Kentucky: Mitch McConnell vows to introduce bill that would legalize hemp

Hemp is a versatile, renewable resource - but one that is difficult to grow due to legal constraints.

Now, a new bill could change that, writes Neil Bonner.

At a stop in his home state of Kentucky, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced his intention to introduce a bill that would make hemp legal as an “agricultural commodity”.

McConnell previously cosponsored the Industrial Hemp Farming Act in 2015.


Is home delivery for medical marijuana coming to Kentucky?

As Ohio's medical marijuana program begins to take shape, Kentucky lawmakers are crafting their own plans legalize the drug in the Bluegrass state.

A bill introduced earlier this year would allow Kentuckians with certain medical conditions who receive a medical order from a doctor to legally use the cannabis in multiple forms.

If passed, Kentucky would be the 30th state to pass laws legalizing cannabis in some form.


3 states that may legalize marijuana this year

When talking about the fastest-growing industries in North America, marijuana is often near or at the top of the list.

According to recently released data from cannabis research firm ArcView, in partnership with BDS Analytics, the legal weed industry in North America is projected to grow by a whopping 28% per year through 2021.

If accurate, the legal pot industry could be generating nearly $25 billion in sales by 2021.

It's an industry where favorability has shifted dramatically over a relatively short period of time, too.

In 1995, national pollster Gallup found that only a quarter of its survey respondents favored the idea of legalizing marijuana.


Kentucky lawmakers begin review of medical marijuana bill

Supporters of legalizing medical marijuana in Kentucky made their case to a legislative panel Monday, touting it as a safe alternative to highly addictive opioid painkillers.

The bill heard by the House Judiciary Committee would strictly regulate the introduction of medical cannabis, and would leave it up to cities or counties whether to allow it. The panel took no vote on the measure, and its chairman said the bill would come up again later.

Showing their pent-up demand for action, proponents packed the hearing and cheered when medical marijuana was touted as a viable option to help with chronic pain or certain diseases.


Kentucky legislature to consider another marijuana legalization bill

Another bill has been filed in the Kentucky legislature that would bring about some form of legalized marijuana.

Senate bill 188, filed last week, would allow for medical marijuana use in the Commonwealth.

A similar measure, championed by Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes, is also trying to make its way through the House of Representatives.

“There are too many to count ... Kentuckians are begging for an alternative to opioids and prescriptions,” she said. "The natural remedy is what they are asking for.”

The Senate version, filed by Republican Steve West, aims at creating regulations for medical cannabis’ “cultivation, production, processing, distribution and sale.”


Bill introduced to legalize medical marijuana in Kentucky

Legislation has been proposed to legalize medical marijuana in Kentucky. It's already creating a buzz around our region. "I think it's a great thing," Aarielle James said. Medical marijuana is the only thing that brought James relief during her cancer treatments.

"I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep. Pretty much every five minutes I would get up. I couldn't even make it to the bathroom, I would just throw up right here if I didn't have a bucket." James has been battling an aggressive form of leukemia for two years, going through countless chemotherapy treatments and enduring a bone marrow transplant.


Kentucky must legalize medical marijuana in 2018, secretary of state says

Could legal medical marijuana be on the horizon in Kentucky? 

Kentucky Secretary of State Alison Lundergan Grimes said Wednesday she wants to legalize medical marijuana in the Bluegrass State by 2018. 

A task force, led by Grimes, will also study and propose potential implementation and regulation processes. 

In a statement, Grimes said, "2018 is and must be the year when Kentucky finally steps up on medical marijuana. We have to get this done to help Kentuckians who are hurting."

State Rep. John Sims, D- Flemingsburg, will co-chair a task force alongside Grimes the statement said.


Governor claims he will never legalize pot in Kentucky

A Republican state senator is advocating that Kentucky legalize and regulate marijuana to create millions of dollars in tax revenue — citing Colorado’s example — which could be used to address the state’s public pension crisis. However, in a radio interview this week, Gov. Matt Bevin also cited the example of Colorado to argue why Kentucky should not follow suit, claiming that state’s emergency rooms are being overrun by patients who have overdosed on marijuana.


Could marijuana be the solution to Kentucky's pension crisis?

Could Marijuana be the solution to Kentucky's Pension Crisis? Activist Daniel Seum thinks so.

Daniel Seum Jr. spoke with LEX 18 about how Cannabis products have helped improve the lives of many Kentuckians, including himself.

"Eric Crawford, who's been a quadriplegic for 22 years in Maysville, Kentucky,  Danny "Greasy" Belcher", he's a Vietnam veteran," Seum Jr. read from the list.

For years, Seum Jr. has been on a mission to legalize Marijuana across the Commonwealth, but he said he's finally being taken seriously. Legalization is now being considered as a solution to the state pension crisis.


Kentucky senator proposes marijuana legalization to help pensions

In August, a report from Frankfort said the 2018 budget for Kentucky was in bad shape and could mean problems for the state’s pension system.

Kentucky is facing a $200 million shortfall and one senator has a plan.

“There is an estimate now that we have to come up with $1 billion in new money in our budget to cover this problem,” said Senator Dan Seum.

Seum says legalizing marijuana for adults could boost revenue for Kentucky. He estimates $100 million in new money for Kentucky.

“My argument is before any new taxes, let’s explore the potential of new monies,” said Seum.

It’s a move that the owner of Botany Bay in Lexington would love to see.

“It would create jobs, good for farms, processing involved,” said Owner Ginny Saville.


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