'Cooking with cannabis' classes are teaching Marylanders how to make their own marijuana edibles

Will and Gwenelle Parks, who own the gourmet condiment company Saucier Willy in Baltimore County, specialize in concocting homemade sauces, syrups and seasonings using locally sourced produce. But recently, they’ve found success with a new ingredient: cannabis.

Once medical marijuana became legal for Maryland patients last December, the husband-and-wife duo realized they could blend their kitchen skills with their medicine of choice and fill a void by teaching others how to cook with it.


Maryland medical marijuana sales surpassing forecast

Medical marijuana sales in Maryland are surpassing a previous forecast and could reach $100 million this year.

The Baltimore Sun reports that medical marijuana sales totaled $67 million for the first nine months of 2018.

A market research firm predicted last year that the state’s sales in 2018 would be about $46 million. New Frontier Data Senior Economist Beau Whitney said sales could now hit $100 million in December.

State lawmakers have expressed concern that the state’s new medical marijuana industry could be dominated by a handful of big companies. Lawmakers approved legislation earlier this year aimed at improving diversity in the industry by increasing the number of grower licenses and licenses to process marijuana.


Cannabis auto-grow tech startup Seedo raises $2 million

Seedo, listed as Eroll Grow Tech Ltd, the developer of what it calls the world’s first fully-automated grow device for medical cannabis, announced that it raised $2 million from Cannabics Pharmaceuticals, a US-Israeli company that develops personalized cannabinoid medicine focused on cancer and its side effects.

Seedo says its at-home growing device, which looks similar to a mini-fridge, is managed and controlled by an AI-powered algorithm and monitored via a smartphone application. Seedo holds a medical cannabis R&D license from the Israeli Health Ministry.


Maryland's medical cannabis program technically bans food products — yet sells plenty of edible items

Dave hadn’t slept for more than three hours straight after a series of botched surgeries 18 years ago left him with chronic pain so intense it kept him awake at night. Relief was hard to come by — until he made a tray of marijuana-infused brownies. Half of a small fudgy square was enough to put him to sleep for 14 hours.

“It was the first thing I found that worked for the nerve pain,” he said.

Medical marijuana has since become part of the 62-year-old’s pain-management regimen, and he’s one of thousands of patients in Maryland who are ingesting cannabis extracts to treat their conditions.


The Maryland cannabis market matters more than companies may realize

The grass is getting much greener for the cannabis industry on the East Coast, as Maryland continues to ramp up the licensing of dispensaries.


How does medical marijuana help glaucoma patients?

How does medical marijuana help glaucoma patients? The answer is multi-layered and complex.

One of the many uses of medical marijuana is its use as a treatment for glaucoma.

This optic nerve condition can lead to loss of vision or blindness without medical assistance. Marijuana has long been hailed for its ability to reduce eye pressure, which causes glaucoma. Here we explore the question: How does medical marijuana help glaucoma patients?

What Is Glaucoma?


The threat of dangerous synthetic cannabis has spread to five states

The threat of dangerous synthetic cannabis has spread to five states, prompting health departments to go full force.

The number of people with severe synthetic weed-related illness keeps rising. Hospitals are reporting more and more cases of serious bleeding, seizures, hallucinations and violent behavior—all due to synthetic cannabis.

As of this week, the threat of dangerous synthetic cannabis has spread to five states, including Illinois, Missouri, Wisconsin, Indiana and Maryland.


Maryland lawmakers OK medical marijuana bill on last day

A measure to help improve diversity in Maryland's new medical marijuana industry received final approval by the General Assembly on Monday, as lawmakers worked toward a midnight deadline when the legislative session is scheduled to end.

Maryland lawmakers also will be working on measures designed to improve school safety and fight crime.

The medical marijuana measure increases the number of grower licenses from 15 to as many as 22. Two licenses are set aside for two companies that sued over the licensing process and four more will be up for grabs.


Efforts to diversify medical marijuana in Maryland move forward

Efforts to diversify medical marijuana in Maryland move forward with a new bill.

Legislators say that efforts to diversify medical marijuana in Maryland move forward after amendments to the bill are made.

In January, a disparity study ordered by Gov. Larry Hogan determined that women and minorities lack representation in the industry. Currently, minorities own only one of the cannabis processing companies licensed by the state.

Lawmakers had hoped to set aside a portion of the state’s medical marijuana licenses for businesses with minority ownership. But Attorney General Brian Frosh determined such a plan would violate the state’s constitution.


Maryland Senate committee approves medical marijuana bill

A Maryland Senate committee has passed a measure to increase the number of licenses for medical marijuana growers from 15 to as many as 22.

The Senate Finance Committee approved a bill Friday that was previously passed by the House. It now goes to the full Senate.

The measure was introduced to increase minority-business ownership, but not all new licenses would go to minority businesses.

It would grant a grower’s license to a black-owned company, as well as two companies that initially were bumped out of position in the licensing process to promote geographic diversity.

The remaining licenses would be decided in a process that gives preference to minority-owned businesses.


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