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4 Ways the Fundamentals of Yoga Is Linked with Cannabis

It’s no secret that yoga and cannabis often work in tandem. In Colorado, Washington and Oregon, the states where cannabis is legal (along with some medical marijuana states like California), yoga studios are ramping up ganja-friendly classes. Colorado yoga teacher and cannabis advocate Rachael Carlevale recently opened a yoga business called Ganjasana that uses yoga to tap into what she says are innate connections humans share with the cannabis plant.


Proto-Weed: The Hunt For The Cannabis Ancestor

Cannabis Ancestor There’s a lot we don’t know about the evolution of cannabis, and we’re still not sure exactly what’s going on with cannabis as it exists today – it is one species or several? What does “sativa” and “indica” mean in real terms? We’re still finding the answers to those questions, and a deeper understanding of the past could help our efforts enormously.

The early evolution of cannabis is mostly unknown, and scientists still haven’t reached firm conclusions on exactly what’s going on with cannabis as it exists today – it is one species or several? What does “sativa” and “indica” mean in real terms? We’re still finding the answers to those questions, and a deeper understanding of the past could help our efforts enormously.


India: Anti-Cannabis Campaigns Get GIS Push in HP

Despite statewide anti-drug campaigns and cannabis destruction drive, cases of charas seizure have increased in Kullu district. The police department is now taking help of geographic information system (GIS) mapping to locate cannabis fields in Kullu.

Himachal police and narcotics control bureau have marked about 2,500 bigha of land under cannabis cultivation with help of GIS in remote areas of Kullu. Statewide anti-drug campaigns have failed to control the production and smuggling of charas in Himachal Pradesh. Police claim it is not easy to finish this trade within few days but efforts are on to control the production.


5 Cannabis Friendly Destinations in India

Cannabis derivates such as weed, hash and bang were pretty legal in India until 1985, when the Rajiv Gandhi government supposedly imposed a ban on it by categorizing it under other potentially harmful chemical drugs. There is quite a little conspiracy revolving around The Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act, 1985 which goes by the claims that the liquor lobbyists did not want a direct competition to alcohol. For the record, the Hemp plant (a variety of cannabis) is believed to have over fifty thousand and benefits ranging from paper products, body care, essential oils and nutritional supplements. Besides, weed is believed to be less harmful and addictive to the human body than alcohol or other chemically made drugs.


India: Cannabis in Your Clothes? It's No Joke

Clothes made from cannabis? We swear we haven’t been smoking up. Hemp fabric, popular in Neolithic times, with 13th century Chinese and even Cleopatra, is having a fashion moment all over again. And not just with modern-day Rastafarians or the poorer characters on Game Of Thrones. You can now buy comfy T-shirts, flouncy skirts, kurtas and even shoes made from a plant otherwise associated with psychoactive signing out of reality, dude!

Think of hemp as the sober cousin of marijuana. It’s grown without pesticides, GMO seeds or synthetic fertilisers. The textile it yields is durable, insulating and, when processed well, has a linen-like drape. It is bio-degradeble too. No wonder it’s caught the fancy of three Indian start-ups.

The wonder fabric


Like Seriously! Marijuana Is Legal in These 7 Countries

New Delhi: One must have seen naga babas consuming marijuana. Consumption of Cannabis is legal in various states across the United States of America and some other European countries, but that of course comes with T&C applied.

Here, we bring you some countries where consumption of marijuana is legal:

Czech Republic:

Marijuana is legal in this European country that permits its possession up to 15 grams. It has been legalised for medical use on prescription since 2013.


India: The cannabis dilemma

In many countries, there is an ongoing debate on legalising cannabis (marijuana). This means the drug, not the plant. Such bans or controls are typically creatures of the 20th-century. You may have come across reports about an Indian commission having contributed to initial arguments for a ban. This is the Indian Hemp Drugs Commission Report of 1893/94. Originally, the commission was set up to examine the use and abuse of cannabis in Bengal and the geographical mandate was later extended to entire India.


India: Bengaluru Gets Ready for First Global Marijuana March

Legendary blues singer, Louis Armstrong is quoted as saying,  “It really puzzles me to see marijuana connected with narcotics….dope and all that crap. It’s a thousand times better than whisky – It’s an assistant – a friend.”

And a large number of Bengalureans seem to agree with him.  Over a thousand in the city are reportedly lining up to join the Million Marijuana March (MMM), popularly known as the Global Marijuana March held annually on the first Saturday of May, since 1999 in different cities across the world.


India: New-found hope for epilepsy patients in the form of Marijuana

New Delhi: Marijuana, as it turns out, is not only great to get a high, but has also been found to have great medical properties.

Studies have found that Marijuana has the power to help children suffering from severe epilepsy.

However, according to experts, it is still a bit premature to confirm the effectiveness and/or the safety factor of the medicine that is made from cannabis.


BRICS nations against marijuana and why this is relevant for the whole cannabis world

The BRICS nations comprise of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa. The members are all developing or newly industrialised countries, with a significant influence on regional and global affairs. What is the Brics’ stance on marijuana and why should you care?


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