Is Italy Slowly Breaking Away from Cannabis Prohibition?

While the government continues slowly considering progress, some are taking Italy’s cannabis future into their own hands.

Anyone who has ever spent time in Italy knows that the country has some of the most draconian drug laws in the western world. When I studied abroad in Florence, for example, it took nearly a month to find anything to smoke.


Italy: Marijuana May Help Treat Infertility In Men - Study

For centuries, marijuana (cannabis) has been used in herbal remedies. A number of studies in the past have shown that marijuana can be helpful for treating neuropathic pain, which is caused by damaged nerves.

More recently, a few studies linked the biologically active components in marijuana with cancer cure. While some studies claim that marijuana cures cancer, others suggest it can effectively treat nausea and vomiting from cancer chemotherapy.

Scientists in Italy have now traced marijuana’s ability to treat male fertility.

Smoking pot frequently is known to take its toll on male sperm, but the new study from the University of Rome Tor Vergata in Italy affirms marijuana has the potential to treat infertility in men.


Cannabis Use Threatens Antipsychotic Medication Adherence

FLORENCE, Italy — Cannabis use increases the risk for nonadherence to antipsychotic medications, suggesting that discouraging cannabis use may improve not only treatment adherence but also the prognosis of psychosis patients, say United Kingdom investigators.

The researchers found that cannabis use more than doubles the risk for nonadherence to antipsychotics and that continued use of the drug increases the risk for nonadherence more than fivefold.

Enrico Foglia, from the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience at King's College London, United Kingdom, toldMedscape Medical News that this is the first meta-analysis of the relationship between cannabis use and antipsychotic medication nonadherence.


Italy: Cannabis Use Linked to Better Social Skills in Psychosis

Psychosis patients who have used cannabis have greater premorbid social skills than patients with psychosis who have never used the drug, data from five European countries suggest.

Laura Ferraro, a PhD student in psychiatry at the University of Palermo, in Italy, and colleagues found that lifetime cannabis use was associated with significantly increased improvements in premorbid social adjustment among psychosis patients.

Moreover, the results, which were presented here at the European Psychiatric Association (EPA) 24th ​Congress, indicate that the impact of cannabis on sociability was significantly greater among psychosis patients than among healthy individuals.


Can cannabis gelato change Italy's attitude to weed?

The flavor is named after Bob Marley. Probably not because the reggae legend loved gelato.

What's Italian for munchies? 

A town on Italy's Riviera coast has begun selling a weed-infused gelato that campaigners hope could change the country's attitude to cannabis.

Perleco, a gelato parlor in Alassio, recently launched the gelato -- named Marley after reggae legend Bob. 

But while it sounds like a weed fiend's dream, its makers say the frozen treat isn't going to get anyone high.


Italy Is Fighting for Marijuana Legalization with Weed-Infused Gelato

Don’t call it marijuana ice cream: It’s cannabis creme gelato. Lucky locals from the quaint coastal village of Alassio—situated in Liguria, along the eastern coast of Italy—can now enjoy a scoop of the aptly dubbed “Marley” (as in Bob) flavor at Perlecò, a local gelato shop.

Emanuela Baudana, the owner of the shop, has long been known for launching far-out flavors like beer and lavender creme. But for the cannabis gelato, she had a little help from her friends at Canapa Ligure, a legalization advocacy group.


Italy Marches Closer to Decriminalization, Draws Line at Terrace Grows

Italy spent last week reforming policies related to a number of minor offenses, including lessening penalties for the cultivation of cannabis for medical reasons.


Justice Minister Andrea Orlando approved the bill to decriminalize growing cannabis for medical use, but warned, “This does not decriminalize those growing weed on their terrace,” an exceptionally Italian way to phrase it. Cultivating cannabis for personal use still carries a harsh penalty — up to a year in prison and a fine of €4 million.


Italy to legalize marijuana for medical use; New proposal allows cultivation at home

More than 250 lawmakers from across the political scale have shown support to a proposed decriminalization of producing, distributing, selling and consuming marijuana in Italy. If this will be pushed through, Italy will become the biggest European country to legalize marijuana. The new proposal also allows people to cultivate marijuana inside their house.


Italy chills out over growers of medical cannabis

ITALY HAS EASED up slightly on cannabis growers, decriminalising those who violate agreed terms on cultivating the plants for therapeutic purposes.

“This does not decriminalise those growing weed on their terrace,” warned Justice Minister Andrea Orlando. Under the new bill, people who abuse their permission to cultivate cannabis will be slapped with a fine rather than a prison sentence.

Those caught growing their own personal crop without a license still face up to a year in jail and a €4 million fine.

The aim is to help ease Italy’s notoriously congested justice system and “make sanctions more effective”, Orlando said.


Marijuana Legalization In Italy: Pot Laws Eased For Growers Cultivating Medical Cannabis

Medical marijuana growers in Italy can breathe a bit easier. On Friday, Italy eased the punishment for those who violate the terms for being a medical grower, reported the Local. Should Italian pot enthusiasts be tempted to grow pot for personal use, however, they've been warned. 


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