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Cannabis and Hemp in Lithuania – What’s The Current Situation?

Crawling in last, Lithuania is definitely no leader in the fight for cannabis legalization.

When it comes to cannabis there are many different interests at play, by many different parties. The medical world is looking for cures, and promoting legalization at least for medical use, giving patients with different illnesses a way to better their situations. Of course, non-medical growers and retailers are pushing for full legalization and always have an eye on the ever-changing laws surrounding full cannabis ratification.


Lithuanian expertise in hemp cultivation in the Klaipeda district

Discover the benefits of cultivating hemp in the fertile Klaipeda district.

Baltic CBD is a Lithuanian company engaged in the cultivation of industrial hemp and producing hemp flower biomass for the extraction of various cannabinoids.

Medical Cannabis Network spoke with CEO Gediminas Petrikas to discuss the opportunities Lithuania presents, why it is an ideal base for growing hemp and how Baltic CBD adhere to the highest possible standards.

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