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New Trial To Probe Cannabis-Based Treatments For Gynecologial Conditions


New Israeli clinical trials will examine the safety and efficacy of cannabis-based treatments for some of the most painful and persistent gynecological conditions faced by women.

The trials, expected in early 2022, will test cannabis-based pharmacology products developed by Gynica, a Jerusalem-based femtech (female technology) startup that believes that the active ingredients in the plant can ease painful conditions in the female reproductive system such as dysmenorrhea, or painful menstruation, and endometriosis.


Israel's Cannabis Market: What Investors & Entrepreneurs Need To Know

Israel is a leader in cannabis, be it research and or in the emerging marketplace.

Numerous research breakthroughs have occurred in Israel. One of the most notable cannabis researchers is Dr. Rafael Mechoulam, who along with his team first identified THC and other active compounds in cannabis decades ago.

Today, Israel continues furthering its research legacy while building its legal marketplace.


Popular Cannabis Legalization Measure Gains Ground in Israel

Israel is an international leader when it comes to cannabis, and that’s been the case for many decades.

The country is home to world-renowned cannabis researcher Dr. Raphael Mechoulam who first isolated the THC cannabinoid in the 1960s.

Mechoulam is often referred to as “the godfather of cannabis research” and from a cannabis research standpoint Israel has long led the way.

Israel is also home to a robust medical cannabis program and now imports and exports a large amount of medical cannabis products annually.

Soon, Israel could join a very short list of countries that have legalized cannabis for adult use.


Israel Continues To Be A Key Market For Major Cannabis Companies International Expansion Strategy

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Last year, Israel overtook Germany as the largest importer of medical cannabis, and this is a market that we are bullish on.

One of the reasons we are excited about the Israeli cannabis market is related to the economics that are associated with the cultivation process. In Israel, the cost per gram of cannabis is considerably lower than Canada. The reason why it costs less to cultivate cannabis in Israel than Canada is related to the climate, and we consider this to be an important aspect of the market.


Morocco’s cannabis industry could benefit from normalization with Israel

With parliamentary approval this month of a bill to legalize medical, cosmetic, and industrial cannabis, Morocco edges closer to establishing a legal cannabis industry. Developed by the Ministry of the Interior, the bill regulates activities related to the cultivation, production, manufacture, transport, and marketing of cannabis as well as its export and import for medical and therapeutic purposes. The National Agency for the Regulation of Activities Related to Cannabis was established to authorize all cannabis-related activities.


Pushing A Global Revolution: Israel’s Cannabis Market Moves Towards Promising Recreational Reform

Israel’s cannabis market is finally moving into the recreational box this year. Some time this year, if all goes as planned, the country will implement a recreational system for adults over 21. In a page from the American state market, deliveries will be allowed, although cannabis edibles that resemble candy will be banned. There will also be state control of prices to ensure that customers do not return to illicit sales channels.


This SPAC Allows You to Invest in the Booming Israeli Cannabis Market

Today, Canada's cannabis companies are the only ones that trade on U.S. exchanges, but their businesses have struggled amid rampant oversupply. While U.S. cannabis companies are performing much better financially than their Canadian counterparts, their business is still illegal at the federal level, leading to all sorts of tax and cost burdens.

Perhaps a better place for cannabis investment is another country altogether. What's more, this country has the highest global cannabis usage rate as a percentage of the population: Israel.


Study: The More Dispensaries a County Has, the Fewer Opioid-Related Deaths

person holding a baggie of cannabis and a jar of cannabis

Cannabis advocates have long called for allowing people to treat pain with marijuana rather than opioids. A new study shows that this is exactly what happens when you give people the freedom to choose between the two.

The study, published in The British Medical Association Journal, found that in United States counties, medical or recreational cannabis is available for purchase, the number of opioid-related deaths declined.


Israeli company develops system to identify, track cannabis strains

telescope in a lab

Tikun Olam Cannbit, one of Israel’s leading medical cannabis companies, announced this week that they have completed all phases of development and construction on an in-house system that can accurately identify individual strains of cannabis using genetic sequencing.

On Monday, the company unveiled its new Cannabis Genetic Fingerprint (CGF) system, which it hails as a “game-changer” for the cannabis industry.


Several Nations Could Legalize Adult Use Cannabis In 2021—Which Could Be Next?

hemp field of plants

Last year came close to seeing two nations pass adult use cannabis laws. Ultimately, both efforts fell short. New Zealand saw its cannabis referendum rejected by voters in November, losing by a 51.1% to 48.8% margin. In Mexico, Congress was given its third extension to pass its law—pushing a decision into 2021. 

While disappointing, one of the two nations remains on the cusp of legalization, as is a country pivotal in the advancement of cannabis research and technology. Other nations could take action in 2021, although their prospects appear more likely to occur in the coming years. 


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