Winnipeg medical marijuana dispensary owner refuses to be shut down

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Winnipeg's first medical marijuana dispensary now open

Winnipeg's first-ever medical marijuana dispensary is now open.

Your Medical Marijuana Headquarters opened on Main Street on Wednesday.

The store offers marijuana for purchase with the appropriate paperwork from a doctor.

Owner Glenn Price said the federal government has done a poor job of providing the drug to people who need it.

He said he's already been overwhelmed by the response from the community.

Price said there is a growing demand for medical marijuana, but he thinks more doctors should be open-minded about prescribing it.


U.S. firm buys Manitoba hemp company for $133M

U.S.-based Compass Diversified Holdings buys Manitoba's Fresh Hemp Foods Ltd.

A Manitoba company that specializes in hemp products has been bought by a U.S. firm for $132.5 million.

On Monday, Compass Diversified Holdings announced its plan to buy Fresh Hemp Foods Ltd., otherwise known as "Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods."

Compass Diversified Holdings buys small or middle-market businesses in niche markets, according to the company's website.

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Foods made about $38 million in revenue last year, a 24 per cent increase from the previous year.

The deal will close in the next 45 days, according to Compass Diversified Holdings.


RCMP dismantle marijuana grow-op in "hazardous" operation

RCMP have raided a commercial garage in Alonsa, west of Lake Manitoba, and dismantled a marijuana grow operation in a two-stage operation.

An RCMP statement described conditions inside the garage as "hazardous" and said officers from nearby Ste. Rose du Lac first had to vacate the building on Wednesday and disconnect power to ensure it was safe to go inside. 

Officers, bolstered by the RCMP Federal and Serious Organized Crime Unit, entered the property on Thursday and dismantled the grow-op, seizing 65 plants and drug paraphernalia.

A 45-year-old man from Alonsa, was arrested and charged with production of marijuana for the purpose of trafficking. He has been released from custody and will appear in Dauphin Provincial Court on September 15.


Harvesting hemp

Manitoba firm says plant a vital part of 'right-fat' diet

It was 20 years ago when Mike Fata's desire to find a healthier lifestyle planted the seed that led him to co-found what has become the world's largest hemp food manufacturer.

"I was uneducated about health, fell prey to the fast food movement, and found myself weighing 300 pounds when I was 18," Fata recalled Wednesday.

Fata's brother helped him lose weight by getting him into a gym, but his diet still needed work.

"I learned the hard way about fatty acids," said Fata, who tried to cut fats from his diet. "I lost weight, but my health really turned negative from cutting key nutrients out of my diet."

Then Fata discovered the benefits of hemp foods.


RCMP seize 500 marijuana plants from rural Manitoba grow op

RCMP have seized a significant amount of marijuana after a grow-op bust late last week.

During a routine traffic stop last Thursday, RCMP pulled a vehicle over that reeked of marijuana and had waste from a grow-op inside. Police obtained a warrant and carried out a search of a property connected to the driver in the RM of Reynolds the next day.

RCMP from three separate rural detachments¬†‚ÄĒ¬†Lac du Bonnet, Whitemouth¬†and¬†Beausejour¬†‚ÄĒ¬†converged on the property¬†and seized roughly 500 marijuana plants and grow-op equipment.

A 56-year-old man is now custody. He has been charged with unlawful production of marijuana and possession with the intent of trafficking.

His court date was set for April 27 in Winnipeg.



Is the bloom off the bud?

The 'green rush' appears to be over, but local medical marijuana producer taking a slow, steady approach to growth

The bloom may be off the bud from the so-called dot.bong era when there was a rush of investment dollars into the licensed medical marijuana market last spring and summer.

But Bill and John Arbuthnot -- the father and son who founded Winnipeg's only licensed medical marijuana producer, Delta 9 Bio-Tech Inc. -- believe there is plenty of time for patient investors to make solid returns.

One of the first group of 13 producers licensed by Health Canada in April 2014 -- there are now 17, plus an additional eight licensed for cultivation only -- Delta 9 has been working the kinks out as it grows.


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