The Next State to Legalize Medical Marijuana Could Be...Nebraska?

When it comes to high-growth industries, there's very little, if anything, that can top the marijuana industry. In just 21 years' time, more than half of the country has legalized access to medical cannabis, and over the past four-plus years, we've witnessed eight states (along with Washington, D.C.) legalize recreational pot.


Medical Marijuana Bill to Be Proposed Again in Nebraska Legislature

After raising a heated debate in the Nebraska legislature in its past two sessions, medical marijuana will again be a point of interest in the Capitol when Sen. Anna Wishart of Lincoln proposes a bill to legalize medical marijuana in the state of Nebraska.

This bill will be similar to previous bills that have been introduced by Sen. Tommy Garrett in the past two years, but have not been passed. Garrett did not win his bid for reelection this past November.

Last year, the bill was killed after lawmakers voted to end a filibuster 30-49.

This year, however, there are 17 new senators and a public opinion that some senators think is largely in favor of passing a law to legalize medical marijuana.


Researchers Plant Nebraska’s First Legal Hemp Crop

After months of paperwork and navigating bureaucratic red tape, University of Nebraska-Lincoln researchers have planted their first crop of legal hemp.

The Lincoln Journal Star reports that about 150 plants with the distinctive frond leaf, previously relegated to roadside ditches, are nestled in warm and slightly humid greenhouses on UNL’s East Campus.

Industrial hemp has almost none of the psychoactive component tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), found in its cousin marijuana, but the family relationship has gotten both plants lumped together as Schedule I drugs along with heroin, LSD and ecstasy.

“You can get higher smoking a corn plant than you can on this stuff,” said Tom Clemente, a professor of biotechnology and one of two UNL researchers growing the plants.


Nebraska Group Fights to Legalize Marijuana with New Petitioning Office


You'll get to vote on whether to make marijuana legal in Nebraska two years from now, that's if one group has its way.

It has now opened an office in Omaha that it will use to try to convince you, but at least one state lawmaker says that's going to be an uphill battle.

Krystal Gabel said, "We can make this happen and it's a really exciting feeling for Nebraska."

Gabel is part of the group Legal Marijuana Now.

"Let us live with the freedom like alcohol users have, that tobacco users just touches my heart how many people could use it medically. They are being forced on prescription drugs."


6 States that May Never Legalize Marijuana

The push to legalize marijuana is in full force and a look at just how swiftly attitudes are changing nationwide is nearly enough to make anyone start buying pot penny stocks left and right. Though there has been both disappointing and encouraging signs from the federal government in regard to eventual reclassification or legalization of cannabis, we’re still seeing a state-by-state domino effect take place.


Friday Funny: Omaha dad finds pot brownies, eats 4 of them, says mean things to cat

An Omaha dad who mistakenly ate some marijuana brownies didn’t enjoy the experience.

Omaha police officers were called to a house near 90th and Maple Streets about 9:45 p.m. Tuesday to investigate an accidental overdose. They learned that a 53-year-old man had been unloading groceries and found some brownies in the back seat of a car that his adult children had used earlier in the day.

The man ate four of the brownies.


American Teenagers 'Are MORE Likely to Smoke Marijuana Than Binge Drink', New Maps Reveal

Study from: (

original study here :

American teenagers are more likely to smoke marijuana than binge drink, a new report reveals.

Meanwhile in Europe, marijuana consumption is minimal while drinking levels are far higher than in the United States.

The data, published in a recent report by addiction-awareness firm Project Know, will reignite the national debate on marijuana legalization as the election approaches.


Move aside, corn. Nebraska researchers receive permit to use hemp as field crop


LINCOLN, Neb. — Researchers in Nebraska are one step closer to starting research on using hemp as a field crop.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s agronomy and horticulture department received a permit last week that will allow it to research hemp, the Lincoln Journal Star reported. But they’re still waiting for the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency to approve the importation of seeds from Canada-based Parkland Industrial Hemp Growers Cooperative.

It’ll likely take at least three weeks to get the seeds after the DEA signs off on the paperwork, said Héctor L. Santiago, assistant dean of the Agronomy Department’s Agricultural Research Division.


Nebraska: Three Groups Trying to Put Medical Marijuana on 2018 Ballot

Proponents of medical marijuana in Nebraska say they will launch a petition drive with the goal of letting voters decide whether to legalize the drug for medicinal purposes in 2018.

Three groups that support medical cannabis recently closed the door on putting the question on the November general election ballot, said Maggie Graham, an officer of Omaha NORML, which stands for National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws. They would have needed to gather tens of thousands of voter signatures by a July 7 deadline.


Nebraska, Oklahoma join suit to halt Colorado marijuana law

Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson and his counterpart in Oklahoma are joining a lawsuit aimed at halting legal marijuana in Colorado.

The two states asked to be added as plaintiffs this month in a case being considered by an appeals court in Denver, the Lincoln Journal Star reports.

The appeals court in Colorado hasn't given a timeline for addressing the request, but allowed lawyers for the states to make merit-based arguments in briefs due May 23. That means Nebraska and Oklahoma can argue the issue itself as if they were already part of the case rather than restating their reasons for wanting to join as plaintiffs.


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