The Maryland Congressman Who Messed With DC’s Marijuana Reform Could Be Replaced By a Pro-Pot Republican

What could it cost Representative Andy Harris to be Congress’s leading voice against DC’s legalization of marijuana? Perhaps his career in national politics, according to a new poll of primary voters in the conservative Republican’s Maryland district which shows him losing badly to one of his three challengers.


Sale of medical marijuana in Maryland probably won’t commence until 2017

People who want to buy marijuana in Maryland for medicinal purposes are probably going to have to wait until 2017, nearly four years after the state made it legal.

The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission announced Monday that it will not award licenses to grow and process the drug until sometime in the summer — and industry officials say it will take an additional four to six months after that for the product to be ready to sell.

The commission said it has no target date for allowing retail dispensaries to begin operating and cannot say when marijuana will be available to patients.

Maryland’s medical cannabis program was approved by lawmakers in 2013, but it had to be adjusted multiple times before applications could be sought and submitted.


Maryland probably won't have medical marijuana for sale before 2017

Residents of Maryland who want to buy marijuana for medicinal purposes are likely going to have to wait until 2017, nearly four years after the state first made it legal.

The Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission announced Monday that it won’t award licenses to grow and process the drug until sometime this summer.

It takes about four to six months to grow and process cannabis, industry and government officials say.

The commission had said it would start issuing licenses in January, but backed of that timetable last month after receiving more than 1,000 applications from would-be pot producers and dispensers.


Marijuana and Cannabinoids: A Neuroscience Research Summit March 2016

Marijuana and Cannabinoids: A Neuroscience Research Summit is being convened by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), which will focus on the neurological and psychiatric effects of marijuana, other cannabinoids, and the endocannabinoid system. Both the adverse and the potential therapeutic effects of the cannabinoid system will be discussed. The goal of this summit is to ensure evidence-based information is available to inform practice and policy, particularly important at this time given the rapidly shifting landscape regarding the recreational and medicinal use of marijuana.


Peak Harvest Health and Frostburg State University Join Forces to Advance Ethnobotanical Research Opportunities

Peak Harvest Health (PHH), a Maryland-based medical cannabis manufacturing company, today announced that it will be partnering with Frostburg State University (FSU) to explore ethnobotanical research opportunities and workforce development in Western


Maryland farmers pass on supporting medical marijuana

The Maryland Farm Bureau has declined again to support efforts to grow marijuana for medical purposes in the Free State.

Officially, the powerful agricultural lobby is taking no position on the fledgling industry. For the second time in as many years, a county delegation's attempt to bring the state group on board failed to make it to a vote before the full delegation.

"It's something I think a lot of members are watching other states to see how it plays out," said Matt Teffeau, the farm bureau's assistant director of government relations. "A lot of our members are interested in it, but it doesn't have the support to move forward."


Kevin Sabet Is The Marijuana Movement's Biggest Threat, But Can He Really Stop 'Big Pot'?

BETHESDA, Maryland -- Kevin Sabet, the man Salon called the quarterback of the new anti-drug movement, the guy Rolling Stone labeled the No.


One year later, patients swear by medical pot

BETHEL — First, it was testicular cancer. Then tumors were found in his lungs.

And when those had finally shrunk — thanks to an aggressive chemotherapy and radiation — Brian Tomasulo learned that the cancer had spread to his brain.

After collapsing at work one day in May 2014, the Newtown resident was rushed to the hospital, where he had surgery to remove an egg-sized tumor from his frontal cortex.


The surgery was successful, but when Tomasulo woke up, he had a whole new set of challenges to deal with.


Interest high in Maryland's medical marijuana

Interest in Maryland's medical marijuana program is higher than anyone expected. The state has received more than 1,000 applications for licenses.

The first stage in approving a license is set for January, but there are so many applications the process may be delayed.

"The thing that works most completely for me is a few puffs of cannabis," said Barry Considine, of Halethorpe.

Polio left Considine's muscles so weak, he's dealing with osteoarthritis. He's in near constant pain throughout his spine, hands and knees.

Maryland's medical marijuana program can't get up and running fast enough as far as Considine is concerned.


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