What is an Israeli cannabis company doing in Uganda? The answer Is hazy

The company, the biggest cannabis firm on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, has said it is setting up a medical marijuana farm there, but Ugandan officials say that’s illegal. What is Israeli cannabis company Together Pharma really doing in Uganda? The answer regarding this company, which has drawn significant public interest, isn’t entirely clear.


Home robot grows cannabis and other herbs

Israeli machine creates perfect conditions for growing whatever you like; most customers use it to raise pesticide-free medical or recreational pot.'

You could grow flowers or salad greens in a Seedo machine. In fact, automated lettuce-growing is where the inventors got their start and honed their expertise.

However, if you’re going to plunk down $2,400 to put an automatic hydroponic growing box in your living room, you will probably choose a crop not easily or cheaply raised in your garden. Like cannabis. That’s why you have to affirm you’re at least 21 to enter the website.


Cannabis auto-grow tech startup Seedo raises $2 million

Seedo, listed as Eroll Grow Tech Ltd, the developer of what it calls the world’s first fully-automated grow device for medical cannabis, announced that it raised $2 million from Cannabics Pharmaceuticals, a US-Israeli company that develops personalized cannabinoid medicine focused on cancer and its side effects.

Seedo says its at-home growing device, which looks similar to a mini-fridge, is managed and controlled by an AI-powered algorithm and monitored via a smartphone application. Seedo holds a medical cannabis R&D license from the Israeli Health Ministry.


Israel's Together to buy control of German cannabis customer

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Together Pharma, which produces medical cannabis, said on Wednesday it had signed a deal to buy a controlling 50.01 percent stake in an unnamed German company, which is one of its customers, for 2 million euros.

Together said it had already signed an agreement to supply about 12.5 tonnes of medical cannabis worth up to 50 million euros ($58 million) to the German company, which also holds a R&D license for medical cannabis in Germany.

Together said it would finance the deal from cash and assets, which will be recorded as an owner’s loan. It said the parties will work towards signing a final deal within 90 days.


The top 8 emerging countries in the cannabis space

As marijuana business grows globally, many stock watchers and research analysts are making predictions about where the most significant investment opportunities are.

Investment site, The Motley Fool, recently published an analysis by Keith Speights of forecasts for the 2022 marijuana market.

A lot can happen even monthly in the ever-evolving cannabis space. Here is a different analysis of it. 

8. Germany


Israeli company teaming up with hip-hop artists to market cannabis robot

Seedo’s product uses artificial intelligence to autonomously grow cannabis at home.

An Israeli company is partnering with several well-known hip hop artists in the United States to market its innovative product—a robot that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to autonomously grow marijuana plants at home. Seedo’s fully-automated device allows consumers to cultivate cannabis seeds in a special casing and then monitor the plant’s growth via a smartphone application, which notifies the individual when to harvest the product.


The Amazon of cannabis in an emerging industry

In recent weeks, Tilray Inc. (TLRY) to develop cannabis-infused beverages.  What both companies have in common is that inherent in their respective share prices, investors are getting the upside call option of their biotech research & development.

While history paints a picture of Reefer Madness, cannabis and hemp have emerged as the base-line ingredients in a wide array of end-products and use cases that include building materials, plastic composites, cosmetics & vanity, pet supplements, clothing, food, and yes, medicine.  While each of these verticals have investment merits, it is the wellness arena that excites us most.


Israeli and Swiss companies team up to breed better cannabis for patients

Cannabis plants tailored to specific ailments could be just around the corner.

A Swiss cannabis company has partnered with an Israeli genome analysis firm in order to create better varieties of cannabis for patients and consumers. Gene sequencing firm NRGene, based in Ness Ziona, Israel, announced the collaboration with Pure Cannabis Research AG of Zug, Switzerland in a press release on Tuesday.


Israeli ice cream chain pushes cannabis flavored scoops

Though Vaniglia's new flavor 'tastes like the aroma' of marijuana, those seeking a high should look elsewhere.

The Vaniglia ice cream chain is popular in Israel for offering over 60 flavors. It recently added a notable new one to its roster: cannabis.

The Israeli chain, which has over a dozen locations, has sold the flavor in stores since March.

Sadly for stoners, the ice cream doesn’t contain any THC, the active psychoactive ingredient found in marijuana. The only part of the cannabis plant harnessed in the recipe is terpenes, or aromatic oil that gives the green leafy drug its unique smell. The rest of the flavor comes from a mix of specific herbs and nuts that chain founder Itay Rogozinsky identified by good old trial and error.


Israel and Canada high on budding medical cannabis ties

srael, the so-called Start-up Nation, could soon become known as the Silicon Valley of medical marijuana if leaders in the industry have their way. Israel’s medical cannabis sector is flourishing, thanks in part togrowing business ties with Canada, which will officially legalize marijuana in October.

Hundreds of millions of dollars in deals between Canadian and Israeli companies have already been inked, with investments covering innovative products treating a wide range of health issues—from cancer, to epilepsy, to sleep disorders.


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