Hawaii: The magically appearing tax

As you might be aware, in 2000, Hawaii enacted a medical use of marijuana law (Act 228, Session Laws of Hawaii 2000). The problem, of course, has been how to get this medical marijuana to those who need it without violating other laws. So this year our Legislature is working on House Bill 321, which would establish standards for and regulation of medical marijuana dispensaries.


Jordan Person of Primal Therapeutics Cannabis Infused Massage Therapy

This past year has been totally insane for Jordan Person, the owner of Primal Therapeutics. Between driving hundreds of miles each month to visit patients and clients both local and tourist, Person also entertains national and international media on a regular basis. While the Green Rush is drawing all kinds to Colorado where so long ago others chased gold, Jordan genuinely cares for cannabis and people. She’s looking to make the world a more comforting place while she engages her entrepreneurial journey and that is something we can respect.  — Diane Fornbacher, Publisher of Ladybud Magazine

LADYBUD: Where did you study and get certified in massage therapy?


Hawaii moves closer to medical marijuana dispensary system

HONOLULU (AP) - The Hawaii Senate has approved a bill to establish a system of medical marijuana dispensaries nearly 15 years after the drug became legal in the state.

The Senate passed the bill Tuesday. The next step is for senators and their colleagues in the House to work out their disagreements on how it should work.

There are about 13,000 patients who use the drug in Hawaii. They're generally left to buy it on the black market or grow it on their own.

The current bill would allow up to one dispensary license to be granted in each county. Each license would cover up to one cultivation site and two dispensing locations.

The medical marijuana dispensaries bill is one of dozens of proposals the Hawaii Legislature is passing ahead of a deadline.



Waimanalo family claims UH hemp study land belongs to them

WAIMANALO, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) -A land dispute in Waimanalo could disrupt the University of Hawaii's plans for a new industrial hemp study.

After the blessing for the research project, a Waimanalo family contacted Hawaii News Now saying that land is theirs.

"They're planning on growing hemp on our land and we don't have any problems with it. We would just like some cooperation and some coordination with us, as the owners of course," says the family spokesman Austin Lorenzo.

On Friday, state leaders attended the seed planting ceremony.


Hawaii Could Have Medical Marijuana Dispensaries Next Year

Hawaii could have medical marijuana dispensaries much sooner than initially anticipated — perhaps as soon as next year.

On Wednesday, the Senate Health and Public Safety committees passed House Bill 321, the bill that would create medical marijuana dispensaries and production centers in each Hawaii county.

But first, lawmakers amended the bill to allow dispensaries to begin operating next year. Sen. Josh Green, who chairs Health Committee, wants potential dispensary owners to be able to grow and prepare their product starting this fall.


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