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NJ Weedman taking marijuana conviction to high court

TRENTON —Marijuana legalization activist Edward Forchion, better known as NJ Weedman, lost an appeal to overturn his 2010 possession conviction.

Forchion, who moved to California, sought to have his Burlington County conviction thrown out by claiming he has a medical necessity for the pot and that criminalizing the possession of marijuana violates his rights under the U.S. and New Jersey constitutions.

But an appellate panel, in its 31-page decision issued on Friday, didn't agree and upheld his conviction.

Reached on Saturday through Twitter, Forchion told NJ Advance Media that he plans to ask the state Supreme Court to consider his case.


Marijuana activist loses bid to overturn drug conviction

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) - A state appellate court has rejected a New Jersey marijuana activist's bid to overturn a drug possession conviction.

Edward Forchion, who calls himself NJ Weedman, had argued that he uses marijuana for medical reasons. He also claimed, among numerous other arguments, that criminalizing the drug violated his religious freedom as a Rastafarian.

But in a 31-page decision issued Friday, the appellate court rejected his arguments.

Forchion told that he plans to ask the state Supreme Court to consider his case, though it wasn't clear Sunday when that might happen.



While some of us get ready for tonight’s dab bus by Franco’s Finest, here are thoughts from this week’s Cannabis Creative Conference:

It’s easy to stereotype the appearance of a typical canna business owner. Long,unkempt hair, tie-dyed clothes, half-open eyelids and/or mismatched socks are are just a few of the looks that come to mind. Add the faint smell of marijuana smoke and some Bob Marley tunes, along with plenty of goofy smiles, and you have the stoner look far too many of us assume is the norm.


'Don't Let My Daughter Die, Governor!' Drug Warrior Chris Christie Promises to Escalate the War on Weed

If elected president, Christie says he'd stomp out legal weed. As governor, he's already done just that.

Earlier this week, Reason's Jacob Sullum wrote about New Jersey Governor and GOP presidential candidate Chris Christie's pledge to enforce the federal ban on recreational marijuana, ignoring the will of the states that've legalized cannabis sales. 


Getting higher: Poll shows more NJ voters favor legalizing marijuana

TRENTON — As Gov. Chris Christie declares that legal marijuana would disappear if he were elected president, a new poll shows voters in his own state are becoming more open to the idea of legalizing pot.

A Farleigh Dickinson University PublicMind poll released Friday morning shows 49 percent of New Jersey voters favor legalizing marijuana for personal use — an eight-point increase from January. 

At the same time, 46 percent are opposed, which is a six-point drop from the group's last survey.


Presidential Candidate Chris Christie vows crackdown on recreational marijuana

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie has a message for people in states that have legalized recreational marijuana use: Enjoy it while you can.

“You take an oath of office,” Mr. Christie, a 2016 Republican presidential candidate, said on “Fox and Friends.” “I take one as governor; I will take one as president that says that you’ll enforce the laws — not just enforce the laws you like. You’ll enforce the laws. And marijuana is against the law in the United States and it should be enforced in all 50 states.


Chris Christie Calls Marijuana Users “Diseased,” Pledges to Cure Them With Law Enforcement

While delivering a speech on Thursday, New Jersey Governor and presidential hopeful Chris Christie doubled-down on his anti-marijuana agenda. Referring to marijuana users as “diseased,” Gov. Christie reiterated his ambitions to “crack down and not permit” marijuana use, even in states where the practice is legal.


Chris Christie on drugs: A nanny states his case for more federal bureaucracy

The Monmouth University Poll released Monday did not hold any good news for a certain New Jersey governor. Chris Christie finished 14thamong candidates for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination. He was favored by just 1 percent of potential Iowa caucus-goers.

The cut-off line for the big Fox News debate Aug. 6 is the top 10. This poll couldn't have come at a worse time for Christie.

But Christie did catch a break last week. The media largely ignored his big speech on criminal justice reform.


Terra Tech Subsidiary Edible Garden Awarded $300,000 Clean Energy Grant

Belvidere, July 07, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Terra Tech's wholly owned subsidiary Edible Garden Corp. applied for and was approved for New Jersey's Clean Energy Pay for Performance Program.  Edible Garden Corp. will be receiving a total of approximately $300,000 over the next nine months.  The first check has been received in the amount of $21,368.40.  New Jersey's Clean Energy Program is a statewide program that offers financial incentives, programs and services for New Jersey residents, business owners and local governments to help reduce the State's energy usage, peak demand, as well as to transform the marketplace for the next generation of energy efficiency technologies.


Asbury Park backs legalization of marijuana

ASBURY PARK – The city’s leadership is supporting a movement to legalize marijuana in New Jersey.

The City Council has agreed to draft a resolution urging state lawmakers to decriminalize use of the drug which advocates say causes little or no harm to people.

The resolution would be a symbolic gesture, supporting efforts by the community group Help Not Handcuffs which has lobbied to stop law enforcement from arresting people for substance use.

Randy Thompson, founder of Help Not Handcuffs, said arrests for marijuana impose criminal records on people– deterring them from jobs and housing– for a minor offense. He also said marijuana enforcement distracts police from more serious crimes. He called on Asbury Park to make it the lowest law enforcement priority.


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