Meet the companies launching Maryland's cannabis industry

After years of delays, lawsuits and other controversy, 14 firms in Maryland are now growing or poised to grow legal medical marijuana, firing up the supply chain for a market that’s expected to reach a quarter billion dollars annually.

The entrepreneurs who were awarded the lucrative licenses to produce the plant have largely stayed out of the limelight as they built multimillion-dollar facilities, fended off legal challenges and raced to get growing before lawmakers could authorize more licenses.

A Baltimore Sun review of state records shows that Maryland’s first legal marijuana cultivators come from a range of backgrounds, drawing on experience in pharmaceuticals, restaurants, nurseries, medicine, real estate, law enforcement and liquor distribution.


Medical-marijuana plants start to grow in MD

The first legal crop of marijuana has started to grow in Maryland, and industry officials said products should be available in medical-marijuana dispensaries by 2018.


At least two licensed cultivators have marijuana plants growing, including ForwardGro in Anne Arundel County, Md., and Curio Wellness in Baltimore County, Md.

The cannabis seeds were planted four years after Maryland legalized the plant for medical use.

Since then, nearly 20 companies have been cleared to grow, process and sell the plant.


Baltimore readies for 11 medical marijuana businesses to open

As Baltimore prepares for the opening of 11 medical marijuana dispensaries in the city, some residents say it’s been difficult to get information about where they’re opening or how the sites were selected.

The Baltimore City Council plans to hold a hearing at 1 p.m. Wednesday to get details about “the launching of upcoming medicinal marijuana dispensaries, their impact on local zoning and enforcement, and their impact on community master plans in Baltimore City.”


10 States Most Likely to Pass Recreational Marijuana Next

Every week's there's a new story about how well recreational marijuana legalization has helped states such as Colorado, Washington and Oregon. And now several other states, such as California, Nevada and Massachusetts, have jumped on the train to reap the benefits of legalization. As the trend continues of states generating success from cannabis, where could we see future expansion of recreational use? Here's a list of 10 states most likely to pass recreational marijuana next.

10. New York


Maryland Regulators Approve Eight New Medical Marijuana Growers

Maryland’s medical marijuana regulators approved final licenses for eight growing companies on Monday, allowing them to start cultivating the drug.

Several companies said they are ready to begin growing immediately, while others say they will take weeks to get started.

“Now, we have a real industry,” said Cary Millstein, CEO of newly licensed grower Freestate Wellness in Howard County.

Until Monday, just one of the 15 selected firms had received final permission to start cultivating medical marijuana, which was first legalized in the state in 2013. Even at full capacity, one firm could not produce nearly enough to support 102 planned dispensaries.


Ready or Not, Maryland Marijuana Firms Face Big Deadline

Maryland’s beleaguered medical marijuana industry faces a critical deadline Monday, when companies the state has selected to grow the plant are required to be operational. Those that are not ready risk losing their lucrative licenses.

Already, marijuana regulators are under pressure from powerful state lawmakers to leave companies that can’t meet the deadline behind.

“The whole purpose of this whole entire thing is that we have enough growers out there to provide medicine for patients,” said Sen. Thomas V. Mac Middleton, the Southern Maryland Democrat who chairs the Senate Finance Committee.

Monday is the finish line of a 365-day race for the 15 companies picked last August to grow marijuana.

Only one is operational.


Green Bits Passes $1.5 Billion in Annual Cannabis Sales; Raises

Proceeds to accelerate sales, customer support and product development as the company expands into new geographic markets, including California, Maryland and Nevada.


MD. Medical marijuana industry needs a diversity strategy

Medical cannabis is an emergent industry, and diversity must be woven into the fabric of this multi-billion dollar business from the beginning. We acknowledge that there are those in our communities who remain steadfast in their opposition to the expansion of the availability of cannabis in Maryland, and we honor these different points of view. Yet consider that we are not attempting to change minds about the issue itself but, rather, to shed light on the economic impact we know this industry will have. With the economic drive to "follow the money," communities of color must not be left behind.


Maryland Legislators Reject Call for Special Session to Debate Medical Marijuana

The Legislative Black Caucus hoped to debate racial equality in Maryland's MMJ industry this summer.

The leaders of the Maryland General Assembly have officially rejected a request from the Legislative Black Caucus to convene a special summer session to debate racial equality in the medical marijuana industry. The caucus has been pressuring lawmakers to reconsider the regulations of the state's nascent MMJ industry ever since the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission failed to grant any of the 15 allotted cannabis licenses to minority business owners.


Why an Anti-Pot Lawmaker Is Pushing for Marijuana Research

Rep. Andy Harris is known for blocking D.C. from rolling out recreational weed – so why is he sponsoring a bill to make it easier to study pot?


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