Ireland: 'Cannabis Oil Could Control My Daughter's Seizures but I'm Not Allowed to Bring It into the Country'

Ava Barry has to endure hundreds of seizures every year. Unfortunately, most modern medicines fail to control the episodes. Her worried parents tell our reporter they believe a cannabis oil, not available here, may hold the key.

Vera Twomey and Paul Barry are absolutely terrified that their gorgeous little girl will die if she doesn't get a particular drug that has not yet been approved in Ireland.


Medical Marijuana Attracts Families To US As International Pot 'Refugees’

Hundreds of families throughout the world have been drawn to Colorado to seek medical marijuana treatment for their children's ailments. These parents and their kids, dubbed “international medical marijuana refugees,” travel thousands of miles in an attempt to procure what they say are lifesaving elements, the Guardian reported Monday.


Expots: medical marijuana draws parents to US for their children's treatments

Tristan Forde used to experience as many as 20 seizures a day. The two-year-old has Dravet Syndrome, a rare form of epilepsy, and was forced to constantly wear a helmet – suffering seizures so frequently that his three-year-old brother would automatically go to the freezer and get an ice pack every time Forde had an attack.

Everything changed, however, when Forde began medical cannabis treatment last year. He went months without suffering a single seizure, said Yvonne Cahalane, Forde’s mother. “For the first time, it looked like there was a sparkle in his eyes. It sounds corny, but he just looked so much brighter.”


Will Legalising Cannabis Extend Prohibition?

The inexorable momentum towards cannabis legalisation has taken hold across the globe. New, courageous policies are emerging in all corners of the earth – from Uruguay to Canada, from Ireland to Germany, a wave of positive reforms are being passed or pondered over by policymakers. 


Biotech Breakup: What is the Impact on Biotech Stocks focused on Cannabis?

The termination of the $160 billion merger between Pfizer Inc. (PFE) and Allergan Plc (AGN) has been confirmed.

The driving factor behind this decision stems from the rules issued by the United States Treasury Department which are focused on making tax inversion deals less profitable.

Moving Addresses, Not Assets

President Obama said the rules are meant to limit one of the most indirect tax loopholes available and prevent companies from decreasing their tax liability.

The reason why this deal came under such scrutiny is not only due to the size of the deal, but also its structure.


Irish mum calls for a change to laws after son is 99% seizure-free following cannabis oil treatment

A severely epileptic boy is “99% seizure-free” after undergoing pioneering cannabisoil treatment in America.

Yvonne Cahalane is calling for the legalisation of medicinal marijuana in Ireland after seeing the amazing transformation in her son.

She moved to Colorado with two-year-old son Tristan, who was born with an incurable form of epilepsy, from their home in Dunmanway, Co Cork , last December.

The toddler, who was suffering 20 seizures a day, has drastically improved and Yvonne is convinced her desperate decision to leave Ireland was the right one.


Stop Talking About Drug Use As If We’re Children

There is a sense of fear we feel when we hear people using the word ‘Addict’.

As children we are taught to mind our own behaviour and stay away from those that don’t. If we are caught doing something ‘naughty’ at school, we are scolded or punished until we learn not to do it. As we grow older we worry less about our own bad behaviour, however what remains the same is a firmly rooted sense that there is right and wrong behaviour and those who act out should still be met with a consequence as we did in our childhoods.

There is a sympathy we feel when we hear people using the word ‘illness’.


The top pot-loving countries

Marijuana legalization has been a political issue in the United States for some time, and while it remains illegal in most states, others have softened their stance in recent years. Colorado and Washington both passed initiatives by popular vote to decriminalize and legalize cannabis in 2012. In 2014, Oregon, Alaska and Washington, D.C., followed suit. Many states including Massachusetts, California, Missouri, Hawaii, Maine, Nevada and Ohio have flirted with legalization for a few election cycles, with buzz growing.

The United States isn't the only country where people use marijuana legally or illicitly. In fact, it isn’t even the country with the highest reported marijuana use.


Where do Ireland’s political parties stand on decriminalising cannabis?

THERE HAS BEEN much talk in recent times about cannabis, namely plans to decriminalise or legalise it in certain jurisdictions.

A number of states in the US have decriminalised or legalised the drug and more are considering it.

In Colorado, for example, adults aged 21 or older can legally possess one ounce (28 grammes) of marijuana. Last year the state sold $996 million worth (about €876 million) of recreational and medical cannabis.


Omagh man to spearhead new cannabis campaign

AN Omagh native is set to become the poster boy for a new campaign to legalise medicinal marijuana.

Kieran McCrory who was struck down with a brain tumour in 2011 and who is currently recovering from brain surgery, founded Omagh Medicinal Cannabis Support Group last year.


However, in the coming months Kieran will work alongside the on-line magazine and lobbyist VolteFace in a new drive to have Westminster re-think its laws on what Kieran says is a wholly natural remedy for cancer. The campaign is also reportedly set to feature former Deputy Prime Minister, Nick Clegg and will be supported by political party CISTA (Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol).


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