Elected officials talk marijuana

ANAMOSA, Iowa — Marijuana was the hot button topic Thursday night in Anamosa.

The Jones County Safe and Healthy Youth Coalition organized a forum called “Marijuana — Let’s Talk.”

It was a forum meant to inform people, and elected officials from both parties took part.

While the event focused a lot on marijuana, other substance-related issues surfaced surrounding alcohol use as well.

A senator, two representatives, the sheriff and two county supervisors took on the questions.

They discussed recreational marijuana and marijuana used by people for medical reasons.

During the forum a legislator and the sheriff said they’re seeing marijuana coming into the state from Colorado where it’s legal.


Marijuana legalization supporters rally in downtown Dubuque

DUBUQUE — A couple dozen people, who support the legalization of marijuana, lined Locust Street Friday, hoping to send a message to lawmakers in Des Moines.

Carla Kaufman said, “I just want to point out the hypocrisy of cannabis being a schedule one drug. They also have a patent for it to be medicine. I don’t know how that can coexist. “

Last year, some Iowa legislators tried to legalize medicinal cannabis use, but that bill didn’t pass.

Iowa law says people can possess and use cannabis oil to treat epilepsy. But production and transportation of the oil is not legal in the state.

On Friday, some supporters said making cannabis oil legal to access in Iowa is the top priority.


Small part of Iowa votes to legalize medical, rec marijuana

Leaders of the Omaha Tribe in Nebraska are considering land in western Iowa for growing marijuana.

The Sioux City Journal newspaper reports tribal members approved three referendums Tuesday giving the Tribal Council the authority to legalize marijuana for medicinal and recreational use and to grow plants for industrial hemp.

Tribal Chairman Vernon Miller says a study will examine whether the business would make financial sense.

Miller says leaders will watch the performance of the Flandreau Santee Sioux's marijuana resort on its South Dakota reservation.

Miller says it's unclear whether the Omaha Tribe's casino, Blackbird Bend, could become a similar resort.

Miller says the tribe will ensure its efforts wouldn't violate federal or state laws.


Limited medicinal marijuana law frustrates

When Logan Edwards returned home to Davenport in 2008 after his deployment in Iraq as a Marine, he was anything but the same.

Having just turned 21, he started using alcohol to cope with his anxiety, insomnia and nightmares. Suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder, better known by its initials PTSD, Edwards drank every day for six months before seeking help. By the time he got it, it was almost too late.

After a long journey with many trials and errors and no real relief, Edwards, now 28, said he found a way to live his life in a functional and productive manner through the advice of a Vietnam vet. That advice: Smoke weed.


A look at medical marijuana in Illinois' neighbor states

Illinois isn’t the first state in the Midwest to allow medical marijuana. Minnesota and Michigan have active cannabis programs for patients, while other nearby states are considering legislation. Some states allow children with seizures to be treated with cannabidiol oil, or CBD, a marijuana extract.

Here’s a look at where Illinois’ neighbor states stand:

- Wisconsin: Allows possession of non-psychoactive CBD oil to treat seizure disorder. Legislation to allow adults to use marijuana for recreational or medical reasons has been introduced, but it is unlikely to pass the Republican-controlled Legislature.


After 33-pound marijuana traffic stop, agents raid Iowa homes

Officers conducted search warrants at two Iowa men's home Tuesday after they were charged in a drug traffic stop in Nebraska.

The search warrants were executed at homes in Fort Dodge.

Tyler Cervene, 22, and Bryce Loftus, 21, of Fort Dodge, were stopped on Sunday in Douglas County, Nebraska.  Officers reported finding about 33 pounds of marijuana in their vehicle.

The men were charged with intent to deliver marijuana and failure to affix a drug tax stamp.

Authorities said the men were transporting the marijuana from Colorado to Iowa.

Iowa officials reported finding "multiple narcotic related items" at one of the Fort Dodge homes.

The investigation into this case is still ongoing and additional charges are expected.



WATCH: Chris Christie Clashes With Veteran Nurse Over Medical Marijuana

At the second Republican presidential debate, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie claimed that he’s “not against medical marijuana.” But his exchange with a registered cannabis nurse this week seems to suggest otherwise.

On Wednesday at an event in Newton, Iowa, cannabis nurse and Gulf War veteran Shelly Van Winkle asked Christie how he would balance states’ rights to legalize medicinal marijuana with the fact that federal law still considers marijuana a Schedule 1 drug. Would he do anything to address the confusion?


Iowa: Town hall meeting stirs marijuana discussions

OSAGE, Iowa – Before making a decision one way or another about marijuana for it’s medicinal or recreational use, the town of Osage is meeting to open discussions.

The town hall meeting sponsored by the Mitchell County Substance Abuse Coalition is geared toward giving information to those who have yet to make a decision.

Speakers focused on the impacts that full legalization of the substance would have and what research is being done to allow for certain use.

Nurse practitioner, Jennifer Sleiter explained how the research to date does not support the advocacy of medical marijuana, which she clarified is use of the entire plant in most likely it’s smoked form.


Iowa Marijuana town hall Monday at Osage High School, Des Moines

OSAGE | A Des Moines-based pediatric nurse practitioner will speak on the potential pitfalls of marijuana legalization Monday at a town hall meeting in Osage.

Concerned primarily with the lack of medical research on usage, Jennifer Sleiter will speak on questions she said still need to be answered if the state would consider any expanded form of marijuana legalization.

The Mitchell County Substance Abuse Coalition will hold the event at 7 p.m. in the Osage High School gym, 820 Sawyer Drive.

State legislation passed last year made it legal to possess an oil form of medical marijuana called cannabidiol, or CBD, but not access it, which some parents have said is a barrier to using it as a treatment.


Hemp group plans meetings in NW Iowa

The Iowa Hemp Association plans to hold meetings in Fort Dodge and Emmetsburg in northwest Iowa Saturday and Monday to discuss the financial and environmental benefits of growing industrial hemp.

The group said adding industrial hemp to a corn and soybean rotation can improve soil health with added diversity and reduce compaction and erosion. “Hemp, with a deep taproot reaching up to 8 or 9 feet, can break up compaction, aerate the soil and further aid in nutrient absorption,” the group said.

It also might be a better option for cellulosic ethanol plants that now use corn residue to make the biofuel, the association said.


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