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OK pot trades in Germany

A Lumby company hoping to procure a medical marijuana licence is expanding its investment opportunities.

Common shares of True Leaf Medicine International are now listed and trading on German stock exchanges in Frankfurt, Berlin and Munich. The stock is being traded under the symbol TLA.

This comes on the heels of an announcement last month that the stock would be trading on the Canadian Securities Exchange under the symbol MJ. 

True Leaf states in a news release that the new listing in Germany will provide the company with increased visibility for its activities in all European capital markets.

Company CEO Darcy Bomford anticipates the investment community in Europe will be interested in his company.


In Germany, it's a painstaking path to medical marijuana

It's pain week here in Germany. And one of the topics being discussed is medical marijuana. Right now, only very few Germans are allowed to smoke marijuana to relieve pain. Meet Lars Scheimann, one of them...


Germany's Greens for Cannabis Legalization

Berlin: There is movement in the debate on the legalization of cannabis. The Greens now submit a design that protects children, possession and regulated trafficking - and the State also brings taxes.

The Greens want to legalize cannabis - under strict conditions and for adults only. It was necessary to create a controlled and regulated system that protect children and young people under 18 years of age.

Green Party Vice Katja Dörner stated at the presentation of the draft "Cannabis Control Act."


Germany says yes to grow-your-own therapeutic cannabis

A landmark ruling has taken place in Germany, where the cultivation of cannabis for therapeutic use has been authorised for the first time. In practice, this means that patients taking marijuana-based medicines can grow the plants for their own treatment. This was established by the Administrative Court of Cologne, which upheld the appeal of three patients (out of five who had filed a case) against the Federal Institute for Drugs (BfArM).


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