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Cannabis-infused coffee pods for Keurig machines now available

A company is now offering coffee and tea infused with cannabis.

Cannabiniers is offering Brewbudz, a flower-based edible in compostable, single-brew pods that are compatible with all K-Cup and K-Cup 2.0 style brewers, according to the company's website.


Nevada cracking down on marijuana businesses

Nevada officials have begun to crack down on marijuana businesses amid allegations of possible corruption and lax regulation in the state’s young but lucrative industry.


Nevada’s Governor Vows to tighten control over the State’s cannabis marketplace

Nevada’s governor expressed outrage Friday and vowed to tighten control of the state’s lucrative legal marijuana marketplace in response to reports that a foreign national contributed to two top state political candidates last year in a bid to skirt rules to open a legal cannabis store.


A Look at How Legalization is Going in Nevada

Voters in Nevada made their state one of the four to approve adult-use legalization in November 2016. The efforts there may not have gotten the media attention that California (because of its size) or Massachusetts and Maine (first victories for recreational legalization on the East Coast) did, but events in the state continue to show just how critical the vote was. With Nevada’s growing population, it means more people every year will have access to cannabis without needing a specific reason or special permission.


24/7 marijuana delivery hits Las Vegas

From casinos to grocery stores, most everything in Las Vegas is open 24 hours a day. Now, that same commitment to meeting consumer needs at any hour of the day is getting applied to cannabis. Residents in and around Las Vegas can now get weed delivered to their door 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


Las Vegas man launches cannabis app 'Can-ED' for job search and education

Imagine looking for a marijuana-related job and then getting ready for your interview on an app?

It's possible now! A Las Vegas man co-founded an app called Can-Ed to help you learn more about the multi-billion dollar industry and how to land the gig you want.

Jason Sturstman did not want to be too blunt but tells13 Action News not everyone can work in the green industry because working in a dispensary requires a lot of knowledge.

“Extremely difficult and competitive," Sturstman says.

That's why he co-created Can-Ed; it's an app first of its kind, he claims it will help you get educated with certified courses.


Cannabis industry contributions to State of Nevada break $100 million

Nevada’s cannabis industry has broken the $100 million dollar mark in taxes and fees for the first time. Dispensaries, cultivators, laboratories and producers have paid more than $109 million in taxes and fees in fiscal year 2019.

$99.18 million was paid in taxes compared to $74.7 million last year. How much of that went to education is not yet available from the state. However, changes to the law this year under the leadership of Governor Sisolak mandate that 100 percent of taxes will go to education in future years. For the next two years, the state is projecting more than $100 million per year in tax collections. Cannabis sales were also up from $529 million in fiscal year 2018 to approximately $639 million in fiscal year 2019, an increase of $110 million.


Advocates push workers’ right to cannabis use

If you use cannabis on your own time in a state where it is legal, should that be grounds for terminating your employment or rejecting your application for a job? Advocates are starting to say no, and demanding action to protest workers’ rights to use cannabis without the fear of the sack and unemployment.

Some states have already made progress in this direction. Yet California, which led the way toward opening legal space for cannabis with the Propositio 215 medical marijuana initiative in 1996, is not among them. Neither 215 nor the Prop 64 adult-use legalization initiative exactly 20 years later provided any such protections.


Nevada Judge freezes licensing process for new cannabis shops

A Nevada judge has frozen the permit process for some new state retail cannabis stores siding with companies that lost bids to open recreational pot shops.

Clark County District Court Judge Elizabeth Gonzalez issued an injunction Friday afternoon halting several dozen new licenses where questions were raised about the owners compliance with the licensing requirements.

Losing bidders argued the process was so riddled with mistakes and bias that Gonzalez should void 61 licenses that were approved last December from among 462 applications.

Attorneys for Nevada and some companies that won retail dispensary licenses say the process wasn’t perfect, but tax officials are fairly enforcing a voter-approved initiative that legalized recreational pot sales to adults.


Despite recession talks, cannabis jobs remain abundant in Nevada

With worry over a potential national financial dip, the cannabis industry continues its climb toward employing Americans.

America still has a bit of post-traumatic stress disorder stemming from the great recession that took place around 10 years ago. And that is perfectly understandable. Anyone who was employed at the time knows all too well the toll this financial fiasco had on the economic foundation most of us often take for granted. Somewhere around 8.8 million people lost their jobs during the recession. Unfortunately, some of these workers never truly recovered from it either.


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