo is again making the same promises while doing a little more work to ensure it happens this time around.


NY Governor Andrew Cuomo Announces Planned Tour of States With Legal Cannabis

After a failed attempt to legalize recreational cannabis in New York last year, Democratic Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced that he plans to try again in 2020 and is going to visit other states with legal pot to learn how it’s done.

“I’m going to visit Massachusetts, Illinois, and California or Colorado,” said Cuomo.

The governor wants to include provisions to legalize marijuana for use by adults in budget legislation again this year. In an effort to learn what has and what hasn’t worked in other jurisdictions, Cuomo said that he and members of his team would be paying a visit to three pot-legal states.


Breaking Down New York’s Second Year at Attempting Adult-Use Cannabis Legalization

During his annual State of the State address, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo emphasized a need for legalizing adult-use cannabis this year. If that report sounds familiar, that’s because similar talking points were mentioned during the governor’s 2019 agenda.


New York cannabis bill could legalize possession of as much as three ounces of marijuana

New York, as always, is pushing the envelope.

A new proposal supported by state Democrats would allow New Yorkers older than 21 to legally possess three ounces of marijuana — three times the amount typically permitted in other areas of the country.

Supporters of the proposal, which was sponsored by Senator Liz Krueger and Assemblywoman Crystal Peoples-Stokes, argued the legal amount needs to be set high enough to prevent people from needlessly getting caught up in the state’s legal system, according to The Associated Press.

Democratic governor Andrew Cuomo is pushing a competing proposal that would allow for the legal possession of an ounce of the drug.


States That May Legalize Weed In 2020

This year already promises to have plenty of election drama thanks to the presidential race. But in some states -- including some of the biggest in the U.S. -- it also could prove to be a big election for marijuana. 

In other states, leaders are choosing legislative action over the ballot box. It’s setting up what should be an interesting year for cannabis advocates in 2020.

Chief among the states considering legalization are New Jersey and New York. Lawmakers in both states failed to pass legalization in 2019. Voters in New Jersey will take matters into their own hands this November. Meanwhile, New York is looking to partner on the issue with a neighboring state on legalization through legislative action.


New York Is Very High On Marijuana Legalization This Year

Gov. Cuomo reiterated his intention to legalize marijuana in New York, and state voters are in favor of ending prohibition.

New Yorkers have heard this one before. Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced this week marijuana legalization will be included in his administration’s 2020 budget proposal. The move signals another ardent effort from the governor to push the issue through the state legislature.


What are the plans for legalizing recreational marijuana in New York for 2021?

Tuesday is a big day for lawmakers in Albany.

We're expecting to learn what Gov. Cuomo has in mind for how the state will spend your tax dollars in the upcoming fiscal year.

One of the hottest topics he's expected to include, once again, is legalizing recreational marijuana .

This raises some questions, including:


New York Will Legalize Marijuana This Year, Cuomo Vows

Governor Cuomo emphasized the need for New York to study marijuana and its effects, as well as the economic boon legalization could provide.

Governor Andrew Cuomo vowed in 2019 that New York would legalize adult-use marijuana, but the campaign fell apart in the state Senate when legislators couldn’t agree on social justice equity programs and tax revenue proposals. In his State of the State address this week, however, Cuomo assured 2020 will be the year the Empire State legalizes recreational cannabis.

Cuomo emphasized the need to legalize marijuana in order to combat disproportionate racial profiling in enforcing marijuana laws, as well as create criminal justice reform in healing the wounds caused by the nation’s war on drugs.


New York governor renews effort to legalize recreational marijuana

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday pledged for the second year in a row to legalize recreational marijuana, looking for his state to become the nation's 12th to do so and saying that it could generate hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.

Cuomo, a Democrat, made the legalization of cannabis a key priority as he outlined his agenda for 2020, saying taxes imposed by a regulatory scheme could bring some $300 million into the state's coffers and confront injustices in enforcement of drug laws.


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