Which top marijuana company will capture Germany?

The German government finally passed its legalization framework for medical cannabis consumption in March 2017. The country’s market is expected to record modest growth with its high 82 million population and a policy that allows prescriptions to be paid through health insurance plans, thus potentially encouraging patients to explore medical cannabis health benefits.

Local marijuana producers with vast experience in mass growing of high quality product and hungry to capture the lucrative €12 – €15 a gram (roughly C$17 – C$21.75 per gram) German medical cannabis market, have been taking positions in growing their international business portfolios.


Researchers Hope to Recruit 25,000 Berlin Weed-Smokers for Study

A research initiative hopes to get approval for a study that would recruit 25,000 recreational cannabis consumers in Berlin - if it can get government approval.

The group called the Research Initiative on Cannabis Consumption is hoping to get an application for a new study approved so that they can analyze the “consequences of cannabis for psychologically healthy, adult consumers”. The aim is to understand what effects cannabis use has after several years, according to the group, which was started by a Berlin lawyer and a clinical psychology professor at the Medical School Hamburg.


Can Germany Become the Worlds Largest Cannabis Market?

Germany, the largest country in the European Union started 2017 by legalizing medical cannabis creating a major opportunity for cannabis businesses across the world.

Although Germany began to permit patient access to medical cannabis in 2005, domestic production does not currently exist. Until state-supervised cannabis plantations are set up, the country will continue to rely solely on imported products.


Cronos Group Execs Discuss The Challenges Of Exporting Cannabis As An Insurance-Reimbursed Product

Cronos Group Inc (CVE: MJN) (OTC: PRMCF) is one of the largest licensed cannabis producers in Canada, only trailing a few industry behemoths like CANOPY GROWTH CORP COM NPV (OTC: TWMJF), APHRIA INC COM NPV (OTC: APHQF) and AURORA CANNABIS IN COM NPV (OTCL ACBFF).


Germany A New Market in Medical Marijuana

Germany is liberalizing cannabis access for the seriously ill. Both domestic and international firms are vying for a market potentially worth hundreds of millions of euros.

Germany is taking another step to make cannabis available to patients, mandating that health insurers cover the cost of the pain medication in certain cases for the seriously ill.


Doctors rejoice as Germany kicks off medical marijuana prescriptions

Marijuana is the most-consumed illegal drug in Germany, but as of this month cannabis now has expanded medical and legal allowances. And this makes doctors as well as patients happy.

Germany’s doctors are embracing the newly legal prescription of medical marijuana, which went into effect at the start of this month.

“I predict a certain increase of this therapy, though to what extent is unclear,” said Josef Mischo of the German Medical Association, referring to how doctors can now treat their patients with the drug.

“As a medical community, we welcome the fact that therapeutic possibilities have now been expanded.”


Germany's New Weed Laws: What You Need to Know

Germany just passed one of the world’s most progressive medical marijuana plans. The new law will put weed in more pharmacies and require public insurers to cover the costs of cannabis products, as they do other pharmaceutical prescriptions, when cannabis is prescribed for “severe conditions.”

Germany will also start growing its own weed. This will replace the old medical marijuana law, which granted permits for people to grow their own. So recreational growers will not have any excuses for ‘exotic houseplants.’


German Parliament Set to Pass Medical Marijuana Bill

The German parliament (Bundestag) is expected to pass a law on Thursday that would officially make marijuana legal for medicinal purposes.

Sources from the various parties in the Bundestag say the proposal by the Health Ministry will pass on Thursday, according to DPA, allowing seriously ill patients to receive prescriptions for cannabis products.

Currently only certain people with serious medical conditions may be granted permission to use the drug for self therapy, and the bar is set fairly high. Only around 1,000 people in the whole country currently have been given permission to use the drug.


Cannabis Coffee Shops to Open in Europe's Largest Economy?

Is Germany the major growth frontier for the medical cannabis industry?

Many news outlets have recently discussed the potential opening of cannabis coffee shops in Germany and this has left investors wondering how this may impact their investments, specifically Canopy Growth Corp (CGC.TO) (TWMJF).

Cannabis legalization has been a growing trend around the world. From Canada to Australia, legal cannabis movements have made strides across the globe and these developments have caught the stock market’s attention.

Germany’s Capital to Allow Cannabis Coffee Shops…


Dutch Cannabis Heading to the German Medical System

Dutch newspaper Telegraaf reported earlier this month that exportation of medical cannabis from the Netherlands is looking very likely to increase due primarily to increases in demand fueled by the burgeoning market for medical marijuana in Germany. The Netherlands currently exports medical cannabis to Canada, the Czech Republic, Italy, Finland and Germany for medical use, scientific research, and importation and exportation of cannabis resins.
The English language news website Dutch News reports:


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