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Why these Indian MPs want marijuana to be legalized

The issue of legalising cannabis in India is something that members of the Indian Parliament have been talking about for some time now. Last year, Union Minister Maneka Gandhi extended her support for legalising marijuana for medical purposes. But she isn’t the only politician to do so.


This country could soon legalize Cannabis and Opium

Cannabis legalization has ramped up in recent years, and it’s not only in the U.S. Uraguay recently became the first country to fully legalize marijuana, and Canada is set to do the same this July. However, there could be another prominent country with something big in the works when it comes to pot legalization. Yes, India is set to discuss the potential legalization and regulation of both cannabis and opium.

A Progressive Outlook


India Globalization Capital CEO dumps shares amidst a major company "turnaround"

Over the last few weeks, India Globalization Capital’s (IGC) Chairman and CEO Ram Mukunda has been selling a lot of stock in his own company. During this time, Mukunda sold 275,000 shares in the $0.40 to $0.51 range.

What we find to be interesting about these sales is the timing of them. For a company that claims to be in the middle of a major turnaround, you must question why the person running the company is selling hundreds of thousands of shares.

A Fake News Driven Rally

IGC has been a top performer over the last few weeks and the shares have come well off its recent lows. Although the rally has been significant, we do not buy into the catalyst that helped push the stock price higher.


Asia Pacific cannabis testing market research report

Asia-Pacific Cannabis Testing Market was worth USD 180 million in 2016 and estimated to be growing at a CAGR of 11.6%, to reach USD 312 million by 2021.

Cannabis Testing methods define various methods for detecting cannabis usage in the fields of sport, law and medicine. Some of the tests used for detection are blood testing, urine testing, hair testing and saliva testing. Discerning the usage of cannabis usually requires a lot of time, no matter which method is used. Tests like Duquenois-Levine can detect the usage of cannabis in a short amount of time, but the test is unreliable since it gives false positive for other substances as well.


Medical Marijuana in India: Still a Long Way to Go

Maneka Gandhi, the Union Minister of Women and Child Development, has suggested legalising marijuana in India for medical purposes.

Speaking at a recent group of ministers (GOM) meeting, she said the US, Australia and Canada had legalised marijuana, both recreationally and medically, and made some breakthroughs in the healthcare sector. She also suggested that regulation of the drug will not only help in bringing down the number of illegal users but also help in medical research as shown in other countries.

But for medical marijuana to even have a chance, doctors need to be on the same page and not view marijuana as just a psychoactive substance, as it has been labelled under Schedule I of drugs alongside life-threatening drugs such as heroin, cocaine and tobacco.


India: Should marijuana be legalised?

The banning of marijuana has been a sweeping action, depriving people of the good things it has to offer

In the Indian context, marijuana is mostly considered as being of recreational use, but it is not just that. Recreational use is probably true for not more than 5%; for the rest, it has medicinal purposes. The cannabis plant has tremendous amount of medicinal value and its potential for industrial usage can hardly be overstated. China is investing a few billion dollars in developing different strains of the marijuana plant towards several objectives. It has proper factories for processing marijuana. Many countries have developed fabrics. It has unlimited usage in diverse fields, including in the field of semiconductors.


India's Doctors Weigh In: People in Pain Need More Morphine, Not Medical Marijuana

Women and child development minister Maneka Gandhi suggested legalising marijuana for medical purposes at a meeting of a group of ministers examining the draft cabinet note on the National Policy for Drug Demand Reduction earlier this last week. However, several doctors working in palliative care say that they would rather see the government ensure a better supply of opioid drugs, the medical use of which is already permitted.


The movement to make marijuana legal in India now has support from one of Narendra Modi's ministers

Taking inspiration from the West, India’s women and child development minister, Maneka Gandhi, has voiced her support for legalising marijuana in the country.

In a meeting of a group of ministers (GOM) who are studying a new policy on drugs, 60-year-old Gandhi suggested that legalising the drug for medicinal purposes could be beneficial in India, too.

“(In) some of the developed countries like the US, marijuana has been legalised, which ultimately results in less drug abuse,” Gandhi said, according to the minutes of the meeting accessed by the Press Trust of India (PTI). “The possibility of the same may be explored in India.”


This is why India globalization capital should have investors attention

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Marijuana is the fastest growing industry in the world and the industry is just getting started.  

From Canada to Australia and Mexico to Germany, the legal marijuana industry continues to grow and is already a multi-billion-dollar market.


Puff Puff Pass: Should We Legalise Marijuana In India?

A recent Facebook post by the Bengaluru City Police which read, “If there was someone selling drugs, weed know. Caught these two with 6.68Kgs of Ganja” has been all the rage in social media circles. While the witty message was appreciated by many, the perpetual debate on legalisation of cannabis/marijuana in the country was sparked yet again. 

The Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act, 1985 was last amended in the year 2014. According to the law, cannabis (hemp) including charas (the crude or purified resin), ganja (flowering or fruiting tops) or any mixture resulting from the two is considered as illegal. Although, if one consumes only the seeds and leaves of the same plant then it is absolutely lawful (that’s why bhang is legal).  


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