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Bob Marley's son to open a medical cannabis dispensary

Rohan Marley, son of late legendary reggae singer and cannabis enthusiast Bob Marley, has announced his intention to open a medical cannabis dispensary in Montclair, New Jersey.

In partnership with Colorado-based dispensary chain Lightshade, Rohan Marley has completed an application for one of the state’s 15 retail licences.

If the application gets state’s approval, Marley will aid marketing and publicity efforts and contribute to the hiring process.


New Jersey Governor Vetoes Marijuana Conviction Expungement Bill

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy has vetoed legislation that would have expedited expungements for people with certain cannabis-related offenses on their record. On Friday, Murphy announced that he had shot down the plan because it did not go far enough, and offered suggestions to lawmakers on how they could craft expungement legislation that was more likely to get past his desk.


New Jersey Governor signs Hemp Bill

New Jersey governor Phil Murphy signed off on legislation last week to expand the opportunities for industrial hemp in the state.

It’s been a really odd state of affairs in New Jersey with medical cannabis cultivation legal, but a very limited industrial hemp program so far – but New Jersey hasn’t been alone in this.


Where does NY/NJ go from here?

After months of will-they-won’t-they activity, both New Jersey and New York failed to deliver on legalizing adult-use cannabis. What once seemed to be foregone conclusions to many turned out to be two hard doses of reality that leaves citizens and lawmakers with a foul taste in their mouths. 

Instead of adult-use legalization, both have since pivoted to focus on expanding other cannabis parameters.

In New York, lawmakers flipped focus to expanding the state’s partial decriminalization law enacted in 1977. The move aims to address the social justice issues Governor Andrew Cuomo has championed since changing his opinion on legalization.


New Jersey opens major expansion of medical marijuana program

On Monday, New Jersey’s Department of Health announced plans to accept applications for individuals and entities interested in opening operational and cultivation facilities. The agency said that it is seeking applicants to operate as many as 24 Alternative Treatment Centers, with the aim to place eight in the northern part of the state, eight in the central region and seven in the south. An additional facility will be placed in a yet-to-be-determined region, the department said. 


New Jersey medical marijuana patients can now possess a 1 year supply of cannabis

Under the new bill signed earlier this week by New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (D), medical marijuana will now be more accessible to patients in the state, writes Calvin Hughes.

A number of changes are coming to New Jersey's medical marijuana program including increasing possession limits, boosting the number of medical marijuana producers and lowering the threshold to receive medical marijuana.


Governor of New Jersey signs Bill to expand State Medical Cannabis Program

Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy of New Jersey signed a bill on Tuesday that expands the state’s medical cannabis program. Under the measure, the Jake Honig Compassionate Use Medical Cannabis Act, the state will add more licenses for providers in the medicinal cannabis program, patients will be allowed to legally possess more medicine, and registered medical marijuana patients from other states will be permitted to possess cannabis.


NJ Medical Marijuana Bill helps patients from other States, but there’s one big problem

Just as thousands of tourists flock to the Jersey Shore for the Fourth of July, the New Jersey medical marijuana program is on the verge of opening its doors to out-of-state patients for the first time.


Which States could be next to legalize marijuana?

The marijuana industry has been fueled by the legislative measures that have occurred on a statewide basis over the past five or so years. In that time, we have seen a number of states allow for the use and sale of recreational cannabis. With so many states showing that there can be a lot of success for those willing to put in the right laws, it seems that many places around the nation have begun to follow suit.


How N.J. could lose out on millions of dollars if it doesn't legalize weed soon

2018 was supposed to be the year of legal weed in New Jersey.

Gov. Phil Murphy rode into office last January on a promise to quickly legalize marijuana. He said it would bring money and social justice along with it. But lawmakers couldn't get legal weed through the Legislature, and here we are in 2019.

It's still unclear when exactly the Legislature will vote on legalization.

As New Jersey debates the details, potential damage mounts. New Jersey risks losing out on millions of dollars in tax revenue as recreational marijuana gets increasingly palatable across the country. At the same time, people keep getting arrested for something likely to be legal soon.


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