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New Jersey Senate President draws line in sand: Marijuana tax can't be too high

With less than two weeks to go before Thanksgiving, it’s looking less and less likely New Jersey will legalize recreational pot before the end of this year.

Gov. Phil Murphy had made legalizing marijuana one of his front-burner issues when he took office last January. But negotiations on a legislative package have stalled.

State Senate President Steve Sweeney, D-Gloucester, who must sign off on any marijuana bill that’s put up for a vote, is making it clear he’s drawn a line in the sand over how much the state should tax recreational weed.

“If you tax too much you’re going to drive people to the black market," he said.


NJ: Marijuana companies find room to grow in South Jersey

Calling New Jersey the next "Silicon Valley" of cannabis, out-of-state marijuana entrepreneurs are competing hard to grow the leafy crop here with promises of jobs and tax revenues for towns willing to accept them.

Several applicants said they want to set roots in South Jersey because they found municipalities to write letters of support or make tentative agreements to lease property. 

And each said they will apply again if they don't win one of the six licenses now up for grabs. The state Department of Health is reviewing 146 applications for two licenses each in North, Central and South Jersey. 


NJ leaders concede they won't meet their deadline for marijuana legalization vote

The top lawmakers in the Legislature said Monday say they have scrapped a plan to vote on the marijuana legalization bill Oct. 29 because they remain at odds with Gov. Phil Murphy over what the law should say.  Assembly Speaker Craig Coughlin, D-Middlesex, and Senate President Stephen Sweeney, D-Gloucester vowed that the vote will occur before the end of the year.


These two states are poised to be the next big marijuana markets

With federal prohibition still alive and well despite record public support for marijuana legalization, the cannabis industry in the United States remains a state-by-state business. The inability to cross state lines has led to a web of complex and disparate state laws and regulations for businesses to navigate. This forces cannabis producers to recreate their entire infrastructure in every new state, rather than scaling up production and shipping products across the country, which impedes their ability to build economies of scale enjoyed by all other businesses.

Retailers generally pay higher wholesale prices because of this, leading to higher prices for consumers at the register.


New Jersey gives OK for medical marijuana dispensaries to post price info

Medical marijuana patients can now shop products and know how much it’s going to cost due to new changes in the state program’s policies around price transparency. New Jersey’s six operating medical marijuana facilities can now publicly post their product prices on their websites and social media after state officials said that patients in the program should be armed with more information when making purchases. “Medical marijuana patients should benefit from online price information just as shoppers do when they buy a car, a plane ticket or any other consumer goods,” Department of Health Commissioner Shereef Elnahal said in a statement.


New Jersey college offers marijuana minor ahead of state legalization

As marijuana becomes legal in more and more states, college and universities across America are figuring out ways to help prepare people for the blossoming cannabis industry, writes Joseph Misulonas. And now one school in New Jersey will finally let you study weed.


New Jersey: Lawmakers hash out marijuana bill, but can it pass?

Democratic New Jersey lawmakers spent part of Tuesday going over the fine points of a bill that their leaders say is the almost-final, soon-to-pass vehicle for allowing anyone 21 and older to buy and consume marijuana. After missing earlier, informal deadlines for mustering enough votes to pass a bill that Gov. Phil Murphy would sign, Senate President Stephen Sweeney maintained that his Oct. 29 deadline remains within sight.


There's a big win for medical marijuana patients in the fine print of new bill

Deep in the legislation that lawmakers say will fix the perceived mistakes in the medical marijuana law is a nugget of hope for patients who do not qualify for the program yet.

The leader of the Cannabis Regulatory Commission -- the new entity that would be created by the bill to control the medicinal program and the hypothetical legal market-- would decide which conditions qualify for cannabis. 

That power now rests with the state Health Commissioner, advised by a panel of medical experts. Until March, only one condition, post traumatic stress disorder, had been added to the narrow list included in the 2010 law.


New Jersey to get legal weed 'sooner than later,' Gov. Murphy says

Hang in there, Gov. Phil Murphy said Monday, New Jersey will get legal recreational marijuana "sooner than later." A vote could even happen within weeks, he added. 

That was Murphy's message during a Facebook Live town hall when asked a question many in the Garden State have: When will his vow to legalize pot here be realized?


A tiny New Jersey borough becomes a battleground for Big Marijuana and anti-weed forces

In the tiny Gloucester County borough of Clayton, a battle is shaping up between Big Marijuana and organized anti-weed forces divided over whether a $10 million cannabis cultivation and processing facility should be built on vacant land in an industrial park.


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