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American Teenagers 'Are MORE Likely to Smoke Marijuana Than Binge Drink', New Maps Reveal

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American teenagers are more likely to smoke marijuana than binge drink, a new report reveals.

Meanwhile in Europe, marijuana consumption is minimal while drinking levels are far higher than in the United States.

The data, published in a recent report by addiction-awareness firm Project Know, will reignite the national debate on marijuana legalization as the election approaches.


Battista: Marijuana Use Could Help End Opiate Epidemic

As a primary care and addiction medicine physician, I never thought I’d be suggesting marijuana use to my patients, given its unknown potential for physical, emotional, social and developmental harm. However, the opiate overdose epidemic has radically shifted my thinking.

The June 26 Sun-News editorial about legalizing cannabis for tax revenue missed a critical benefit: the possibility of fewer overdose deaths.

Since prescription pain pill overdoses exceed those of both heroin and cocaine combined, at about 40 daily (and over 14,000 yearly), this is no small point. Gun homicides and car crashes kill fewer. The crack cocaine epidemic of the 1980s killed 800 to 2,400 yearly, according to the Government Accountability Office.


Medical Marijuana Company Lead Sponsor at Gathering of Nations

Ultra Health, a national provider for the healthcare cannabis industry with operations and facilities in Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico, and retail dispensaries to commercial-scale cannabis production in New Mexico and Las Vegas, has become the title sponsor for the Gathering of Nations Pow wow for 2017.

In addition to the sponsorship, the official name of the event will be the "Ultra Health - Gathering of Nations." 

This marks the first time a medical cannabis company has sponsored such an event. Ultra Health has agreed to the title sponsorship for the next five years and holds an option to consider sponsorship through 2027.


Backlog for New Mexico medical cannabis program worsens

Delays in renewing medical marijuana cards in New Mexico have grown so long that some seriously ill patients are resorting to purchasing marijuana on the black market, according to some patients and advocates.

The state Department of Health says the backlog was caused by a surge in demand from new applicants, reported The Santa Fe New Mexican ( . Although state law gives the department 30 days to approve or deny an application, spokesman Kenny Vigil said by email that the current wait is about 40 to 50 days.


Libertarian Gary Johnson Explains Why He Supports Legal Pot

International Business Times sat down with former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, the Libertarian party's nominee for president, to hear about his stance on legalizing marijuana. Only four states and Washington, D.C. have legalized recreational marijuana. 

See the video and below for Johnson's thoughts.


Medical Cannabis a Growing Business in New Mexico

Rachael Speegle, 34, left a full-time job as a critical care nurse last year to work at an Albuquerque medical marijuana dispensary and growing operation started by her husband.

Speegle quickly discovered that people who came to the Verdes Foundation dispensary in Albuquerque had lots of questions that called for her nursing skills.


Israeli Medical Cannabis Company to Build New Mexico Plant

Panaxia has devised a method of extracting precise dosages of medical cannabis.

Israel generic drugs and medical devices company Panaxia has signed an agreement with Ultra Health, the leading medical cannabis distribution company in New Mexico, to build a cannabis processing plant. The plant will be built on one of Ultra Health's farms in New Mexico, and its products will be marketed in the US by Ultra Health.

Panaxia said that the six-month pilot project would include a commitment to buying merchandise for $250,000. Ultra Health operates in five US states besides New Mexico, providing potential growth for Panaxia's business. At the same time, Panaxia is also negotiating similar agreements with other US growers.


Gary Johnson Predicts Obama Will Reclassify Marijuana on Way out of Office

Former New Mexico Gov. and 2016 Libertarian White House hopeful Gary Johnson says he thinks President Obama is going to remove marijuana from the government’s “Schedule I” list of narcotics considered particularly harmful and addictive on his way out of office.

“It’s going to be just like alcohol,” Mr. Johnson told The Washington Times Tuesday. “I’m going to predict that Obama, when he leaves office, is going to deschedule marijuana as a Class I narcotic. I wish he would have done that to this point, but I think he’s going to do that going out the door. That’s a positive.”


The 10 Most Marijuana-Friendly States in the USA

Does your state make the list?

Which are the marijuana-friendliest states in the nation? Where would a pot person want to buy a home and settle down?

The online national real estate search site Estately has taken a crack at answering those burning questions. The site's blog's Ultimate Lists cranks out all sorts of creative comparative data—cities with the most romantic homes for sale, states with the most pizza—and now it's done the same with weed


How Cannabis-Friendly Is Your State?

Ever wonder how your state stands up to the others in terms of marijuana tolerance? We don't mean how much your state can smoke, but how tolerant the locals are toward cannabis. The real-estate website Estately has the answer. 

Using specialized metrics, they put together rankings for all 50 states in their "Marijuana Enthusiasm Index." The criteria are: the percentage of monthly marijuana users, the average price of cannabis, the average number of marijuana-related Google searches, the legal status of marijuana and expressions of public interest (based on Facebook user data). 

Here are five interesting findings.


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