Louisiana lawmaker looking to Colorado for marijuana success

The French Quarter in New Orleans could be buzzing with more than jazz and joie de vivre if a Baton Rouge lawmaker gets his way.
(Photo courtesy of the Louisiana Office of Tourism)


'Weed the People': The highs and lows of legal marijuana

In “Weed the People,” Bainbridge Island author Bruce Barcott delivers a thorough and entertaining survey of the burgeoning legalization of marijuana in the U.S. Barcott appears April 15 at Seattle’s Elliott Bay Book Co.

‘Weed the People: The Future of Legal Marijuana in America’ by Bruce Barcott Time, Inc., 400 pp., $22.95


Louisiana's view on marijuana is out of sync with state laws, LSU survey finds

Louisiana residents, for the most part, have a much more relaxed and tolerant approach toward marijuana than current state laws reflect, according to findings from a statewide survey conducted by LSU this winter. 

LSU conducted its poll of 980 state residents between Jan. 12 and Feb. 13. The margin of error is 3.1 percentage points in either direction. The survey is performed every year by the Reilly Center for Media and Public Affairs as well as the Public Policy Research Lab. 

The university asked about three different marijuana policies. Here is what it found: 


Marijuana Legalization Bill In Louisiana Would Give Voters A Say In Legalizing Recreational Pot In ...

A Louisiana lawmaker wants voters to decide whether the personal use of marijuana should be legal in their state, and he thinks their collective response could be a resounding yes. Rep. Dalton Honore, a Democrat representing Baton Rouge, filed a bill in the House last week that would legalize recreational pot use in Louisiana for adults 21 or older, according to KATC TV-3. It would also set up a system for cannabis to be grown, dispensed and taxed. The measure would go on the ballot next year.

"If I can get it to the people, it will pass with flying colors,” Honore told the Times-Picayune. 


Community members rally for man serving 13 years for marijuana charge

NEW ORLEANS -- Members of the Broadmoor community came together to rally for the release of 49-year-old Bernard Noble, a man serving 13 years for marijuana possession.

"Bernard Noble was arrested 6 blocks from here on the edge of the Broadmoor community for riding his bicycle the wrong way up a one way street," said one rally organizer.

During that traffic stop Noble was found possessing 2.8 grams of marijuana. A fourth strike, following 3 prior drug convictions in 1991 and 2003 involving marijuana and cocaine.

Noble was given a 4 year sentence which was later appealed and upgraded to the minimum sentence for a habitual violator, 13 years and 4 months.


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