Maine lawmakers believe they can override governor's veto on marijuana bill

Lawmakers in Maine are confident they have the votes to override a likely veto by Gov. Paul LePage (R) on a bill legalizing recreational marijuana.

The state Senate on Tuesday passed the bill in a concurrence vote of 25-10; the House also approved it last week by a veto-proof margin.

Legislators in the House believe their bloc of support for the bill will hold if the governor follows through on his promise to use a veto, according to the Portland Press Herald


Maine’s Governor LePage vows to veto bill regulating cannabis sales

Staunchly anti-legalization, Maine’s Governor LePage vows to veto bill regulating cannabis sales. Will his views be enough to stop it though?

Maine’s Governor LePage vows to veto bill regulating cannabis sales in the state, it was revealed this week. But that might not be enough to stop the measure.

The Maine House of Representatives passed the bill last week by a vote of 112-34. That margin is enough to override a LePage veto. The Senate is currently considering the compromise law and is expected to give its final approval later this week.


Maine house passes new attempt at rules for retail marijuana market

The Legislature’s second attempt to setup the market and regulatory system for the retail sale of recreational marijuana is already faring better than its first.

The House voted 112-34 Tuesday to pass a major rewrite of the law voters approved nearly two years ago. Additional votes are needed, but the margin in the House suggests the votes are there to override a potential veto by Republican Gov. Paul LePage.

Some legal cannabis advocates warn, however, that efforts to broaden political support for the proposal could have negative consequences.

For independent Rep. Kent Ackley of Monmouth, the Legislature’s latest bid to create a legal market for cannabis could resolve what has been a 17-month legislative odyssey marked by fits, starts and, so far, failure.


Future Farm positions to dominate the industrial hemp industry starting in Maine

Today, we have the pleasure of being able to publish an interview with Future Farm’s Derek Ross who has been the key player in the company’s industrial hemp business.

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Maine takes a big step toward retail marijuana sales

A supermajority of the Maine House of Representatives endorsed a regulatory bill for the state’s new recreational marijuana market Tuesday, bringing the state the closest it has been to implementing a 2016 legalization referendum.

It’s the Legislature’s second bid in a year to set up a commercial system for marijuana cultivation and sales.


Maine lawmakers rewrite legal cannabis regulations (again)

Recreational pot sales have been in limbo while state lawmakers struggle to draft regulations. As a result, Maine’s medical marijuana businesses are suffering.

It has been nearly two years since Maine residents voted for the legalization of recreational cannabis, but the adult-use pot dispensaries and social-use clubs that voters approved are still nowhere in sight.

A state legislative committee is now wrapping up a second attempt at drafting regulations for retail sales, which will soon move to the state's House for a vote, potentially opening the door for sales to begin next year.


Maine's medical marijuana market is dying as citizens demand recreational cannabis

The state of Maine is stuck in political limbo when it comes to recreational marijuana, and that limbo appears to be hurting the state's medical marijuana industry, writes Joseph Misulonas.

Marijuana Business Daily reports that Maine's medical marijuana industry saw a major decline in 2017 compared with 2016.


Maine just became the first state to protect cannabis use outside work

Employers in Maine can no longer discriminate against employees based on marijuana use during off-time. Workers are now protected from getting fired or disciplined based solely on their use of cannabis in their off-time, attorneys at Littler Mendelson report.

In a refreshing display of “if it’s legal, it’s legal,” the Maine Department of Labor has removed cannabis from the list of substances for which employers may test.


A Cannabis gift economy grows in Maine as recreational sales face further delays

Just like in D.C. and Massachusetts, new Maine businesses are offering “free” weed in exchange for donations or service fees.

Cannabis “gifting” businesses have sprung up in Maine to meet the demand of residents who are legally allowed to smoke weed to their hearts' content, but still aren’t permitted to buy it. Voters in the Pine Tree State approved recreational legalization via a ballot measure back in 2016, but conservative state legislators have been working with Gov. Paul LePage to continually delay the rollout of retail sales.


Maine: Lawmakers push to rewrite 2016 voter-approved marijuana law

State lawmakers are moving forward with a legislative proposal to significantly amend various provisions of the state’s 2016 voter-approved cannabis law: The Marijuana Legalization Act.

Members of the Marijuana Legalization Implementation Committee have voted 16 to 1 in favor of overhauling the law, which has yet to be fully implemented. Lawmakers had initially voted last year to delay the enactment of provisions regulating the retail production and sale of cannabis.


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