How to talk cannabis in seven different countries

Traveling to the Netherlands? Russia? This weed slang guide will make sure you’re never dry.


'It saved our business': Italy's farmers turn low into high with cannabis

Hemp cultivation for non-pharmaceutical could help revert desiccation of farm land.

Italian farmers are in crisis as low prices of wheat, desiccated land and big companies importing grain take their toll. But some have found a solution: growing cannabis.


Cannabis flowers are legal in Italy. You just can't eat or smoke them.

For the past year, small jars of cannabis flowers have been flying off the shelves of Italian specialty shops: a phenomenon that’s described as a “green gold rush.”

The hemp flowers — with names like K8, Chill Haus, Cannabismile White Pablo and Marley CBD — are sold under the tag “cannabis light” because their level of the psychoactive compound that makes people high is a tiny fraction of that typically found in cultivated marijuana.


Canada's Aurora to sell medical marijuana to Italy

Canada’s Aurora Cannabis Inc said on Thursday its German unit Pedanios won a contract to supply medical marijuana to the Italian market.

Aurora, Canada’s second largest pot producer, will export medical cannabis into Germany through Pedanios, which will supply the Italian market through the Italian Ministry of Defence.

Cannabis-based medicines are legal in several European Union countries including Italy as a treatment for chronic pain, post-traumatic stress disorder, side effects from cancer therapy and other ailments.

While the Italian Ministry of Defence currently produces medical cannabis for the Italian market, a sharp rise in demand led the government to seek external parties for more supply, Aurora said.


Cannabis Could Be Better For Migraines Than Pharmaceuticals: Study

Cannabis could be even better at treating migraines than traditionally recommended medications, a new study has found.

Researchers from the Interuniversity Center in Florence, Italy found that pills containing both THC and CBD reduced migraine pain by 43.5 percent. Administration of the drug also led to numerous other benefits, including curbing stomach-aches and muscle pain.

Past studies have found that cannabis combats headaches by going after cells in the body that control pain relief and inflammation.


Is Italy The Next Frontier For Legal Cannabis?

One of the most interesting, relevant and perhaps shocking places to study cannabis is Italy. Mostly known for other crops like tomato and olive, Italy was actually one of the world’s top cannabis producers in the first half of the 1900’s. Cannabis has served many roles through Italy’s recent history: as a centerpiece of a thriving industry, as an illegally trafficked narcotic, and as a consumable product used both medically and recreationally. Cannabis was widely grown as an industrial crop used in everything from ropes and rigging, to sails for ships, clothing, bedding, and other commercial applications.


The Best Outdoor Cannabis Strains To Grow In Italy for 2017

Whether you're based in the North with only a tiny balcony cannabis garden in Milan or have a countryside haven in rural Sicily. We've got 5 amazing weed strains for the outdoor cannabis hobby grower in Italy to consider cropping in 2017.


The short answer is yes, absolutely. Moreover, Italy as a whole probably has the best-suited climate in all of Europe for outdoor cannabis cultivation.

It’s no secret that Italian food is some of the best in Europe, if not the world. What’s less well known outside of Italy is that some of the finest weed cropped in Europe is farmed in Southern Italy.


Farmers in Italy fight soil contamination with cannabis

Farmers in a region of Italy once known for cheeses have turned to cultivating a type of cannabis -- not to smoke or sell -- but to decontaminate polluted soil.

The hemp they’re growing contains very little THC -- the compound that makes people high.

Vincenzo Fornaro showed CBS News an empty farm, once packed with more than 600 sheep.

“For generations, our family produced ricotta and meat,” Fornaro recalled.

It wasn’t until 2008 when Italy’s government discovered the toxic chemical dioxin in his sheep and slaughtered the entire herd.  The culprit was just a mile away.


Italy's Health Ministry Publishes Guide to Medical Cannabis

Italy’s Health Ministry has published the definitive “all you wanted to know about” guide to medical cannabis.

It is targeted to physicians who can prescribe it and to pharmacists who can sell it. In addition, it offers information about precise dosing, administration, special warnings, possible drug interactions and side effects, and overdose. The brochure adds that “medical use” “does not exactly mean that it is a medical therapy, but rather, a treatment of symptoms, offered to support other standard treatments” and it can be used as/for:


Medicinal Cannabis: Italy's State-Approved Drug Baron Shares All

Col Antonio Medica is a state-approved drug baron. At the dauntingly named Military Pharmaceutical Plant in Florence, the colonel grows 100kg (220lb) of cannabis a year.

The crop itself is guarded in the depths of the plant by a series of locked doors. All visitors must wear protective clothing and face masks. 

Just inside a final heavy door, a line of tape on the ground warns visitors not to go in any further. Beyond the line, several dozen rows of cannabis plants are flanked by lamps and fans. 

Italy's logic is simple: in this country, medical marijuana is legal. It is prescribed for pain relief to patients with cancer or multiple sclerosis. 


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