Could cannabis slow the ageing process?

There is a growing body of evidence to suggest that the endocannaboid system has a fundamental role to play in various aspects of the aging process, both mental and somatic. Furthermore, regular use of cannabis itself may assist in slowing down this process, although the precise mechanism of action has not been ascertained.

Research into normal brain ageing and cannabis

The ageing process is determined by the balance between detrimental and defensive biological processes, such as oxidative stress and antioxidation; the bulk of research suggests that the endocannabinoid system (ECS) is more closely associated with the latter camp than the former.


The 10 Most Useful Mind-Enhancements of a Cannabis High

Countless users of cannabis have profited from a cannabis high. Charles Baudelaire, William Butler Yeats, Walter Benjamin, Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday, Diego Rivera, The Beatles, Bob Marley, Carl Sagan, and many others used cannabis to change their perception, to gain deep insights, to create, write, compose, and perform.[1]



A big concerns of cannabis legalization is underage use, and science is here to put it to rest.

One of the biggest worries, and arguments against the cannabis legalization movement, is that it could increase teenage use. It is an understandable worry. Fortunately, it appears that these concerns are unfounded, as new long-term research finds legalization doesn’t lead to an increase in underage cannabis use.


Eight courses high and rising: Amsterdam's gourmet marijuana dining experience

When was the last time you felt trepidation prior to eating in a restaurant? Not the social anxiety of a first date or dining with your boss, but a soupçon of nervousness about the food itself. I’m at Fraîche, a cosy restaurant in Amsterdam’s hip Jordaan district, where chefs and co-owners Noah Tucker and Tony Joseph are laying on an eight-course psychedelic dinner, $80 (£50) a head, for 25 invited guests. Alhough each course has been carefully tested for taste and potency over the previous few months, it is the first time they have all been combined in one dinner. We are guinea pigs.

AXIM Biotech Announces Launch of Clinical Trials on MedChew RX(TM) and Development of Pharmaceutical-Grade Cannabis Chewing Gum

Global Industrial Hemp Bioscience Company Announces Clinical Trials at Free University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands



Dutch company E-Njoint develops cannabis e-cigarette

Dutch company E-Njoint has developed a smokeless and flameless electronic cannabis vaporizer in the shape of a real joint. E-Njoint created a "3 in 1 vaporizer" which, depending on the legality of cannabis in a country, can be filled with real dry cannabis leaves, cannabis oil or wax. When consumed, the vaporizer leaves very little smoke after exhaling and practically no smell, especially if the cartridge is filled with oil or wax.

The vaporizer heats up electronically to 187C, which is just enough heat to vaporize cannabis ingredients THC and CBD, but not enough to produce carcinogenic flames, tar or ash.


Cannabis & menopause

The endocannabinoid system has a fundamental role to play in all aspects of female fertility, from initial fecundity, to implantation of the developing embryo into the endometrium, to delivery of endocannabinoids via breast milk. As well as all this, the EC system also has a vital role in the cessation of fertility.

Symptoms of the perimenopause

During the perimenopause, which typically occurs between 45 and 55 years of age, various unpleasant and occasionally debilitating symptoms occur. These symptoms can be roughly divided into three types: vaginal/uterine; other physical; and psychological.


UK Police In Cannabis 'Climbdown' And Other Countries' Approach To Marijuana Use

Three police forces have acknowledged that growing and using cannabis is no longer to be treated as a priority crime.

While cannabis remains a Class B drug in the UK, police chiefs including Durham’s Crime Commissioner Ron Hogg, say they will not actively pursue those growing or using leaves for personal, recreational use.

And Alan Charles, Derbyshire's PCC, told the Daily Mail: "When we are faced with significant budget cuts we cannot keep turning out to every single thing reported to us."


Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Fellowship Awarded for Medicinal Cannabis Study

EMMA Litleton will conduct an international hunt to discover how medicinal cannabis can best treat seriously-ill children.

The Moonee Valley woman is among 23 Winston Churchill Memorial Trust recipients, which will enable her to head overseas to pursue her studies.

Ms Litleton, a senior solicitor, is a specialist in children’s law and said the prevalence of children being treated with cannabis oil had increased.

“There’s a lot of ethical issues with children, where we have to ensure that their best interests are met and that it is safe,” Ms Litleton said.

He said children given cannabis mainly had “serious epilepsy” and their parents had found conventional medication wasn’t working.


10 countries' marijuana laws explained

Marijuana decriminalization and legalization initiatives are not only sweeping through the U.S. — countries across the world are beginning to signal the green light for cannabis policy reform.

Here are 10 countries where lawmakers and public sentiment are changing the tide on cannabis policy.

1. Jamaica

Jamaica — home to the Rastafarian movement — recently joined the list of countries to decriminalize marijuana, and this year it will be hosting the World Cannabis Cup in Negril Nov. 12-15.


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