5 Top holiday destinations for cannabis lovers

It’s a well-known fact that cannabis fans are always ready for an adventure and trying out new stuff. That’s exactly why weed destinations are one of the fastest-growing trends on Earth!

So, put your day-dreams into high gear and check this list of some of the best destinations for a cannabis holiday on the planet!

1. Colorado, USA

Colorado was the first US state to legalize the recreational use and sale of cannabis. Namely, the US represents the largest market for medicinal cannabis; seeing how the government also supports the cultivation of cannabis, it’s grown all around the state. 


What U.S. Cannabis Can Learn From The Dutch Coffee Shop Model

Amsterdam is known for its renowned canals, unique architecture, cannabis coffee shops, and the red-light district. Overall, it’s more of a liberal city than people may think.

For several decades, Amsterdam has been a widely-visited Dutch city that’s been at the forefront of successful cannabis coffee shops. Although these coffee shops have similarities to American cannabis dispensaries, there are some aspects that could be incorporated into the U.S. cannabis model.  Here’s how.


Netherlands considering marijuana ban for tourists

The Netherlands might ban tourists from visiting coffee shops, which have permission to publicly sell hemp and its produce. The proposal was made by one of the country's political coalitions, the Moscow News Agency reports referring to the Association of Russian Tour Operators.

It is noted that politicians intend to thus get rid of the country’s image as the place where you can take drugs and have fun. Currently, tourists in such establishments are tolerated for fear that they might begin to buy the product of interest from street vendors.


The great race to become the World’s weed supplier

Companies vying to be the biggest cannabis producer in America or Canada are wasting their time and suffering from a crippling lack of vision. The real play is to make a bid to become the worldwide leader in global cannabis exports — like firms in Jamaica and Lesotho as well as Canada are attempting to do — and the window of time to get in is closing fast, according to one entrepreneur with clear-cut plans to curb that market.


5 best Countries to visit for your “cannabis” vacations

Cannabis Vacations for Weed Users: A breakdown of some of the top five world destinations with legalized use of marijuana and a culture of recreational drug use.

Cannabis tourism is thriving as more and more countries are becoming weed-friendly. Cannabis vacation is a unique travel experience to acquire cannabis for recreational purposes. Whether you are curious about the plant or seeking to indulge in some, various countries have a curated tour for you to take on. 


Dutch weed labels must be ‘as unattractive as possible’ per new rules for state-licensed cannabis

More details have emerged regarding the Netherlands’ upcoming experiment with producing government-regulated cannabis, which is technically illegal in the country.

Authorities are particularly concerned with ensuring that non-consumers of the drug don’t start using, and, thus, have decreed that cannabis grown by the state must be sold in “unattractive” packaging to minimize its appeal.


Netherlands ‘legal supply’ coffee shop trial to proceed from 2021

Reforms to the Netherland’s opaque cannabis laws are finally underway after an agreement was struck on a four-year trial to provide cafes with a legal and regulated supply of the product.


Cannabis trial: Dutch cities picked for cafe supply experiment

Cannabis cafes in the Netherlands are to be supplied legally with drugs from regulated producers as part of a trial aimed at tackling the black market.

Under Dutch law, cannabis can be sold over the counter in licensed coffee shops, but it is currently illegal to produce and supply the drug.

The country's loose policy on cannabis has seen criminal enterprises flourish.

From 2021, cafes in 10 cities will get a legal supply of "quality" cannabis as part of a four-year experiment.

Cultivating cannabis is a contentious issue in the Netherlands, a country famous for its liberal drug laws.


Dutch can no longer claim to be world leaders on cannabis

Amsterdam, long known as Europe’s most sinful playground, may be seeing some welcome changes to its antiquated system of coffee-shop regulation very soon.

Although the Netherlands was the first country in the world to regulate the sale of recreational cannabis, it has never created a system to regulate the production of the cannabis that is sold out of coffee shops. Only the production of medical cannabis is regulated, and it’s sold exclusively under prescription, with police typically turning a blind eye to “backdoor” acquisitions of unregulated black-market cannabis products by coffee shops.


FSAI recalls batch of Dutch cannabis oil after finding it contains psychoactive cannabis

THE FOOD SAFETY Authority of Ireland (FSAI) has recalled a batch of CBD oil after discovering that it contains the psychoactive compound in cannabis.

The authority has recalled 10ml bottles of extra strong Euphoria Full spectrum Oil, which has been imported from the Netherlands and has a ‘best before’ date of 31 August 2020, after finding it contains Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

CBD, or cannabidiol, is a chemical constituent of the cannabis plant, and products based on it can be legally sold in Ireland.

The compound does not produce the same psychoactive effects that THC produces, so it does not get users high in the manner associated with the recreational use of cannabis.


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