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‘Game Changer’ School Is First to Allow Students Right to Medical Marijuana

A severely autistic teenager has inspired a major law change requiring school districts to allow minors under medical marijuana care to receive those treatments on school property. The law is a first in the nation.

“We didn’t think it would ever happen,” Lora Barbour, the mother of that teen —16-year-old Genny Barbour of Maple Shade, N.J., pictured above — told CBS Philly this week. “A godsend.”


Battle over legalizing marijuana taking shape in New Jersey

Ricardo Rivera of Oakland holds a picture of his 8-year-old daughter, Tatyana "Tuffy" Rivera, who suffers from severe epilepsy during a hearing Monday, Nov. 16, 2015, in Trenton.

For the first time in New Jersey history, state lawmakers on Monday debated whether to legalize recreational marijuana and collected hours of testimony from experts who support taxing and regulating the drug like alcohol.

But that’s as much as they plan to do for now.


Battle over legalizing marijuana taking shape in New Jersey


New Jersey's Democratic-controlled Legislature took a step toward a showdown with Gov. Chris Christie over legalized marijuana on Monday.

A state Senate panel convened a hearing on legalizing the drug, and a leading Democratic lawmaker says it's time to bring it out of an underground economy by legalizing, taxing and regulating it.

"I believe our state should lead the way," Democratic state Sen. Nicholas Scutari said. Scutari, who has authored a bill that would legalize, tax and regulate marijuana for people over 21, sketched a scenario in which the drug comes out of what he called a "black market" and gives way to a billion-dollar industry.


NJ Senate Hearing To Focus On Possibility Of Legalizing Marijuana

ENGLEWOOD, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — New Jersey lawmakers will consider the possibility Monday of legalizing recreational marijuana use in the state.

The state Senate is holding a judiciary hearing on the hot-button issue, WCBS 880’s Levon Putney reported.

Lawmakers are closely studying Colorado, Oregon and Washington, where pot use has been legalized.

Some of the big question marks center on tax dollars, business growth, security and whether banks would participate.


This Is The First U.S. School To Allow Marijuana For Disabled Students

A school in New Jersey has become the first in the nation to allow students with disabilities and various medical conditions to legally consume marijuana to alleviate symptoms.

Larc School, which educates students "with a wide range of disabilities," approved guidelines for medical marijuana use on Wednesday night, just days after New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie (R) signed a bill that protects schools and instructors from punishment if sick or disabled students take medical marijuana during school hours.


Chris Christie passes medical marijuana bill

Roger Barbour (left) is shown with daughter Genny and wife Lora. They're in a legal fight to be able to give Genny medical marijuana at school.

TRENTON - Several South Jersey families are celebrating the news that Gov. Chris Christie signed into law Monday a long-awaited medical marijuana bill.

The bill requires facilities and schools providing services to residents with developmental disabilities to adopt policies allowing administration of medical marijuana to qualifying patients.


Marijuana could improve my teen son’s life, but we won’t know until it’s legal

When I dreamt of having children, I never thought I’d dream of the day my teenage son could legally use marijuana. When I was in college learning about The War on Drugs, I didn’t appreciate the history behind this substance. I certainly do now.

My son would likely benefit from marijuana. It might help stop his severe seizing, which would change all of our lives.

Unfortunately for us, marijuana is a Schedule 1 drug, a class of drugs assumed to be highly addictive, dangerous and without medical value. Cannabis sits on this list with heroin and LSD, but there is no longer a consensus within the medical community that marijuana belongs on this list. And so even promising trials are very limited. The government isn’t listening to the doctors.


Man faces up to 20 years in prison for growing 17 marijuana plants in Pine Barrens

An Ocean County jury this week convicted an Atlantic County man for growing marijuana in the Pine Barrens.

Jon Peditto, 54, maintained throughout his trial in Toms River that he grew the 17 marijuana plants found by police in Tuckerton in 2012, according to a report

Authorities also found more than three pounds of marijuana in his home, reported

He was charged with maintaining a drug production facility, possession of marijuana and two counts of possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.


Medical marijuana patients still face hurdles in New Jersey

CHERRY HILL, N.J. (AP) - Michelle Teel sees a pain specialist to help her manage the devastation that five years of breast cancer treatment has wreaked on her body. The 35-year-old Deptford woman suffers from bone pain and a stubborn six-inch leaking wound on her chest that won’t heal.

Oxycodone does little to ease her discomfort.

“I’m in pain every day,” the former reporter said.

“If I come up with the money, I want to try the (medicinal) marijuana,” Teel said. “I want to be on something that works.”


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