Winnipeg shop owner disguised 'drug trafficking' business as medical marijuana shop: police

Glenn Price, whose medical marijuana shop was raided by Winnipeg police, has been charged with drug trafficking.

"It was determined that the owner was operating an illegal drug trafficking business which was held out to be a medical marijuana dispensary," police said in a news release.

Several police units searched Price's shop, Your Medical Cannabis Headquarters, as well as a suite in the same Main Street building on Tuesday morning.

The sign is taken down at Your Medical Cannabis Headquarters on Tuesday, following the police raid. (Erin Brohman/CBC)

Police seized a kilogram of marijuana as well as drug paraphernalia from the store, and about two ounces of pot from the suite.


Canada: Winnipeg police arrest owner and patient at medical marijuana dispensary

Glenn Price, the owner of a medical marijuana dispensary on Main Street, has been arrested, along with his wife and a patient who was using the dispensary.

"[We were] sweeping, turning lights on, and all of a sudden we were bombarded with SWAT and cops," said Chantelle Barkley, an employee at the shop. "I got asked if I worked there, then I got told to sit down."

William Bell, the caretaker for the business, was cleaning a bong when police came in. 

Glenn Price the owner of a Main Street medical marijuana dispensary was arrested Monday morning. (Holly Caruk/CBC)

He said as Price was ushered to the back room and arrested he asked Bell to get in touch with the media.



Manitoba's medical marijuana growing facility says its cannabis is safe, tested

Manitoba's only medical marijuana growing facility licensed to sell cannabis says its marijuana is tested for safety and quality.

John Arbuthnot, vice president of Delta 9, said he doubts those standards are being followed at medical marijuana dispensaries like Your Medical Cannabis Headquarters on Main Street in Winnipeg. He said customers who buy from there need to be careful.

"A lot of the challenges that arise from that are things that are not covered in a regulated market like packaging, labelling. Where's the product coming from?" said Arbuthnot. ​"Has it been grown under sanitary conditions?"


Marijuana raid threatens son's health, woman says

An Edmonton mother is worried about the health of her severely-disabled son after police raided a local medical marijuana dispensary last week.

Katie Ann Lepine's 15-year-old son Christopher suffers from spina bifida, cerebral palsy, epilepsy and a heart condition.

Treating any one of Christopher's conditions would be difficult. However, taken together, Lepine said it is nearly impossible to find medication that doesn't make him feel worse. 


Delta 9, Manitoba medical marijuana facility, offers glimpse inside

Amid controversy surrounding illegal medical marijuana dispensaries in Canada, one government-approved Manitoba grower agreed to show how his business operates from the inside.

John Arbuthnot is the vice-president of Delta 9, the only medical marijuana growing facility in Manitoba that's licensed to sell cannabis.

The warehouse in the east end of Winnipeg houses about 1,000 marijuana plants and is licensed to produce about 380 kilograms per year.


Edmonton: Legal marijuana users left scrambling after local supplier raided by police

EDMONTON - More than 1,000 people with health problems ranging from cancer to chronic pain are without their legal medicine after a Beverly area marijuana shop was raided Wednesday by police.

The non-profit Mobile Access Compassionate Resources Organization Society, or MACROS, had been illegally supplying marijuana to users with a Health Canada medical marijuana licence or a prescription from their doctor for 11 years without any issues, society president Aaron Bott said.

His clients range from the homeless to the wealthy across Alberta and throughout Canada.


Justin Trudeau backs controversial medical marijuana shop in Winnipeg


Federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is speaking out in support of a controversial medical marijuana store in Winnipeg.

During a stop in the city on Wednesday, Trudeau said marijuana storefronts like "Your Medical Cannabis Headquarters," owned by Glenn Price, should be allowed to operate.

At a Liberal campaign office just blocks away from the shop, Trudeau reiterated his pledge to legalize marijuana if elected.

He said by licensing and restricting the sale, it keeps the drugs out of the hands of kids and criminals.

Police closed down Price's store last week, saying he is not a licensed producer so it's illegal for him to sell medical marijuana.


Medical marijuana activists protest pot-store closure at police HQ

WINNIPEG – Marijuana users were doing more than blowing smoke outside Winnipeg police headquarters Monday morning. They were protesting the closure of Your Medical Cannabis Headquarters, a marijuana store on Main Street.

A handful of people lit up joints outside the Public Safety Building in Winnipeg Monday to show their displeasure with police for closing the store two weeks after it opened.

Glenn Price, the store owner, said he only provides marijuana to people with appropriate medical documents. He plans to reopen the store at 11 a.m. Tuesday despite the shutdown, and supporters have promised to build a human chain barring police from the store.



"Smoke-in" planned for police HQ, Winnipeg

A “smoke-in” in support of Winnipeg’s only medical marijuana dispensary is planned to take place just outside Winnipeg police headquarters Monday morning.

The peaceful protest at the Public Safety Building on Princess Street follows two visits Glenn Price said police made to his store, Your Medical Marijuana Headquarters, on Tuesday and Thursday of last week. The store owner says police are trying to force him to stop selling the medical weed because he has not been approved by Health Canada.


Medical marijuana shop faces closure just weeks after opening

A medical marijuana shop in Winnipeg could be forced to close its doors, but a Winnipeg city councillor says that’s the wrong approach.

Your Medical Marijuana Headquarters opened on July 1.

Owner Glenn Price said police have been in this week warning him and his customers that they could face arrest. Winnipeg police won’t comment but say an investigation is ongoing.

The federal government said stores like this are breaking the law.

But Vancouver is regulating them and Coun. Ross Eadie said Winnipeg should do the same.

Eadie, the Mynarksi representative, said it’s high time the city govern these shops because there is no zoning rule or bylaw precluding them from operating.


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