It's high time to introduce medical cannabis in Ireland, say healthcare firm

AN Irish healthcare company say it’s high time the government changed the laws on medical cannabis in this country.

GreenLight Health, a medical cannabis research and development firm, based in Dublin, are hoping to spark interest in a fundraising campaign to lobby the government on the matter.

At present people who use cannabis to relieve medical conditions face criminalisation, a €2,750 fine and up to 12 months in prison for a second offence.

“The situation in Ireland at present is unacceptable,” says Dr James Linden, MD of GreenLight Health. “We know from speaking to people with MS, for example, that they are crying out for cannabis-based medicines to relieve their symptoms.


How The Irish Invented Slang for Marijuana

CANNABIS CULTURE - We all know that the Irish saved civilization, or so says the bestselling book by Thomas Cahill.

Now comes the book, How the Irish Invented Slang, by Daniel Cassidy, who postulates that many slang words for which even the Oxford English Dictionary (OED) can't name the origin were in fact based on Gaelic.

After a friend died and left behind his Irish dictionary, Cassidy took his wife's advice and learned a word every night, soon noticing how similar the pronunciations were to slang words.


Whoops - Ireland accidentally legalises possession of ecstasy for 24 hours

Emergency drug laws are being rushed through in Ireland after possession of ecstasy was temporarily legalised as a result of a court striking down a ban on another substance.

Parliamentarians will sit into the night to pass legislation quickly after the Court of Appeal's ruling temporarily makes legal the possession of the party drug, along with benzodiazepines and some so-called head shop drugs.

Health minister Leo Varadkar said he is working to pass the emergency laws within 24 hours. 'We had no way of knowing what the court would decide today, but we prepared for this possibility,' he said.


Poll: Is it time to legalise cannabis in Ireland?

THE NUI GALWAY student body today voted that its Students’ Union should support the legalisation of cannabis.

In a referendum today, students were asked if they agreed the SU should “actively supports the legalisation and regulation of the cultivation, sale and possession of cannabis for adults age 18 and over”.

Of the 2,634 voters, 68% voted yes and 32% voted no. This result now gives the SU a mandate to support legalisation, making it the first SU in Europe to take such a stance.


'Cannabis could help reduce tumour growth in cancer patients'

Cannabis could be used to reduce tumour growth in cancer patients, scientists have said.

New research reveals the drug’s main psychoactive ingredient — tetrahydrocannabino (THC) — could be responsible for its success in shrinking tumours.

It is hoped the findings could help develop a synthetic equivalent with anti-cancer properties. But researchers warned that cancer sufferers should not be tempted to self-medicate.

Dr Peter McCormick, from the University of East Anglia’s school of pharmacy, said THC’s anti-cancer properties have been known for some time but the study had identified the receptors responsible for fighting tumours.


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