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Over 200 Visitors Enroll In New Mexico Medical Cannabis Program

New Mexico’s medical cannabis program is attracting enrollment from outside the state after legislative reforms did away with an in-state residency requirement.

November enrollment statistics from the state Health Department show that 215 cannabis patients reside outside the state. New Mexico medical marijuana provider Ultra Health said Friday that nonresident patients are coming primarily from the neighboring state of Texas and from as far away as Illinois and Michigan.

Total patient enrollment climbed to 78,810. That is an 18% increase since November 2018. Per-patient enrollment in the cannabis program is highest in rural Sierra, Quay and Lincoln counties.


New Mexico extends hearings on medical cannabis rules

New Mexico is extending opportunities for public comment on changes in medical marijuana regulations aimed at bolstering health protections and patient access.

Winter weather and icy roads delayed the opening of a hearing Friday on proposed rule changes to requirements for testing of cannabis and cannabis-derived products for the presence of heavy metals, pesticides and potency.

The state Health Department says public comment will be extended to a date in January that has yet to be determined.

The proposed rules also would create cannabis consumption areas to be operated at approved dispensaries. Certain additives would be prohibited for cannabis products that are inhaled.


New Mexico could expand medical marijuana program to include dogs

Pot for pooches? It could happen in New Mexico, where activists are lobbying to expand the state’s medical marijuana program to cover ailing dogs. 

The Associated Press is reporting that the New Mexico Medical Cannabis Advisory Board will take up a pair of petitions at its meeting next month to expand the qualifying medical conditions for medical cannabis. One petition is conventional: it calls for the program to extend to people with attention deficit disorder.


Recreational cannabis could become legal in New Mexico

A panel of legislators delved into the uncertain market economics of legalizing recreational marijuana and thorny concerns about public health on Wednesday, in a prelude to a rapid-fire legislative session that could open the doors to recreational cannabis in New Mexico.

A legalization work group assembled by Democratic Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham is pitching an oversight system that would limit state and local taxes on recreational marijuana to roughly 17% and license producers for as little as $500 a month with additional per-plant fees.


Drug Policy Alliance gives statement on recommendations from New Mexico’s legalization workgroup

Below is a statement from Emily Kaltenbach, New Mexico State Director and Senior Director of Criminal Justice Reform Strategy for the Drug Policy Alliance, who served on the Governor’s working group on cannabis legalization, in response to the 


Taxes from legal pot could subsidize weed for low-income patients in New Mexico

proposal unveiled Wednesday for legal marijuana sales throughout New Mexico would use taxes to subsidize medical pot purchases for low-income patients and set aside money for police and loans to cannabis startup companies.

A panel appointed by Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham, a Democrat, published recommendations for legalization that take cues from other states that regulate recreational marijuana markets.


20 States expected to fully legalize marijuana by 2024

The legal marijuana industry is budding before our eyes. What had once been considered a taboo industry that was swept under the rug by lawmakers has now become a front-and-center issue, as well as a big-time moneymaker for investors and companies involves in the pot industry.


New Mexico State University Regents approve proposed hemp manufacturing rule

The New Mexico State University Board of Regents approved the New Mexico Department of Agriculture’s proposed hemp manufacturing rule at its regular September meeting.

The rule accompanies statutory language that provides NMDA specific administrative authorities related to the licensing and inspection of laboratories testing raw hemp for regulatory purposes, as well as the licensing and inspection of persons breeding hemp that may possess plants greater than 0.3% and less than 5% THC.

Legal authority authorizing the rule is granted to the board of regents of New Mexico State University under Chapter 76, Article 24, Section 1, NMSA 1978 Compilation.


Latest University of New Mexico study shows marijuana for pain relief support

Understanding the effects of cannabis is crucial to determining the legal status of the substance, which is still a schedule I drug in the Controlled Substances Act. In learning more about cannabis, researchers from The University of New Mexico (UNM) recently examined its use as a pain reliever. According to the results of their study, on a scale of 0 to 10, the pain level of the user decreased by approximately three points with the use of cannabis.


New Mexico limits medical marijuana providers

Ultra Health President and CEO Duke Rodriguez discusses the medical marijuana industry during a tour of the company's greenhouse on April 6, 2018 in Bernalillo, N.M. (Susan Montoya Bryan,/AP)

A New Mexico law went into effect Tuesday that limits the state's 35 medical marijuana providers to 1,750 mature plants.

The legislation, which replaces previous guidelines that allowed for 2,500 plants per provider, was adopted by state Health Secretary Kathy Kunkel, according to The Associated Press.


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