Guam Visitors Bureau to research tourism-related medical marijuana

The Guam Visitors Bureau leadership wants to get more information before it takes a stance on a newly revived proposal to allow medical marijuana tourists into Guam.

GVB President and CEO Nathan Denight said the GVB board had requested for more information on the possible new market before throwing support for or against the idea.

GVB is in the process of putting together research findings, discussing the medical tourism venture with its off-island market offices, and gauging interests in those markets before engaging in the conversation, Denight said.


Japan's draconian marijuana laws against ongoing trends

On Oct 25, former actress Maya Takagi was arrested on a charge of possession of marijuana. The self-described “naturalist” took up residence on Ishigaki island five years ago. Also arrested was Takagi’s male companion, Shigenari Moriyama, who had been actively promoting the use of the weed, praising its effectiveness for anti-aging.

Last July, Takagi went so far as to declare her candidacy as a member of the Japan Renaissance Party, running for a seat in the upper house of the Diet. Her platform included legalization of marijuana for medical use. She was defeated, but voiced her satisfaction that the election helped him “get the word out to lots of people.”


Japan: Tottori Moves to Ban Cultivation of All Cannabis, Including Hemp

The Tottori Prefectural Assembly approved a revision Monday to a drug control ordinance to place a complete ban on growing cannabis, including hemp for industrial use.

The move followed the arrests in October of the president and two employees of a hemp processing company on suspicion of marijuana possession. The company was licensed by the prefecture to process hemp. This was the first case in Japan in which workers at a licensed firm were arrested for alleged violation of the cannabis control law.


Japan's War Against Medical Marijuana

Former actress Saya Takagi was arrested in Okinawa on Oct. 25 for possession of marijuana, three months after she unsuccessfully ran for a seat in the Upper House election on a platform to legalize pot for medical purposes. She insists the contraband was not hers.


Japan's war against medical marijuana

Former actress Saya Takagi was arrested in Okinawa on Oct. 25 for possession of marijuana, three months after she unsuccessfully ran for a seat in the Upper House election on a platform to legalize pot for medical purposes. She insists the contraband was not hers.


Japan’s New Hemp Mascot Is Changing Public Opinion Of Cannabis

Japan’s new cannabis mascot may mark the nation’s first step in loosening its harsh marijuana laws.

It is legal to grow hemp in Japan but only 33 farmers in the entire nation do so, seemingly because hemp derives from the same plant genus as marijuana, which is completely illegal.

Japan does not even have a medical marijuana program due to a strict ban on marijuana research.

The nation may be poised to further explore the cannabis plant, however, thanks to a hemp-loving female cartoon character.

Japan’s largest hemp farm, Hachijuhachiya, is located in Chizu, a town in the Tottori Prefecture.

The facility produces about 500 kilograms of industrial hemp a year to be used in deodorants, food, and textiles.


Growing Interest in Hemp and Medical Cannabis in Japan

Japan More and more voices are being raised in Japan, calling for an end to the zero-tolerance policy on cannabis. One political party wants to see the ban on research on the cannabis plant lifted, thereby legalising medicinal cannabis. Interest in industrial hemp applications has also been growing. Might we tentatively be able to speak of a cannabis comeback?


Australian Company Pushes the Horizons of Hemp

A Bangalow-based company which is now the largest exporter of hemp foods in the southern hemisphere is wondering when its products will finally be recognised as food in Australia.

Hemp Foods Australia chief executive Paul Benhaim recently met with the First Lady of Japan Akie Abe at a hemp forum in Kyoto and discovered that she was a great supporter of the industry.

However, while Japan is importing huge amounts of hemp from Hemp Foods Australia, the products are still not recognised as food in Australias due to legislation against the consumption of hemp.


Japan’s First Lady Ushers In New Era of Hemp Acceptance by Purchasing Elixinol CBD Hemp Oil Product

Speaking from personal experience, from the stage of the Kyoto Hemp Forum, Japan’s first lady, Akie Abe proclaimed her support for reviving hemp use in Japan particularly for medicinal purposes.

Ms. Abe was appearing to raise awareness for hemp culturization in Japan, and support for hemp’s many uses, pointing to studies showing its success in treating epilepsy, diabetes and pain.

Ms. Abe then further showed her support for hemp products by purchasing Elixinol CBD hemp oil, the “healthy not high” alternative, for her husband, Prime Minister Shinzō Abe.


New Research Uncovers Prehistoric Use of Cannabis

Around 10,000 years ago prehistoric humans began using cannabis, a new research study has found, and not just in one small corner of the globe.


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