Jeff Mizanskey, sentenced to life for pot, freed from Missouri prison

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — A man sentenced to life in prison without parole on a marijuana-related charge was freed Tuesday from a Missouri prison after being behind bars for two decades — a period in which the nation’s attitudes toward pot have steadily softened.

Family, friends, supporters and reporters flocked to meet Jeff Mizanskey as he stepped out of the Jefferson City Correctional Center into a sunny morning, wearing a new pair of white tennis shoes and a shirt that read “I’m Jeff & I’m free.”

“I spent a third of my life in prison,” said Mizanskey, now 62, who was greeted by his infant great-granddaughter. “It’s a shame.”


Man Who Was Serving Life In Prison For Marijuana To Be Set Free

Jeff Mizanskey, a 61-year-old Missouri man who was serving life in prison for nonviolent marijuana offenses, will be set free in a matter of days, his attorney confirmed Monday to The Huffington Post.

"We were notified today that he will be granted parole and be released within '10 to 25 days,'" lawyer Dan Viets said about the Missouri Department of Corrections' decision.

Mizanskey had met with the parole board just last Thursday.


Missouri man serving life marijuana crimes to be released on parole

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — A man serving a life sentence for non-violent marijuana offenses is now being released from prison, according to his son. According to a WDAF-TV report Jeff Mizanskey should be released within 10-25 days.   He was told Monday morning that he has been granted parole.

Mizanskey has served more than 20 years in prison for repeat marijuana offenses. He is now 62-years old. Governor Jay Nixon commuted his life sentence in May.

He was arrested during an undercover drug bust in Sedalia in 1993. He was sentenced in 1996 under the state’s Prior and Persistent Drug Offender Law, which is a three-strike system.


VFW Commander to speak on medical marijuana

COLUMBIA — A Vietnam war veteran and former Commander of the Missouri Veterans of Foreign Wars will be speaking on Monday evening in support of medical marijuana.

Tom Mundell will speak at 7 p.m. in the Columbia Public Library, according to a news release from the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws.

Mundell has met with President Barack Obama in Washington, D.C., to discuss the re-scheduling of marijuana multiple times and the benefits he experienced and observed in connection with marijuana, according to NORML.

The Missouri General Assembly legalized limited use of cannabidiol for the treatment of "intractable epilepsy" in 2014, according to the release. Cannabidiol, a compund in marijuana, has medical effects but doesn't produce a high.


12 States Most Likely to Legalize Marijuana Next

Washington State, Washington, D.C. and Colorado have blazed the trail for ending prohibition.

Through legal means these areas have adopted the recreational use of marijuana, freed the market for patients, opened the flood gates for entrepreneurs, and tax revenue for the states and districts. Based on research we have complied a list of states that will be vying for ending prohibition and legalization. With an election coming in 2016 all of these states on the list are going to have a measure on the ballot regarding marijuana. These are exciting times, friends. If you live in one of these states, be on the look out in November 2016 to vote for the right thing for our country. Enjoy.


1. California


Does Missouri's new 'Right to Farm' amendment protect marijuana growers? Judge snuffs out argument

A circuit judge has ruled that Missouri's so-called "Right to Farm" amendment doesn't allow farming pot.

Gene and Dolores Halbin were charged last year in Bates County — south of Kansas City — for growing marijuana in their basement. Gene Halbin used marijuana to treat a painful form of glaucoma, said Dan Viets, their attorney.


Missouri Governor Commutes Life Sentence Of Man Serving Time For Marijuana

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon (D) on Friday commuted the life sentence of a 61-year-old man who has been jailed two decades for marijuana offenses.

The governor's action makes Jeff Mizanskey eligible for parole -- an option he didn't have under the terms of his life sentence. Mizanskey was sentenced as a "prior and persistent drug offender" under Missouri's three strikes law, which was repealed last year.


Missouri man serving life sentence for marijuana offense has sentence commuted

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — Governor Jay Nixon commuted the sentence for Missouri’s only man serving life in prison for non-violent marijuana-related offenses.

Jeff Mizanskey, now 62, was arrested during an undercover drug bust in Sedalia in 1993. He was sentenced in 1996 under the state’s Prior and Persistent Drug Offender Law, which is a three-strike system.


Gov. Nixon Commutes Life Sentence Of Jeff Mizanskey

Governor Jay Nixon has commuted the sentence of Jeff Mizanskey, a 61-year-old grandfather serving a life sentence for three non-violent marijuana convictions.


"The executive power to grant clemency is one I take with a great deal of consideration and seriousness," Nixon said in a press release announcing the commutation of Mizanskey's sentence. He also pardoned five other non-violent offenders.

Regarding Mizanskey, Nixon's remarks imply that he will be given a parole hearing:

"In the case of the commutation, my action provides Jeff Mizanskey with the opportunity to demonstrate that he deserves parole," Nixon said.


Half-Baked -- The Retail Promotion of Marijuana Edibles

A striking feature of the rollout of the state-legalized retail sales of marijuana has been the tremendous popularity of edible marijuana products. Marijuana brownies have long been a staple of cannabis coffee shops in the Netherlands, but the new products are quite different. They are skillfully produced and packaged to closely mimic popular candies and other sweets. These products can now be purchased legally in four states; retail stores are operating in Colorado and Washington State, and voters recently approved retail sales in Alaska and Oregon.


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