Women entrepreneurs 'the largest emerging market in the world'

Women could create millions of jobs if the companies they founded grew at the same pace as men's.

Tapping into this huge economic resource was the subject of a conference in Berlin, where attendees discussed what barriers women face around the world and what could be done to overcome them.

If women’s businesses flourished at the same rate as men’s, they would spark 15 million jobs in the United States, 74 million jobs in China, and 1.9 million jobs in France, according to the Global Women Entrepreneur Leaders Scorecard, which is research sponsored by Dell that crunches data from groups such as the World Bank and the United Nations.


Marijuana: yes in the US, not France

The American States, one by one, are decriminalizing or legalizing cannabis. France bans the holding of a debate on the same subject: the absence of influential lobbies in favor of legalizing and embarrassment of politicians on the subject perpetuate the status quo. Yet the French are the first consumers in Europe and the French state one of the most extravagant and ineffective in its fight against marijuana trafficking. The overall positive effects of the legalization of cannabis in the states of Washington and Colorado should initiate discussion in France.


Home Growing Flourishes in France, Europe's Cannabis Consumption Leader

While in Romania only 1.6% of the population consumes cannabis, in France 40.9% do so, more than in Denmark or Spain. And it’s no great mystery why: France, geographically, is a corridor for grass coming from North Africa and the rest of Europe. Moreover, home growing has recently increased considerably.


The European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction recently published its annual report on the Continent's most consumed substances, concluding that cannabis is a plant in high demand among Europeans, with 78.9 million people recognizing having consumed it.


Prices of Vices: How Much Will $20 U.S. Dollars Buy You Across the World, In Drugs?

Note the wide disparity of drug prices across the countries surveyed.

With the recent turn of economic events in Greece and China, it has become ever more apparent that we live in increasingly globalized world in which economies are inextricably linked.

This begged the question; are national drug economies linked in a similar manner?

In this informative video, BuzzFeed shows you how much coffee, cannabis, cigarettes, cocaine, whiskey, and heroin can you buy for $20 U.S. dollars around the world.


France: Are clothes decorated in cannabis herb banned?

Some traders in Draguignan were surprised. Part of their clothing stock has been withdrawn from sale. Clothes that had something in common: cannabis leaf as a motif. Cannabis is banned from sale and its representation on clothes as well.

An operation conducted by the police with the prosecutor of Draguignan has denounced this trivialization. While cannabis leaves are a very fashionable style, they are also prohibited by law. The product is a prohibited narcotic.
A trivialization which can have an expensive cost. The penalty for this offense is up to 5 years imprisonment and a 75,000 euro fine

Three vendors were pinned and 200 articles of clothing were withdrawn from sale.

What does the law say? Can I wear such clothes?


Legalization of cannabis: France must follow the Oregon Trail

An example to follow for France? Since Wednesday, the recreational use of cannabis is legal in Oregon (State northwestern United States), voters approved the referendum in Novembre. Anyone over 21 years can consume in a private place and hold 8 ounces (227 grams) and four plants at home, or walk with 28 grams.

But not buy: the first sales establishments for recreational use should emerge end of 2016 (300 already exists for therapeutic sale).


The Sale in France of the first Medical Cannabis is Suspended

Sativex, the first cannabis-based medicinal product authorized in France, might ultimately never happen in pharmacies. The explanation? After months of negotiation, Almirall, the laboratory which markets Sativex in Europe, and the Economic Committee for Health Products (CEPS), the body that sets the price of medicines, are not able to agree. The first proposes to sell Sativex Box 350 euros, 20% less than the average price in Europe. The second did not offer him more than 60 euros. "This is unacceptable: this would sell at a loss! "Growls Christophe Vandeputte, director of Almirall in France, which now wants to go to " political arbitration ".


Cannabis for wounds and injuries

Cannabis has been used to treat topical wounds such as cuts and burns for millennia. Now, modern research is investigating the science behind cannabis’ ability to treat topical injuries, and is discovering exactly how vast a role the endocannabinoid system plays in the maintenance of healthy skin and wound healing.

Cannabis and wound healing in history


Study Finds Europeans Love to Get High — And Their Drugs Are Stronger and Purer Than Ever

The purity and potency of illegal drugs is Europe is on the rise, according to a new report by the European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction (EMCDDA). In its annual analysis of European drug trends, the EMCDDA also found that heroin use was in decline, that London's sewers had the highest concentration of cocaine among all European capitals, and that two new psychoactive substances hit the market every week.


HSBC pays out ÂŁ28m over money-laundering claims

Geneva prosecutor agrees to close investigation into HSBC in return for the financial settlement

HSBC has been ordered to pay a record 40m Swiss francs (£28m) and been given a final warning by the Geneva authorities for “organisational deficiencies” which allowed money laundering to take place in the bank’s Swiss subsidiary.

The settlement means the Swiss will not prosecute HSBC or publish the findings of their investigation into alleged aggravated money laundering. But Geneva’s chief prosecutor, Olivier Jornot, cautioned that the bank was on notice, saying: “This is an excuse which will only apply once.”


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