Dutch company invests EUR 5 mln in hemp growing and processing in Romania

Dutch group HempFlax has invested EUR 5 million in hemp growing and processing in Romania, where it opened its first factory in October. The factory is located in Alba county, in central Romania.

Hemp growing and processing has been increasing in Romania in recent years, as the processed hemp is mostly exported and used in various industries abroad. Several local and international producers are looking to revive this industry.

Before 1989, Romania was the fourth largest hemp exporter worldwide, but the cultivated surfaces went down dramatically after 1990, reaching a few hectares in the early 2000s.



Most sophisticated marijuana plantation in Europe busted in Molina de Segura

The Molina plantation was exporting ten tons of cannabis per month to Holland

Eight people have been arrested by the Guardia Civil in connection with a marijuana plantation in Molina de Segura which has been described by investigators as “the most sophisticated yet found in Europe”.


The sweet smell of Amsterdam … and it's not just cannabis, say odour mappers

“It smells like Amsterdam” is a well-turned phrase. Each year, about 1.5 million tourists visit the city to legally consume cannabis in specially licensed coffee shops, and every time their doors open to welcome a new customer, a potent waft escapes with the force of a jet missile into the street.

Whatever your views on the subject, the scent of marijuana and hashish is strong. The distinctive and easily identifiable smell curls along the narrow streets of De Wallen, lingers among the pubs, clubs, bars and coffee shops of the red light district and wafts across the open expanse of Stationsplein as newcomers in transit cram in a full, enhanced, poly-sensory experience of the city.


Amsterdam to close an additional 15 coffeeshops

In a letter we obtained from the mayor's office in Amsterdam, mayor Van der Laan announced 15 more coffeeshops will be closed in Amsterdam, in addition to the 41 coffeeshops that have already been closed earlier this year. 

In the letter, referred is to a new report by Intraval’s 12th report on the state of the coffeeshops, which discusses the results of the twelfth measurement of the monitor of the number of tolerated point of sales of soft drugs (coffeeshops) in The Netherlands and the municipal coffeeshop policy.



Dutch Coffeeshop owners speak out

Platform Coffeeshop owners in the Netherlands (PCN) organized a conference in order to unite the coffeeshop community, that reached their boiling point.

Dutch coffeeshop owners cannot take the harsh laws any longer. 

While several countries worldwide are ending their war on cannabis, and using the Netherlands as an example towards normalisation, the country itself started a new battle against the plant and its users.


Hazy crazy days: with dad in Amsterdam's coffee shops

‘Listen, I don’t want to do any of that cultural stuff,” my dad, John, said, as we planned our trip to Amsterdam, “I just want to get baked.”

I’ll admit I was concerned. My father has a ridiculously high tolerance for THC, following many dedicated decades, but last time I went to Amsterdam, I pulled my first-ever whitey and had to sit reading a burger menu for 45 minutes. But I want to do this trip: we haven’t been abroad together since I was 12, and cannabis helps with the symptoms of his MS. I won’t pretend that’s the only reason we’re going, however. My dad really, really likes to get high.


Medical Cannabis. Official statements from the Dutch Government

Medical cannabis is now a mainstream alternative to the pharmaceutical industry.  Cannabis is now available medically in much of the developed world and can be prescribed as a medicine widely in USA, Canada, South America and Europe.  


Today Dutch Passion get more questions about the medical uses of cannabis than ever before.  Rather than give our own opinions on this subject we prefer to give the official information provided by the Dutch Ministry of Health.  




Cannabis does not make your brain smaller

The advocators of a ban on cannabis would have us believe that even incidental use causes the brain to shrink, and that it causes psychoses or schizophrenia. The rumours about the brain shrinking stem back to this study in 2014, on which various sensational news reports are based. The study is not, however, a longitudinal study, but rather represents a snapshot study of a limited number of test subjects.


Ten tons of cannabis almost sinks boat

A YACHT was so laden down with it's illegal cargo that it was on the verge of sinking when Spanish customs officers intercepted it.

The yacht was 27 miles south west of Almeria, when it was discovered by the customs officers, struggling to stay afloat.

As the officers boarded the vessel they found that the entire living area was jam packed with packages, which turned out to contain cannabis.

The boat, which was flying under the Dutch flag had three crew members, two men and one woman, who were promptly arrested and charged with smuggling and endangering public health.

A ministry spokesperson said “the drugs took up all the available space on the yacht, the hull was packed full with the packages and you could not see the cabin beds or floor.”


Justin Bieber Photographed At Marijuana Shop While In Amsterdam Promoting New Single 'What ...

Justin Bieber may have been channeling his inner Cheech and Chong. While on a promotional tour in Amsterdam for his new song "What Do You Mean" and coming album, the Canadian singer was photographed at one of the city's many "coffee shops," where marijuana is sold legally.


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