Nebraska Medical Marijuana Petition Gathers 182,000 Signatures

It’s been a long time coming, but medical marijuana could finally appear on Nebraska’s ballot in November 2020.

Currently, there is no medical marijuana program of any type in Nebraska. After a number of unsuccessful attempts to rectify the situation, that may soon change.

Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana reported last week it will deliver more than 182,000 signatures gathered across the state supporting a ballot initiative to enable patients access to medical marijuana as recommended by their physician or nurse practitioner.


Cannabis Activists In Arizona And Nebraska Set To File Legalization Petitions

Activists in Arizona plan to submit petitions this week that would put a proposal to legalize the recreational use of cannabis on the November ballot, while in Nebraska a similar drive to legalize medical marijuana is also winding down. 


How The Coronaviurs Has Negatively Impacted Marijuana Legalization

Without the ability to gather in person, marijuana reform efforts have stalled in multiple states across the country.


Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana partners with ADOPT, a statewide coalition that seeks to reduce property taxes by allowing medical cannabis in Nebraska

ADOPT (Adopt a Decrease in Oppressive Property Taxes), a newly-formed statewide coalition, announced today that it will partner with Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana in an effort to grow the state's economy and reduce high property tax. Together they will work to support the November ballot measure to allow medical cannabis in Nebraska.

"Our campaign is excited to partner with ADOPT, which reflects a broad coalition of Nebraskans that support access to medical cannabis and recognizes the health and economic benefits of passing this initiative," said state Senator Anna Wishart from Lincoln who co-chairs Nebraskans for Medical Marijuana. 


The Complex Issue of Cannabis Business On Tribal Land

Throughout history, cannabis was regulated by federal law on reservations, so it was generally illegal. But after the 2013 Cole Memo, the topic of cannabis on tribal land and how it ties into the tribe’s government autonomy became increasingly prevalent.


Nebraska hemp researcher says growing hemp could boost Nebraska's economy

A Nebraska hemp researcher says growing hemp can lead to an economic boom for the state.

Nebraskans are allowed to apply for a state hemp license starting Monday. Doane University professor Andrea Holmes said she sent in a request to start researching hemp products last year.

"We basically do sample prep to test our flowers," Holmes said, "As well as consumer-facing products for different cannabinoid products."

The Nebraska Department of Agriculture said it could collect as high as $236,000 from hemp licensing fees. It also could get up to 315 licenses. Of those 315 licenses, 270 are designed for cultivator licenses, 30 for processor-handler licenses and 15 for broker licenses.


Nebraska Gearing Up For Hemp Renaissance

Nebraska’s not wasting any time on getting started on ramping up its hemp industry after the state’s plan received the all-clear from the USDA just a few days ago.

As we mentioned yesterday, USDA recently announced the latest states to have their plans approved – Delaware, Nebraska and Texas.

Nebraska’s Department of Agriculture (NDA) is keen to get cranking.

“Now that NDA has an approved state hemp plan in place, we can begin issuing licenses for the commercial cultivation, processing, handling and brokering of industrial hemp in Nebraska,” said NDA Director Steve Wellman.


USDA Green Lights Another Three State Hemp Plans

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has announced the latest states to have their plans approved under the U.S. Domestic Hemp Production Program.

Delaware, Nebraska and Texas all scored a guernsey, adding to the original state plans approved late last year –  those for Louisiana, New Jersey and Ohio.

As well as states, a number of Indian tribes have also had their plans approved:


Nebraska plans to issue 270 hemp growing licenses

The Nebraska Department of Agriculture officially submitted its state plan for the U.S. Department of Agriculture on Friday. 

The plan, if approved, calls for 270 cultivator licenses, 30 processor-handler licenses and 15 brokers licenses, according to the Lincoln Journal Star.

It also calls for 400 total cultivation sites. 

The USDA has 60 days to review the state's hemp plans and the plan, in its current form, would cost about $230,000 to implement. 

Currently, Nebraska has just 10 licensed growers, one of which had to shred their crop in November because THC levels were too high. 


One of 10 Nebraska-approved hemp crops was destroyed last month after tests reveal too much THC

One of 10 growers granted hemp licenses this year from the Nebraska Department of Agriculture was forced to shred their crop Nov. 26 because of the too-high THC level it produced.

The licensed growers, Justin and Hilari Courtney, are from Richardson County. 

The department reported that of the other nine licensees, six completed the harvest, one did not plant a crop this year, one donated the plants to a university to finish the project and one was given an extension to finish up.

The Richardson County growers grew a crop focusing on hemp that produces CBD oil near Rulo in southeastern Nebraska, and also farm in Kansas and Missouri. The family also has a hemp permit in Kansas. 


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