Cannabis Sales Growth in Michigan to Get a Helping Hand

Recently, the state of Michigan started getting serious about where dispensaries source their product. On March 2, the state finally began a process that will phase individual caregivers out of the market.

Beginning June 1, the state will limit how much caregiver flower growers and processors can purchase. On Oct. 1, only patients with medical marijuana cards will be able to buy directly from their registered caregivers.

A tough nut to crack

Michigan is a pretty big market for legalized cannabis, with annual sales over $1 billion. Unlike most states, however, the vast majority of cannabis sold in Michigan dispensaries is grown by individual caregivers who have been competing fiercely against each other since 2008.


Kalamazoo asking for public input on recreational marijuana policy

The City of Kalamazoo is seeking input from the public on the first draft of its recreational marijuana ordinance.

City officials published an initial draft of the ordinance on February 28, which can be read in full online at this link. However, this is only one draft, and a full version has yet to be finalized. 

To begin with, officials say that all zoning standards drafted are subject to change before final approval, since the City is updating its zoning code and map. The policy will go to the Kalamazoo Planning Commission on April 2.

Commissioners have until June 1 to finalize a recreational marijuana policy. 

As written, the currently drafted zoning regulations are as follows -


Michigan's regulated marijuana market to lose significant source of cannabis

Michigan is phasing out a significant source of medical marijuana sold at dispensaries.

Licensed caregivers will be prevented from selling marijuana to the regulated market beginning on Oct. 1, the Marijuana Regulatory Agency announced in a bulletin Monday.

The original intent of caregivers was to provide cannabis to up to five medical cardholders. But the state allowed caregivers to sell to licensed growers and processors to overcome a shortage in marijuana.

Now that the state has nearly 200 licensed medical cannabis growers in Michigan, the MRA is beginning to cut off caregivers to allow the market to work itself out.


Dispensaries In Michigan Sue State Over Licensing Applications

The state turned down their licenses to sell recreational marijuana in Detroit, Inkster and Traverse City. Now several businesses are suing saying the state violated the law.

Their case is based on the idea that timing - is everything. They say they got their applications in before their cities decided to opt out of allowing recreational marijuana dispensaries, so their application should be approved.

“What we do is provide safe access to tested products,” said Stuart Carter, Owner of Utopia Gardens on East Lafayette Street in Detroit.

Carter says right now they can do that for medical marijuana cardholders, but not adults over 21 who want to buy marijuana as state law allows for recreation. His application was denied.


Michigan Recreational Marijuana Sales Increased 29% In January

Michigan released its latest monthly marijuana industry statistical report for the month of January.

As expected, recreational marijuana sales continued to grow at a brisk pace in January, the latest monthly sales figures show.

Recreational sales hit $9.8 million, compared to nearly $7 million in December, the first full month of recreational sales, which began Dec. 1.

The state for January will collect about $1.63 million in recreational marijuana tax revenue, $980,000 from the 10% excise tax and $646,800 in sales tax.


Major marijuana website bans advertisements from black-market companies in Michigan

It doesn’t take advanced detective skills to find black-market marijuana in Michigan. Just run an internet search.

They advertise openly online. Within a few minutes, MLive was able to reach by phone three listed marijuana dispensaries in Detroit that do not have medical marijuana provisioning center licenses, according to the Michigan Marijuana Regulatory Agency website’s license search tool and active facility map.


How Much Cannabis Each State Sold in First Month of Legal Sales

Illinois dispensaries sold nearly $40 million dollars with of cannabis in the first 31 days of recreational cannabis sales, according to new numbers released last week.

The Illinois Department of Financial and Professional Regulation announced the number on Feb. 3. Officials said the final total of $39,247,840.83 came from the sale of 972,045 cannabis products at licensed retailers across the state.


Michigan recreational marijuana sales near $18 million in two months

Michigan recreational marijuana sales are nearing $18 million two months after the new industry’s Dec. 1 launch.

With $17,699,952 in sales between Dec. 1 and Feb. 2, the state has generated $2,938,192 in tax revenue, including $1,769,995 in excise taxes and $1,168,197 in sales taxes.

The excise tax on recreational marijuana is 10%. The sales tax is 6%.

For comparison, Illinois, a state that began selling recreational marijuana Jan. 1, generated nearly $40 million in sales during the first month, the Chicago Tribune reports.


Michigan Medical Marijuana Dispensary Owner Sentenced to 15 Years in Federal Prison

The United States Department of Justice isn’t supposed to be wasting tax dollars prosecuting marijuana crimes that are otherwise legal under state laws. However, it seems that even now if they feel a business operator has stepped out of bounds in some way, they will swoop in and remind us all that federal law is above any law passed by individual state governments. Michigan dispensary owner Danny Trevino (of Lansing) has finally reached sentencing for the charges he faced for the operation of his Hydroworld shops in Lansing, Grand Rapids, Jackson, Flint and Mount Pleasant – and the judge gave him a total of 15 years and 8 months in federal prison


Most controversial youth-targeted cannabis ads in Michigan get the hook

Michigan has pulled its controversial anti-cannabis ad campaign following a public outcry from body image and cannabis activists alike, although one brief clip is still hanging on.

Most of the public service announcements backed by the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services (MDHHS) have disappeared from the department’s official YouTube channel.


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