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Althea Inks German Medical Cannabis Supply Deal

Australian medical cannabis company Althea Group (ASX:AGH) has announced details of a deal with a major German pharmaceutical wholesaler.

Following on from a previously announced Memorandum of Understanding with Nimbus Health GmbH, the pair have inked an agreement that will see Althea supply its full range of medical cannabis products to Nimbus over a three year period. It’s expected supply to Nimbus will commence in the second half of this year, assuming timely approval by German regulatory authorities.

According to Althea Group, Nimbus Health accounts for approximately 25% of medicinal cannabis sales in Germany; so a significant amount of product may be moved over the three years.


Can Europe learn from Germany’s approach to cannabis?

Exploring regulation and policy in Germany, the world’s third largest legal cannabis market outside North America.

As of December 2019, Germany represented the world’s third largest market for legal cannabis-based products outside of North America. Since the country moved to legalise the prescribing of cannabis for medical use to severely ill patients in 2017, around 60,000 patients have received cannabis prescriptions through their health insurance providers.

With the German approach to cannabis policy increasingly held up as a model for fellow EU Member States, MCN explores cannabis regulation in Germany.


Insurance Reimbursements for Medical Pot in Germany Rise 67% in 2019

Medical marijuana in Germany, one of the world's top markets for that form of the drug, experienced a boom in 2019. Quoting statistics from the country's National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Funds, Marijuana Business Daily said that insurance companies reimbursed German patients 123 million euros ($136 million) that year for cannabis as medicine. That was 67% higher than the 2018 figure.

Much of this was due to a leap in the number of prescriptions for the drug. These rose by 44% year over year to reach over 267,000 in total. The disparity between the gains in the sales figure and the number of prescriptions suggests that patients were being prescribed larger amounts.


Cannabis is increasingly used as medicine in Germany

Shortly before the third anniversary of the cannabis law as medicine, the Free Democratic Party (FDP) has asked the federal government about the turnover of medical cannabis in the past year in a small inquiry. Among other things, the FDP wanted to know whether the annual cultivation quantity of 2.6 t would be sufficient for the continuously increasing number of patients and which medical cannabis products were actually sold to patients.

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Cannabis Event Cancellations Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

Event Cancellations

• March 3-7 - Natural Products Expo West, Anaheim, CA

• March 13-22 - SXSW, Austin, TX

• March 18 - California Cannabis Industry Association Policy Conference, Sacramento, CA

• March 20-22 - Ultra Music Festival, Miami, FL 


Medical cannabis prescriptions: three years of cannabis law in Germany

Since the introduction of the cannabis law in Germany in 2017, healthcare provider, the BARMER, will have  received 14,986 applications for medical cannabis products by the end of January this year.

BARMER’s analysis shows that of the number of medical cannabis product applications they have received since the inroduction of the cannabis law in Germany, a total of 10,255 (68.4%) were approved and 4,731 rejected.


A look back at the top cannabis news stories of 2019

As we enter a new year and a new decade, it's exciting to predict where the cannabis industry will be in another ten years, and also to reflect on how far the industry as come. The legal industry has made incredible strides over the course of the last few years with more people than ever jumping on board for its benefits. The year 2019 was an especially interesting year with many highs and lows for cannabis businesses and consumers alike. It was an exceptionally rough year for cannabis stocks and it doesn’t look like 2020 will be much better. However, things continued to move forward despite financial woes.

Here’s a recap on some of the top stories from 2019:


German Medical Cannabis – A Model For Europe, As Prices Fall

The success of the robust German medical cannabis program is an example for the rest of Europe, claims a newly-formed lobby group.

As patients in other European jurisdictions struggle to access cannabis medicine, Germany is leading the way with over 142,000 prescriptions written in 2018. It is also leading the way in cutting prices with a new wholesale prices of 2.3 euros per gram set to substantially reduce the current cost of medical cannabis, reports the Mjbizdaily website.


5 Cannabis Stocks That Could Capitalize On The Booming EU Cannabis Sector

Read entire article here.

During the last year, the cannabis sector has been in the middle of a major transition that has been centered around the expansion into new markets. The European Union (EU) has been a point of emphasis for these cannabis operators and we are favorably on this strategy for growth.

When compared to the Canadian and US cannabis markets, the opportunity in the EU is much less saturated and is in the early innings of a major growth cycle. Currently, the production of cannabis is not allowed in most of Europe and the product is imported from either Canada or the Netherlands.


EU should adopt German standards on medical cannabis, campaigners say

Germany’s regulatory approach to medical cannabis is good practice and should be replicated across Europe, according to newly-born European Medicinal Cannabis Association (EUMCA).

The recently established lobby group is taking its first steps in the Brussels bubble, advocating for an EU-wide regulatory framework on medical marijuana.

While the market for medical cannabis is already well developed in some EU member states, only EU-wide standards can ensure patients have the same across Europe.

Different legislation across EU countries on prescribing cannabis-based medicines can hinder patients’ access to their treatment when they travel abroad, EUMCA said.


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