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New York marijuana: What to know about black-market forces threatening recreational pot

Law enforcement agencies have detailed a variety of ways the marijuana black market circumvents rules and laws that will hurt New York's efforts to control the legalized distribution of the drug.


'This War on Drugs Has Far Too Long Been a War on People of Color and a War on Poor Americans'

The Emmanuel Baptist Church in Brooklyn, New York hosted a congregation of cannabis advocates recently as the church's senior pastor hosted the Business of Cannabis summit, writes Calvin Hughes.


Marijuana in New York: How much tax is too much? And who should benefit?

For Gov. Andrew Cuomo and top state lawmakers, taking a stance in favor of legalizing marijuana for adult use was the easy part.

Figuring out how to divvy up the tax revenue marijuana will bring in? 

That's the hard part.

Cuomo and legislative leaders still speak of legal, recreational marijuana as an inevitability in New York, though they have all signaled a new law may have to wait until the state budget is approved later this month.


Marijuana tax, congestion pricing would help fund NYC subways in Cuomo, de Blasio plan

Gov. Andrew Cuomo and New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio are supporting a plan that would fund the city's beleaguered public transit system with a toll on drivers in Manhattan and tax revenue from legalizing marijuana.

The Democratic officials on Tuesday announced their joint plan to fund and re-organize the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, relying largely on congestion pricing for drivers entering 61st Street or points south in the city's central borough starting no later than next year.


New York State District Attorney dismisses 35 marijuana possession warrants

The district attorney’s office of New York’s Erie County will be dismissing 35 outstanding bench warrants for low-level charges of possession of marijuana, it was announced Friday. The decision was compelled by Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown’s announcement that the city’s police department would no longer be enforcing low-level cannabis-related crimes.


Politicians ask FDA for guidance on CBD - by friday

A letter to the (Food & Drug Administration) FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb was penned by a group of politicians requesting guidance with regards to CBD (cannabidiol). The letter referred to New York City’s ban on food products containing CBD and enforcement actions happening in the states of Maine and Ohio.


This New York nursing home found a legal way to support its medical cannabis patients

Many hospitals and nursing homes across the country deny patients access to medical cannabis, including those in states where medical - or even recreational - cannabis is legal, writes Brandon Hicks.

The reason? These institutions rely on Medicare and other federal subsidization for their funding. So, as long as cannabis remains illegal at the federal level, those living in federally funded institutions will be refused treatment.


What to know before legal marijuana comes to New York

Although months away, full legalization for recreational marijuana is likely in New York State. Governor Andrew Cuomo promised to make it a priority in this year's budget.

Now companies are eyeing Buffalo as a future powerhouse for the cannabis industry.

Marijuana is on an unstoppable march to legalization. A legal marijuana bill sits in both the state Assembly and Senate.

Cuomo said, "It's a false choice legalize marijuana or not, because we are there already."

Governor Cuomo says he wants the framework to be completed in this year's budget.

Cuomo's proposal, hundreds of pages in length is ready to be debated in Albany.


When New York legalizes recreational pot, many officials say they don't want it sold here

Officials in several Westchester towns and villages are exploring measures to oppose or locally restrict retail sales of recreational marijuana in preparation for pot's expected legalization in New York.

Legalizing adult-use marijuana is expected to be included in Gov. Andrew Cuomo's $175-billion state budget proposal. Details have not been finalized.

But local leaders aren't waiting. Pleasantville and New Castle are examining ways to tweak their laws to prohibit pot sales. Somers and Yorktown elected officials have been discussing the issue too.


MedMen facing serious backlash following allegations of racism

MedMen, the California-based cannabis firm that has made headlines over the past year for securing the Woodstock logo and seeking the exclusive rights to the word “cannabis,” is now in the news over allegations of racism and other unsavory behavior. This supposed corruption among the company’s leading executives, made public in a lawsuit filed by former MedMen CFO James Parker, was deep enough for the New York Cannabis Industry Association (NYMCIA) to sever ties with the company earlier this week.


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