Indian Oncologists Want Cannabis Legalized To Fight Cancer

"We are encouraging cultivation of tobacco that causes various types of cancer. At the other end, we are ignoring the medicinal properties of a plant that can help cancer patients."

Top oncologists of Bengaluru have decided to lobby with the Center to lift the ban on cannabis for medicinal purposes due to the health benefits of the drug.


10 countries' marijuana laws explained

Marijuana decriminalization and legalization initiatives are not only sweeping through the U.S. — countries across the world are beginning to signal the green light for cannabis policy reform.

Here are 10 countries where lawmakers and public sentiment are changing the tide on cannabis policy.

1. Jamaica

Jamaica — home to the Rastafarian movement — recently joined the list of countries to decriminalize marijuana, and this year it will be hosting the World Cannabis Cup in Negril Nov. 12-15.


Medicinal use of marijuana keeps getting fresh evidence in support. Ignore?

Scientists in Israel have discovered that certain chemicals in cannabis help broken bones mend faster. This chemical can possibly slow down or avert the onset of osteoporosis. How do we treat this constant accumulation of evidence in support of medicinal use of marijuana?


Sri Lankan navy arrests four Indian fishermen for smuggling ganja

RAMESWARAM: The Sri Lankan navy arrested four Indian fishermen and seized 165kg of ganja from them in the wee hours of Tuesday.

The incident happened a week after four Rameswaram fishermen had been apprehended by the Sri Lankan navy on charges of smuggling ganja.

According to Sri Lankan navy's website, four Indian fishermen were arrested by a naval craft of the North Central Naval Command during a routine patrolling in the seas north-west of Talaimannar and seized 165kg of ganja.

A dhow and fishing gears were also taken into naval custody. The arrested fishermen along the contraband were to be handed over to customs for further action, the website said.


400 kg Marijuana Seized in Delhi

New Delhi:  A huge quantity of marijuana worth about Rs 2.5 crore was seized from Palam village early morning on saturday and one person was arrested in this connection, police said.

Two constables of Palam Village police station were patrolling the area near the house of one Balkesh, when they found an autorickshaw. On inspection they found it laden with marijuana that was later found to be 400 kg in quantity, said, DCP (South West) R A Sanjeev said.

While the constables were checking the vehicle, two persons started running away. One of them escaped on a bike and headed towards Bagdola picket. He slipped and fell near the picket and was caught by one of the constables.


Cannabis use may lead to weight gain

Long-term cannabis use may lead to weight gain, especially among men, says a new research.

"It is known - and often reported by users - that cannabis causes temporary increase in appetite. As to whether it actually causes weight gain in the long term, the available data is limited," said Didier Jutras-Aswad, professor at University of Montreal in Canada.

"The main finding of our study shows that long-term cannabis use indeed influences weight gain," Jutras-Aswad said.

"But above all, we noted that certain factors drastically modify this effect, including gender, level of use, and concomitant cigarette smoking," Jutras-Aswad added.


Not just marijuana, here are other drugs you should be aware of

In India, substance abuse is on the rise and more and more people have started experimenting with drugs. While some are introduced to drugs at parties, others experiment out of sheer curiosity and get trapped into this deadly world.

Indians got to know about the date rape drugs, which made regular rounds at bars, pubs and discotheques, last year. Date rape drugs, which include Rohypnol, Ketamine and gamma-hydroxybutyrate (GHB), have been used to spike people's drinks to incapacitate and render them vulnerable to sexual assault.


Kamakhya ushers in annual festival, with annual cannabis problem

District tobacco control nodal officer Samiran Barua on Monday imposed fines on two persons under COTPA (Cigarette and Other Tobacco Products Act) for smoking in public places. 

The five-day Ambubachi Mela began in the Kamakhya temple here from Monday, bringing with it the footfalls as well as the bhang abuse.

Authorities remain unsure how to control rampant consumption of bhang — as cannabis leaves in smoke form are known in Assam — by thousands of sadhus and sanyasis who have arrived from all over the country despite laws banning such consumption.


Top 6 Benefits of Cannabis for Asthma

Asthma is a chronic respiratory disease that currently affects up to 300 million people worldwide, and was responsible for approximately 250,000 deaths in 2011. Cannabis has been used as a means of treating the symptoms of asthma for millennia, in various medicinal traditions including those of ancient India and China.



GRP seized 80 kg marijuana from Agra Cantt railway station

The Government Railway Police (GRP) seized around 80 kg ganja (marijuana) during the intensive checking drive at Agra Cantt railway station.

As per the information about movement of some suspects at Agra Cantt station, GRP carried out intensive checking at station. After arriving of Visakhapattanam-Nizamuddin Swarn Jayanti Express at around 3.30 pm, a team of GRP led by sub inspector Kamla Shankar found five unidentified bags in the circulating area besides he also investigated with two girls, standing near the bags but the girls’ denied and escaped, informed Gopesh Nath Khanna, Superintendent of Police (SP railways), on Wednesday.


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