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New Jersey


New Jersey Lawmakers Pass Legalization, Sales Expected This Summer

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On Monday, New Jersey’s Democratic Governor Phil Murphy signed legislation that legalizes adult-use marijuana possession and licenses retail marijuana sales.


N.J. legal pot, once seemingly surefire, hits even more delays

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New Jersey’s long-delayed effort to legalize recreational marijuana has veered again into chaos, despite voter approval and a pause on pot prosecutions that has left some offenders in limbo.

Governor Phil Murphyhas until Monday to act on two bills that would bring him closer to fulfilling a pledge he made more than three years ago to legalize pot. For months, he has been wrangling with fellow Democrats, who control the legislature, over language in the measures to address how law enforcement would treat people under 21 in possession of marijuana.


Cannabis Regulatory Update: Hawaii Legalization, NJ Still In Question, South Dakota AG Won’t Defend Adult-Use

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Hawaii Senate Says Yes To Cannabis Legalization

Hawaii Senate Committee on Public Safety, Intergovernmental and Military Affairs voted in favor of two cannabis measures on Tuesday. (h/t Marijuana Moment)

The first bill asks for adult-use cannabis legalization and the other to amend the state’s current decimalization law.

The Aloha State decriminalized the possession of up to three grams of cannabis in 2019, under a law that went into effect in 2020.

The law also replaced criminal penalties with a $130 fine.


N.J. can resume issuing new medical marijuana licenses after court ruling settles lawsuit

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The state can resume its review of nearly 150 medical marijuana license applications that have sat untouched for more than a year, thanks to a ruling from a state appellate court Thursday.

The court ruled against all but one medical marijuana license applicant rejected by the Department of Health in 2019. It upheld the department’s denial of seven other applications.


New compromise offered to finally end dispute holding up N.J. legal weed

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Lawmakers have introduced a new proposal for penalizing those under 21 who are caught with marijuana, a move that could bring Gov. Phil Murphy closer to signing a bill to legalize weed.

But this bill must receive committee approval Monday and pass both the state Senate and Assembly by next Thursday, the latest deadline for Murphy to take action on bills to establish a legal marijuana industry and another to end arrests for possessing small amounts of marijuana.


If it does not, Murphy will have to act on the bills as they are.


Deadline On NJ Marijuana Legalization Delayed

Gov. Phil Murphy

Gov. Phil Murphy and lawmakers continue to struggle to strike a deal that will allow New Jersey to begin the process of selling marijuana in New Jersey. But they're also raising hopes that some agreement could be reached soon.

Lawmakers extended a Monday deadline for Murphy to act on legislation that would begin the process of selling marijuana, signaling that all sides may be able to work out issues that have prevented a deal from happening.


New Jersey Wants Home Cultivation for Cannabis

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Every new location to legalize cannabis either recreationally or medically, comes up with its own set of rules for exactly what is legal. After the last US election, there were a few new additions to the legalization family, one of them being New Jersey, which legalized for recreational use. However, the State didn’t get everything it wanted. New Jersey wants home cultivation of cannabis to be legalized for its citizens, and right now, it is still not.


Letting you grow medical weed at home advanced by N.J. lawmaker

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After years of hesitancy among lawmakers to seriously consider allowing people to grow their own marijuana at home, two lawmakers have introduced bills in the past week that would overhaul the ban.

Sen. Troy Singleton, D-Burlington, introduced a home grow bill Thursday that would allow medical marijuana patients or their caregivers to register as home cultivators. They could then grow up to four mature marijuana plants and four immature plants.


Cannabis and the South: How Things Change

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When it comes to the North vs the South in America, there is usually a pretty evident divide when it comes to social issues. From abortion to religion in schools to drugs, the South is generally slower to adopt new policies. In the case of cannabis and the south, a lot of change has happened in the last few years, signaling a massive shift in overall public perspective.


N.J. court hears arguments in case that has stalled expansion of medical marijuana

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A three-judge appellate court panel heard arguments Tuesday in a case that has stalled the expansion of the New Jersey’s burdened medical marijuana program.

But the court must still issue a decision before the state can reopen its review of licenses that a lawsuit put on hold in late 2019.

The case involves eight rejected medical marijuana applicants from a round of licensing the Department of Health opened in 2019. The applicants in question lost out due to technical issues with their applications or because they had insufficient documents to show the town they wished to operate in approved of the business.


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