'Brabant marijuana industry turns over €1bn a year'

Marijuana producers in the southern region of Brabant have an annual turnover of around €1bn, according to police and justice ministry estimates.

They say the region has between 5,500 and 8,800 plantations, producing over 340 tonnes of the plant a year, local broadcaster Omroep Brabant reports.

‘Locals don’t smoke that much, so most of it is exported,’ a police spokesman said.

The figures were revealed in a special broadcast to highlight the region’s drugs industry.


White Panther: The legacy of John Sinclair [VIDEO]

On Friday the 11th of December 2015 John Sinclair was invited for a poetry reading, including a Q&A, in De Vrijplaats (the Sanctuary) in Leiden, the Netherlands. One day earlier it was exactly 44 years ago that John Lennon and Yoko Ono performed Lennon’s eponymous song about John Sinclair’s unjust imprisonment during a Freedom Rally, organized in response to the incarceration of Sinclair for possession and supplying of cannabis. Three days later he was freed from prison.

Sensi Seeds would like to reflect on this special moment in counterculture and cannabis activism history by bringing the following to your attention.


An Exclusive Interview With the Dutch Coffee Shop Owner Sentenced to 103 Years in a Thai Prison

It's a sunny day in Bangkok. The wet season has finally made way to the dry and warm Thai winter. The city is calm, awaiting the herds of tourists who will arrive in December. It's even quiet at the normally buzzing Erawan shrine, in the centre of the city. This was the place where a bomb went off last August, killing more than twenty people. Since the attack, the shrine has become even more popular with tourists.


Unrepentant Dutch cannabis grower revels in court 'win'

By Nicolas Delaunay

Once in his greenhouse in a remote Dutch village, Doede de Jong proudly nurtured a thriving cannabis crop to sell to local users. Now only five plants remain, after the police moved in.

Yet the 66-year-old Dutchman remains unbowed after symbolically winning a court case despite deliberately flouting the country's liberal drugs laws.

In a verdict that could have major implications for cannabis growers in The Netherlands, a court last month found De Jong guilty of breaking the law, which allows individuals to grow a maximum of only five plants each.


Dutch Cities: Legalize Pot Plantations to Reduce Crime

Dutch municipalities are renewing their efforts to end a nationwide ban on regulated cannabis cultivation. The Association of Dutch Municipalities is advocating for the introduction of a municipal permits system that gives the government control over the entire cannabis chain – sale, use and production.

This is according to the report on an eight month’s long study done by an Association work group, consisting of seven mayors and an alderman, the Volkskrant reports. The newspaper calls this the local authorities’ most serious attempt to get rid of the current tolerance policy, which states that cannabis may be sold and used in coffee shops, but the cultivation is illegal.


Right-wingers, Christians and populists oppose marijuana regulation

A narrow majority of MPs oppose any efforts to introduce some form of regulated marijuana cultivation in the Netherlands, to head off the involvement of organised crime, the Volkskrant says on Tuesday.

On Monday, the local authority association VNG urged the government to set up a licencing system to supply the country’s cannabis cafes, where small amounts of soft drugs can be bought and sold.

‘The current situation cannot continue,’ Monday’s report states. ‘As local officials, we are experiencing major social problems.’


Student Film About Marijuana In Amsterdam Accepted To Film Festival

How have you been spending the past year? Perhaps you’ve met a few friends, joined some new clubs, and slogged your way through a couple of classes. But you probably didn’t spend the last twelve months working on a documentary about the marijuana industry abroad — that is, unless, you’re film student Shane Robinson.

Last November, Robinson was accepted into a May-mester class offered by the College of Communications. This class culminated in a week-long trip to Amsterdam. This expedition was no vacation, however. This class’ students spent plenty of their time researching potential topics and resources, months in advance.”I began researching this documentary last November,” Robinson said. “And I just added the finishing touches to it about two weeks ago.”


Dutchman Johan van Laarhoven Get’s 103 Year Sentence from Thai Court

BANGKOK – Johan van Laarhoven a Dutch national who founded cannabis cafes in Brabant has been jailed for 103 years by a court in Bangkok for money laundering.
Johan van Laarhoven, 55, will have to spend 20 years in jail because the 43 sentences can be served concurrently, the court found him guilty of laundering millions of euros in cash earned via his four cafes in Den Bosch and Tilburg.


Johan van Laarhoven being arrested in Pattaya in 2014


VOC launches Justice for Johan campaign – Dutch coffeeshop pioneer imprisoned in Bangkok for over 18 months

Dutch non profit organisation VOC (Union for the abolition of cannabis prohibition) has launched a campaign called ‘Justice for Johan‘. The aim of the campaign and website of the same name is to draw attention to the plight of Dutch coffeeshop pioneer Johan van Laarhoven, who has been imprisoned under appalling conditions in Thailand since July 2014. On November 10 a verdict is expected in Bangkok. 


AXIM Biotech Locks Down New Medical Hemp Facility in the Netherlands

AXIM Biotechnologies, Inc. (OTC: AXIM), an innovative company focused on the research, development and production of hemp-based pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic products with an emphasis on the well-being of their customers, announced today that it has secured the down payment on land to build a brand new, state-of-the-art facility on 6,000 square meters of land located at the industrial estate of Stichtsekant, in the city of Almere, The Netherlands. AXIM Biotech’s future high-tech factory will be located on the corner of Fort de Gagel and Fort Blauwkape.


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