Biking for better Cannabis Policy from Amsterdam to The Hague

Because cannabis makes you lazy, right? Well, no. A report from the frontline of cannabis activism.

Following the international success of the Medical Cannabis Bike Tour, which will finish this year in Amsterdam atCannabis Liberation Day 2015, a couple of years ago a group of cannabis enthusiasts from the Netherlands formedTour de Achterdeur.


The Rise and Fall of “Coffee Shops”: New Laws to Eradicate Marijuana Production in Holland

Successive conservative governments have ratcheted up the pressure against cannabis production, which is intensifying criminal activity while reducing marijuana quality. The ultimate goal: to reduce production to a minimum and for Holland to cease from being a destination for cannabis tourism.

Twenty years Holland was a paragon of progressivism in Europe, a place that welcomed any advance involving cannabis with open arms, a paradise dotted with “coffee shops” and tourists who found there a haven for marijuana consumption. 


Dutch ministers Opstelten and Teeven quit over payment to drug-trafficker

Dutch Justice Minister Ivo Opstelten and his state secretary, Fred Teeven, have resigned after misleading parliament over a 2001 compensation payment to a convicted drug trafficker.

Mr Opstelten had said the trafficker was paid less than he actually was for money wrongly confiscated by the state.

He also said details of the payment - authorised by Mr Teeven as prosecutor - had been lost, but this was not so.

The resignations are a blow to the Liberal party as it faces an election.

Mr Opstelten and Mr Teeven are both from the conservative wing of the party, which faces a challenge from Geert Wilders' far-right Freedom Party in provincial elections this month.


Dutch Embassy Fires Back At Washington On Amsterdam Pot Rules

The Dutch embassy in Washington DC went to extreme, witty lengths last month to put straight a misconception it says city hall there has created about marijuana use in Amsterdam.

[The Dutch embassy's infographic with an Amsterdam Washington comparison]

The Dutch embassy’s infographic with an Amsterdam Washington comparison

The embassy issued a news release that links to an infographic that lays out a comparison between the two cities. The infographic is best described as cynical and sarcastic.


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