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Marijuana dispensaries find legalization leaves them in a vulnerable gray zone

Last month, emergency services were called to an explosion at New MexiCann Natural, a licensed medical marijuana dispensary in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Two employees were injured while making edible cannabis products: Aaron Smith, 28, and Nick Montoya, 29. They were airlifted to University of New Mexico Hospital’s Level 1 Trauma Center with third-degree burns from a presumed butane reaction.


Grow4Vets teams up to give free cannabis to veterans

DENVER, CO (KDVR/CNN) - Grow4Vets has been handing out cannabis to military veterans for a year in Colorado.

But the state's medical board has just ruled not to recognize marijuana as a treatment for PTSD.

High There! a cannabis-sharing social network teamed up with Grow4Vets to host an impromptu rally on their Save a Million Vets Tour.

“Now we've created a tour around the country called the Save a Million Vets Tour," Co-founder and CEO of High There! Todd Mitchem said.

Veterans lined up early in Rino's Taxi district, most wearing their colors, letting folks know where they served.

Mitchem came up with the first social sharing network for cannabis users. Now he is partnering with Grow4Vets, helping vets get medication.


Legalization Roundup: Who Will Legalize Cannabis First, Italy or the United Kingdom?

Cannabis is going global fast – Italy’s Parliament just voted for a legalized, regulated cannabis market, Denmark’s youth is consuming cannabis in droves but it’s no gateway, and the United Kingdom just reached a record high number of supporters for legalization in the isles. On this side of the pond, United States lawmakers are thinking ahead and making plans that could change the game completely. We’ve got the latest in cannabis legalization efforts:


U.S. Cannabis Updates



Rep. David Gallegos: Legalizing marijuana not a true pathway forward - Las Cruces Sun-News

I feel the need to respond to my colleague, Rep. Bill McCamley, D-Las Cruces, and his views on legalizing marijuana. Representative McCamley is a good man, but his views on this issue are misguided. Marijuana is not only an unsafe drug itself, it leads to heavier drug use down the road. The additional exposure that would accompany legalization will put our children at even greater risk.

Studies have proven that marijuana is addicting and can hurt mental development. And for many people, there are similar characteristics that lead to stronger and more addictive drug use.

During my lifetime, I have seen the effects of this drug first hand. I have lost family members to drug addiction where it started with marijuana and then led to stronger drugs.


New Mexico: Gov. lifts secrecy veil on medical pot producers

SANTA FE – The names of New Mexico medical marijuana dispensaries and their employees will soon be made public, under a directive announced Wednesday by the office of Gov. Susana Martinez.

The Republican governor’s decision will reverse a long-standing confidentiality provision in the state’s Medical Cannabis Program and comes less than a week after a lawsuit was filed in an attempt to strike down the regulation that allows for the names of medical marijuana producers to be kept secret.

It will not apply to the 15,625 certified patients in the medical pot program – just the producers and their employees.


New Mexico medical marijuana producers' names to be released

SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) - The names of state medical marijuana dispensaries and their employees will soon be made public, Gov. Susana Martinez announced.

The governor’s announcement came Wednesday, less than a week after a lawsuit was filed in an effort to strike down the regulation allowing the names of medical marijuana producers to be confidential.

The decision will only apply to producers and their employees, and not the nearly 16,000 patients certified in the state’s Medical Cannabis Program, the Albuquerque Journal reported ( ).


12 States Most Likely to Legalize Marijuana Next

Washington State, Washington, D.C. and Colorado have blazed the trail for ending prohibition.

Through legal means these areas have adopted the recreational use of marijuana, freed the market for patients, opened the flood gates for entrepreneurs, and tax revenue for the states and districts. Based on research we have complied a list of states that will be vying for ending prohibition and legalization. With an election coming in 2016 all of these states on the list are going to have a measure on the ballot regarding marijuana. These are exciting times, friends. If you live in one of these states, be on the look out in November 2016 to vote for the right thing for our country. Enjoy.


1. California


Injured teacher no fan of marijuana

Don’t tell her about the medical wonders of marijuana. And don’t tell her that it’s a relatively benign drug that doesn’t really hurt anybody.

Certainly, don’t tell her anything like that after she has had to stand all day in her classroom at Pueblo West High School, where she teaches mathematics. After dealing with sharp pain and fatigue in her mangled right knee for hours, you wouldn’t find her very receptive to the wonders of getting stoned.

And don’t bring up the topic as the newlywed contemplates her future as a mother, worried how she’ll manage the added weight during pregnancy, or how she’ll carry or play with her child.


SAPD seizes 9 bundles of marijuana

SAN ANTONIO - San Antonio police seized nine bundles of marijuana Saturday morning on the city's South Side.

The drug bust happened just before 9 a.m. on Interstate 37 south just past Loop 410

According to police, the driver of a pickup truck was carrying nine bundles which added up to nearly 100 pounds of drug paraphernalia.

"We got a call for an accident hit and run. (The) vehicle took off. There (was) a witness following the vehicle and stated the vehicle was all over the road," said SAPD Salvador Mena.

The driver was taken into custody on felony charges, as well as DWI charges. 



Potlines app helps marijuana users stay on the right path

Potlines is an app that will send users an alert as to differing state marijuana laws.


WASHINGTON, June 7, 2015 – Marijuana is already legal for medical and recreational use in the District of Columbia. Alaska, Oregon, Washington and Colorado also allow recreational use and possession of cannabis.

Twenty-three states from Maine to California allow medical marijuana use. But if you are taking a road trip from the NorthEastern shore to Southern California, there are a lot of states in between where marijuana is still illegal.

The laws are constantly changing and  the laws for use and possession in those states is not uniform.

And ignorance of the law is not a legal defense.


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